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IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) is defined as a form of dieting philosophy that focuses on shedding weight without straining excessively. It allows you to consume foods that suites your macros as opposed to opting for strenuous activities to shake off extra pounds.

Instead of concentrating on calories, the IIFYM dieting is centered on macronutrients, including carbohydrates, fat, and proteins since counting calories is tedious and challenging to many. The IIFYM form has become popular, especially for individuals desiring to shed weight. The diet is more comfortable than others since it is not extremely restrictive, thus loved by many. Interestingly, IIFYM permits the consumption of all foods, provided they suit your daily macros. Over the years, obese folks have been seeking different ways of reducing their excess weight, and the IIFYM technique has proved outstandingly effective. Here is a beginner’s guide to the IIFYM diet.

Definition of IIFYM diet

This is a dieting style that concentrates on macronutrients instead of calories. Macros or macronutrients are varieties of food that offer energy and are needed in large quantities. Mainly, they are divided into four types, although only three are captured into this diet, including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Alcohol is among them, but it is excluded from the IIFYM diet. A few steps are required to follow this diet easily;

  • Count your macros- people compute the number of fats, carbs, and proteins required daily, aiming to achieve set weight goals.
  • Achieving your macros- The moment you determine macros, the only maintenance is required within them daily. However, food consumption is captured, and alterations are required.

Because every type of food is authorized, most folks regard the IIFYM diet as an introduction to a better lifestyle from counting calories strictly and excluding all food groups. This diet is effective for those desiring to shed weight, although people wanting weight gain can distort it.

The purpose of different macronutrients


Protein is involved in building and making muscles. Usually, a full protein is composed of non-essential and essential amino acids. The human body can produce non-essential while dietary protein provides essential ones vital for building muscles. Whenever the protein intake is higher than its breakdown, the person is considered muscle building or anabolic state. Therefore, overconsumption of protein will help in muscle building. Your body converts any extra protein into glucose through the gluconeogenesis process.


The human body prefers carbohydrates as an energy source. However, some low-carb diets have encouraged people to take small amounts of carbohydrates in their meals. Contrastingly, those desiring to build body muscles should add significant carbohydrate amounts in dishes. This macronutrient empowers you to work harder for a long period, boosting growth hormone and building muscles. Also, the more carbs supply glucose, the less it is sourced from proteins. Consequently, the body will not break down proteins that boost muscle growth.


Fats are vital for human health, specifically for women. They contribute to the absorption of vitamins D, E, A, and K, which have soluble fats. Additionally, they affect estrogen levels, and thus women are recommended to take moderate fat amounts. This helps maintain estrogen levels fit because excessive reduction might lead to metabolic damage. Further, estrogen supports workouts’ recovery, implying that you can work consistently for long hours without straining. MCT and omega-3 fatty acids are important in training. Moreover, they quicken recovery, lower muscle breakdown and elevate protein synthesis.

Health benefits of IIFYM diet


IIFYM website guarantees freedom of food selection. It advertises this dieting style as flexible since it adds a higher variety of foods than others. Further, it inspires individuals to consume different foods within their macro targets. The IIFYM aims to ensure that meal planning is not strenuous and that food is enjoyable, encouraging people to follow this diet. Furthermore, the IIFYM diet favors various vegetarians, gluten-free or paleo, and vegans on special diets. Still, any cooking style and cuisine type are appropriate in the IIFYM plan because it has no restrictions.

Shedding weight

The weight is lost when the body burns more calories than its intake. This involves reducing approximately 500 to 750 calories daily. An individual might attain this by sticking to the IIFYM diet. Increase in calorie consumption results in weight gain. Therefore, folks seeking weight gain should be able to achieve their IIFYM goals. The research found that protein-diet meals such as IIFYM elevate metabolism and support keeping weight shed longer. Despite this, studies show that curbing calories contributes to weight loss. Because this diet lowers calories by 15 to 25 percent for individuals seeking weight loss, conforming to it should end in weight loss.  


It does not consider micronutrients

Micronutrients like minerals and vitamins have a similar importance as macronutrients in the body for growth and development. Unfortunately, the IIFYM diet fails to consider their intake. Scientists explain that micronutrients are not produced by the body, implying that they are obtained from food consumed. However, an individual on the IIFYM diet plan has insufficient these essential nutrients. Surprisingly, the research reveals that two billion people and above globally experience micronutrient deficiencies.

No flexibility in macro calculations

Some individuals have challenges modifying their macro needs to cater to changes like breastfeeding, injury recovery, and illness. A study shows that our body requires higher protein and calories to quicken recovery and compensate for lean body mass loss following a disease. This diet fails to address other important factors besides diets, such as emotions, stress, sleep, and motivation which support weight loss too.


IIFYM diet plan favors people to build muscle and shed weight without restrictions. Further, it considers calculating the number of carbohydrates, fat, and protein intake required daily, then determines food intake to ensure the macro’s needs are met. Nonetheless, this diet disregards micronutrients and might be unsuitable for individuals with specific medical complications of eating disorders. Some individuals have challenges maintaining weight loss for a long time, and thus they prefer working with nutritionists for support and guidance. Notably, everybody on the IIFYM diet should take adequate micronutrients like minerals and vitamins to prevent the development of nutritional deficiency diseases.

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