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All-Natural Handmade Healthy Skincare from the BeeHive

All-Natural Handmade Healthy Skincare from the BeeHive

BCakes LLC 

I was introduced to luxury soaps and lotions at a very young age by my mother,  and became very interested in trying all kinds of skincare products. I also had a  fascination with Honey Bees and beekeeping, and as I grew older I came to  understand the disproportionate role these tiny little creatures play in the well being of entire ecosystems. As a keystone species, the health of our  environment depends on the health of our Honey Bees, and vice versa. 

It is one of my greatest joys in life to care for our Honey Bees. Their altruistic  nature is fascinating to observe. They communicate food locations using dance.  They share food with each other, and feed and groom their Queen. They care  for the brood – the next generation – which requires feeding and keeping them  warm. 

 A healthy hive smells heavenly. Bees keep the inside of a hive as clean as  surgical tools. The Queen controls the behavior of the hive by emitting  pheromones. To look upon a frame with all its stages of life before me, and the  bees working together to perform all of the tasks necessary to the survival of the  hive, is truly a religious experience. Every ingredient bees produce is non-toxic and has antibacterial and healing qualities. I am in awe of them. Honey Bees  are one of Nature’s greatest gifts! 

Honey is created from nectar gathered by foraging bees. It is the food of adult  bees, full of nutrients and antibiotic qualities. Both healing and moisturizing, it is  used in burn wards when a wound cannot be covered with bandages. 

Beeswax is a fat produced by Honey Bees by glands on their abdomen. This  lovely substance is used to construct cells to hold their brood and store their 

food. It also helps to keep them warm in winter. Beeswax is infused with the  energy of the hive, and smells naturally sweet. Beeswax candles burn longer  than other waxes, and cleanse the air inside the home. A beeswax candle  burns at the same spectrum as the sun. 

We’ve spent years planting trees, shrubs and flowers in our garden that benefit  Honey Bees, and in return these girls produce nourishing royal jelly, beeswax  and honey that help keep our bodies healthy and our skin protected. BCakes  products are 100% natural and plant-based, except for the Honey Bee  ingredients that come straight from our backyard Honey Bee Sanctuary. 

In 2005 I combined my passion for Honey Bees and environmental stewardship  with my love of skincare to create products that nourish body and soul. I am  always excited to buy new ingredients and “play” with them. I love feeling  pampered and I want my products to make my customers feel pampered also. I  want to make products that are healthy, chemical-free, and that work. I like  making beautiful skin glow! 

One of the biggest challenges the handmade business/market is facing is  competing with national brands that spend more money on pitching their brand  as “clean” and “green” when it’s actually not as healthy as they advertise it to  be. “Natural” and “organic” terms are not regulated or clearly defined. Many  products listed as natural or organic would not meet consumer standards. A  product might be listed as natural or organic when one or more ingredients may  not be pesticide free. Chemically laden ingredients, vague ingredient labels,  and hidden chemicals are potential problems due to lack of regulation. 

An environmentally friendly supply chain is extremely important as well.  Environmentally safe packaging, land preservation, sustainable farming and  animal treatment are imperative in my opinion. How can a product be worthy if  it ravages our environment? The key in protecting our customers, our  environment and ourselves is research. Do your homework on every single  ingredient you put into a product with your label on it. 

Another challenge of the handmade industry is meeting your customers face to  face. The ability of a customer to try a product is where rubber hits the road. If  you have a good product, the customer will want to take it home. During the 

last three years amid the covid crisis, my wholesale customers were not  allowing open samples beside my products on the shelves. In-store demos  were not allowed. Thank goodness online sales were significantly up. I also  thank my lucky stars for loyal repeat clientele. 

Opportunities will abound for those who love making excellent products to  present to their customers in order to care for themselves and their families.  The passion they have will be clear in the products offered. I make sure that my  individual products are labeled with every single ingredient contained within.  Transparency is vital. You never know when someone has an allergy to  something very common. I have customers that have allergies to roses,  lavender, chamomile, and nuts, to name a few. People with eczema are allergic  to all kinds of scents and who knows what else. I can’t use Retin A. It burns my  skin. It is imperative to be truthful in labeling your products. 

It is also my responsibility to foster the environment for women young and old to  feel beautiful. Providing clean and healthy products that help their skin to glow  gives every woman reason to feel good about themselves. I often tell people  that ‘BCakes LLC is the only makeup you’ll ever need’! 

Local, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Products 

BCakes is committed to using sustainable ingredients and recyclable  packaging. We support local producers and fair-trade groups, and we are  certified “cruelty-free” by Leaping Bunny.

Supporting Pollinators 

We are committed to contributing actively to protecting life on Earth. Each  product you purchase furthers this mission by allowing us to continue planting  habitats that support pollinators and continued habitat restoration of the James  River in Richmond, VA. 

Promoting Education 

We promote the benefits of Honey Bees through education of the public through  our local events, and support of local beekeeping groups. Sign-up for our  mailing list to stay informed about the opening of our OSR Gardens Honey Bee  Sanctuary!

Self-Care is World Care 

Caring for ourselves with compassion and attention through body care rituals  nourishes the soul. BCakes enriches each formula with active ingredients  making bath time rituals pleasant and healthy, helping us give patience and  kindness to the world. 

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Life is sweet; thank a Honey Bee!

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