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Sugar cravings affect many people. Fortunately, you can avoid the urge by following tips like sticking to a healthy and filling meal, getting on the move, having a fruit handy, and drinking water.

Do you consistently experience sugar cravings? You get a candy bar, and you crave another one two hours later. All you want is to get a hold of any sugary snack. With many individuals experiencing sugar cravings, health professionals point out this as a hindrance to sticking to a healthy diet. It is important to remember that such cravings do not show your body needs the food. Rather, it has to do with what is in your brain. That is why we have narrowed down the following 9 tips to help you not give in to sugar cravings.

Stick to a Healthy, Filling Meal

One aspect of cravings is that it does not mean you are hungry, but your brain calls in for a certain reward. Unfortunately, resisting this urge is not easy. However, focusing on a healthy meal that leaves you full for longer can help do the trick. Once you get the craving, it is good to get real food immediately to counteract it.

Therefore, it means you should always have something in store for such scenarios. Don’t miss healthy snacks in the kitchen. Besides, you can prepare some healthy meals earlier, e.g., those rich in proteins such as eggs, fish, and meat that will help curb your hunger. Remember, you need to stay resilient when the sugar craving pops in and avoid junk as much as possible.

Take Meals Regularly

Apart from eating healthy meals that will leave you fuller for longer, you should regularly intake. If you take too long before you eat your next meal, chances are you will have sugar cravings, and you are more likely to give in. At this point, you are vulnerable to settling for anything that can help curb your hunger.

Therefore, you can aim at eating after every 3 to 5 hours. Doing this will help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Notably, you can take in more proteins, whole grains, and other fiber-rich foods that leave you feeling fuller for longer. Also, you can break in your meals, so you don’t overeat.

Take Hot Shower

People deal with sugar cravings differently, and taking hot showers has proven beneficial. Therefore, you can give it a shot too. However, ensure you keep the water hot water, provided you are comfortable. Don’t be in a rush; take your sweet time; 5 to 10 minutes in the hot shower or bath is perfect. Let the water get down your shoulders and back as you feel the heat. When all is done, your sugar craving will likely be over.

A Brisk Walk Can Do the Trick

At times, all it takes to get the craving away is to get out and take a brisk walk. Doing this helps you get away from the sugary food you so crave. Furthermore, you can even run, do some squats, lift weights or perform any other exercise that can help get your mind off the craving.Therefore, when the urge to have something sugary pops in, get up and keep on the move or walk away since a change of scenery might be what you need.

Grab a Fruit

Having a fruit handy is a great way of avoiding sugar cravings. When it is in your reach, you can easily grab it and take it instead of going for your sugary snack. The good thing about fruit is that it is loaded with nutrients and fiber beneficial to your body. Therefore, you not only keep the cravings away, but you keep your body healthy in the process.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the natural sweetness of fruit, so don’t be scared to go for it. Therefore, ensure you have some bananas, pineapples, oranges, or apples around. Dried fruits and nuts are a great option too.

Drink Some Water

According to some individuals, staying hydrated helps them avoid sugar cravings. On the contrary, when their bodies are dehydrated, they tend to have the urge to take sugary items. Therefore, you can also try out this hack. The next time you feel like all you need is a sugary snack, a candy bar, or anything of the sort, grab a glass of water and have a drink instead. This is healthy and leaves you feeling so hydrated.

Stay Away From the Triggers

Is there a particular item that triggers your sugar cravings? If so, it would be best to avoid it. This, therefore, means you have to find out what exactly it is and avoid it. Is it a place or activity that makes you want to grab that sugary snack and much on it? Do your best to keep away or walk past such.

Get Enough Sleep

You need enough and quality sleep to stay healthy. What’s more, when you get proper sleep, you may even reduce your cravings. Therefore, avoid anything that can keep you from receiving the quality sleep you need. Also, avoid any distractions or activities that might hinder you from getting enough sleep, such as watching TV before you go to bed.

Keep Your Stress Levels in Check

There are cases when some experience sugar cravings due to excess stress. If this is the case, it is advisable to avoid anything that can bring you stress. When you finally manage this and have everything under control, you stay healthier and can even avoid the urge to take sugary snacks.


Some individuals can take in junk and sugary foods in moderation without any problems. Unfortunately, others suffer from the urge, and they can’t seem to get a grip and control themselves. They want to get whatever it is they are craving and take it. If this is the case, it is important to avoid them because these are unhealthy habits to stay away from. Don’t give in to sugar cravings if you don’t want to be addicted. The good news is, some tips can help you with your struggle. You can take a walk when the urge pops in, have a healthy meal that fills, drink water, get yourself some fruit or keep off the triggers.

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