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Ajedrea Ecological Cosmetics is a commitment to artisanal research in cosmetics and natural perfumery – Hugo Villar Hernández.

Ajedrea Ecological Cosmetics is a commitment to artisanal research in cosmetics and natural perfumery - Hugo Villar Hernández.

Born in Zamora (Spain, 1981), he has studied Environmental Sciences at the universities of Salamanca and Granada with the aim of learning about local resources to develop product lines that respect the environment and body care. Living in Granada, where she has developed her project since 2005, she began to collect traditional cosmetic recipes and, after seeing the potential of the rich diversity of the area, bet on organic cosmetic lines based on local resources, using olive oil as a base for soaps. organic olive oil from nearby oil mills as well as all the properties of Mediterranean aromatics in the formulation of cosmetics. First, testing effective formulas with these ingredients in our “kitchen laboratory”, we seek advice to start with our own cosmetic laboratory and thus control the quality of the product. Once the product development work had been carried out, we were interested in the acceptance results of the different cosmetics that we managed to sell in small craft markets, taking advantage of the feedback that we obtained from customers in direct contact. Those were times when the digitization of commerce was not yet very high, but I immediately saw the potential creating our own website (I had to learn to program!). A complete success since it has allowed us to establish a strong sales channel for our products without the need for intermediaries, something that our customers value due to the consequent cost reduction in the final price. Now a little about our cosmetics!

Handmade soaps, creams, oil perfumes and other organic cosmetics, collecting tradition and incorporating the most contemporary trends. Small productions to the rhythm of nature and our craftsmanship to offer you original cosmetics made with great care and with ingredients of the highest quality and certified organic origin.

Small is beautiful, is our philosophy, simple recipes, only with what is necessary, without decorations, only for what it has been created: to take care of you. And direct from the producer to the consumer, through our online store or visit us at our Shop&Lab in Granada.

1. Ajedrea Cosmética Ecológica is the first brand that has received the certification of ecological cosmetics issued by the CAAE

The prestigious international certifier, with its ECO seal, which ensures that more than 95% of the ingredients of agricultural origin in this product are of certified organic origin. Turning out to be the first operators in this sector to receive it, with registration number 28429. We are therefore firmly committed to organic raw materials and their artisanal transformation into very effective products for their cosmetic qualities and respect for the environment.

From these approaches we have rescued numerous traditional recipes that, combined with the latest discoveries in phytotherapy, result in a wide range of organic cosmetics: soft and aromatic soaps, 100% natural creams with the highest proportion of active ingredients, massage oils Fast-absorbing with pure essential oils. Ajedrea is also a space for the creation of new aromas based on nature: our exclusive organic perfumes.

2.Certified cosmetic quality of production, limited productions made in an artisanal way.

The quality of our natural cosmetics is a priority, being manufacturers authorized by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, granting us its highest quality seal certifying us (No. 15 10 0022BPF) in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716/2007) controlling all aspects of production: from the origin of the raw material to its traceability to the client. We have external INNOGRAL laboratories that supervise all production apart from our own control system.

The artisanal process is certified after the inclusion of Ajedrea Cosmética in the register of artisans with the Artisan Letter No. 180100031. In addition, we are part of the 10 artisans for whom the Junta de Andalucía declared Granada’s Area of ​​Artisan Interest, being the first artisan laboratory dedicated to the production of soaps and perfumes with this recognition.

Get to know our certified cosmetics

After more than 10 years as a laboratory, we have developed a wide range of eco references for hair, face and body care, seeking to meet the different needs of each person:

Facial, Body and Hair Soaps.

Our natural soaps are made cold in a 100% pure base of virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil, obtaining a soft, foamy and pleasant soap with all its active ingredients intact for skin and hair care.

In addition, we add fresh plants, minerals and natural essences directly to each soap, to give them different properties that adapt to each type of skin and hair.

Our creams are handcrafted using 100% top quality raw materials such as rosehip oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil, through cold emulsion in such a way that they preserve all the intact properties of the original oils.

To guarantee the effectiveness of these natural oils, we do not use a base cream to which a small percentage of these oils is added, but rather we make them by emulsifying these oils directly with virgin beeswax, achieving the highest level of concentration and therefore it of effectiveness.

Pure, Facial and Body Oils

Our body and massage oils are made by cold macerating the essential oil, in a base of first cold pressed sweet almond oil. This way we get it to maintain all the properties for skin care and massage, as well as a pleasant and easily absorbed texture.

Organic Perfumes

Handmade perfumes made exclusively with natural essences using careful techniques to preserve all their quality and free of toxic compounds. We only use floral waters, essential oils and non-denatured organically produced alcohol in our combinations.

facial routines

Each skin is a world and has specific needs. It is very important to know our skin type and thus choose the products that are really going to suit us best

That is why we wanted to help you so that you can quickly find out which products are the most recommended for your daily care, designing different adapted facial routines and the steps to follow to make the most of their benefits.

Bathroom Accessories

Here you can find a selection of toiletries and natural bath products. Natural alum stone deodorants, Mediterranean sea sponges and loofah

vegetables, as well as natural pumice stone scrubs of volcanic origin. Products chosen with care to take care of your skin in a sustainable way.

What better gift than one that says I want to take care of you? That’s what we want you to convey our gift ideas, sets and details designed to take care of you in an organic and responsible way. We offer everything from details for events such as weddings, baptisms and communions, business gifts and promotional events to themed sets with a selection of products ideal for birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts. All this with an artisanal packaging in accordance with our ecological cosmetics.

Where can you find our organic cosmetics?

Our philosophy is that our cosmetics reach the consumer as directly as possible, so we do not have distributors, we only market our products through the following channels:

1. Our online store

Through our website you can place your order and receive it easily at your home. We offer this service throughout Spain with the possibility of free shipping costs (including the Canary Islands) and collection at the Post Office.

We also offer shipments to countries both within the EU and outside of it, at the end of your order, the website will calculate the corresponding shipping costs.

2. Our Ecological Cosmetics Laboratory Store.

Located in Granada, we offer the possibility for you to know where your cosmetics are made and the team behind Ajedrea. In the center of the city we have a section in the laboratory, open to the public where you can directly purchase our cosmetics and receive advice on the best formulation for the care of your skin and hair. You can visit us at Ajedrea Cosmética Artesanal. Las Tablas Laundry, 16 18002 Granada.

3. Our collaborating small business stores.

We are committed to small scale, local scale and proximity, also marketing, which is why we have a network, which is becoming more and more numerous, of points of sale made up of small cosmetics and organic food shops where you can buy our products. If you want to be able to buy our cosmetics in your usual store, do not hesitate to give them our contact so that we can send you information on how to be part of our network.

Well, now you know us a little better and our motto has always been less is more, fewer needs make a business safer, fewer fixed costs, fewer intermediaries, very complementary manufacturing lines, multi-skilled staff, and above all online betting, which It gives us great security by having a very wide market from our small store in Granada!.


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