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ALTA COSMETICA SL GGcare cosmetics – CLINICAL COSMETICS based on natural active ingredients

ALTA COSMETICA SL GGcare cosmetics - CLINICAL COSMETICS based on natural active ingredients

GGcare products have specialized in “necessity cosmetics” because beyond vanity, there is a need to cover ailments that are suffered on the skin and must be done through cosmetic products. At GGcare these needs are covered for both men and women who are suffering from skin problems, whether they are caused by treatments such as oncology or by ailments such as kidney failure and diabetes or by skin problems such as psoriasis, sensitive skin and atopic, etc.

The formulation of GGcare products is based on natural and latest-generation active ingredients such as probiotics, they contain essential oils with an aromatherapy effect and natural active ingredients that have the ability to be DNA repairers, anti-inflammatory, calming, healing, cell-regenerating, disinfecting , antibacterials, etc.

  • Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

The founder is Gloria Garcia

The company ALTA COSMÉTICA was founded 25 years ago, in Barcelona. Gloria Garcia tells us: “When you belong to an area of the Planet like this, you can enjoy a great wealth of natural products and sensitivity is enhanced by wanting to take advantage of the benefits that this wonderful nature provides. For this reason, the objective of this company has always been about making effective products based on natural ingredients.”

The first brand of the company was GLORIA GARCIA, which had a complete line of cosmetic products based on olive oil, the name of the line was “Olive Oil Line”.

In 2016 Gloria Garcia dedicated herself to investigating the extreme skin ailments suffered by oncology patients and found that these ailments also affect an emotional level. It is from this moment that a challenge arises, that of improving the general well-being of this type of patient, that is, solving not only skin problems, but also improving the emotional state of the person.

After 2 years of research, in 2018 the new GGcare brand was launched on the market, initially aimed at oncology patients and achieving the proposed objective. GGcare manages to solve skin problems and also provide “Emotional Well-being” to this type of patient.

In order to achieve this success, it was essential to actively listen to the suggestions, requests and needs of these oncology patients and immerse themselves in their despair. In short, “become aware” of the moment they are living.

From assimilating all this information, the 6 products that now make up the GGcare cosmetic line are developed. To make sure that the products were as perfect as possible, all products were tested before they went on the market. This test was carried out with 93 cancer patients who were subjected to different treatments, with different cancers and with different skin ailments. The test lasted 6 months and the magnificent result of 100% effectiveness and 100% satisfaction was reached.

The 6 products that make up the line are:

1 colored and illuminating moisturizing facial cream: Moisturizes, restores and provides a luminous appearance. Helps patients feel good-looking and more attractive.

1 regenerating night face cream: Repairs and balances the skin and provides great comfort.

1 soothing body cream: To soothe itching throughout the body and reduce inflammation.

1 bliss soapy oil: to hydrate and regenerate the skin even during daily hygiene.

1 repairing, relieving oil: To regenerate Radiotherapy burns, dryness, cracks and dryness of intimate areas caused by treatments.

1 Rosehip oil, cold-pressed and flavored: to enhance the regeneration of any part of the body.

The products are introduced successfully and with good results in all cancer patients, being prescribed in all hospitals. The great leap of GGcare products occurred thanks to the totally selfless interest and dedication of medical professionals, who began to discover many more applications for the products than had been initially considered. It was discovered that all products, especially body products and oils, have multiple applications and are surprisingly effective. GGcare is no longer just an oncological cosmetic, but has become a “Clinical Cosmetic” that is suitable for all types of patients with different types of skin ailments such as atopic skin, psoriasis, itching, allergic reactions, vaginal dryness, etc.

  • The challenges the business/market is facing

Despite the fact that the products are effective and have the support of medical professionals, GGcare products are in a market where there is a lot of competition. Positioning and becoming aware of this Clinical Cosmetics market is now the new challenge for GGcare. Something that the company anticipates will not take too long due to the proven effectiveness of the products and because it is the only brand that has set out “for real” and “from the heart” to help people in general to achieve emotional well-being.

  • The opportunities the business/market is facing

GGcare’s strengths are, on one hand, having a highly motivated team of people who are aware of the need for this type of product and, on the other hand, the great effectiveness of the products.

These foundations are a great opportunity for GGcare, as there is no other Natural Cosmetics brand with these principles: Taking care of general and emotional well-being.

GGcare is the creator of the “Integrative Cosmetics” concept, whose objective is based on going along with and helping people achieve FULL HEALTH. This purpose is achieved by taking care of the External Health to take care of the skin, thanks to the products, by the Internal Health to take care of the body, giving basic advice on natural foods so that food can be an easy complement to improve your well-being and Health. Emotional to take care of the mind, Communicating positively and advising activities and many other things that will help you see and live life with greater optimism.

The market is certainly very broad, and now even more since there are more and more people with skin ailments, as a consequence of the lifestyle that occurs today. An unhealthy diet, bad routines and stress are the factors that cause skin health to also have alterations: itching, atopic skin, allergies, etc. And the people affected with this type of ailments, it is proven, that they also value that some cosmetic products can also provide them with general and emotional well-being. The age range is getting wider and more and more young people are suffering from these skin disorders. A few years ago these discomforts were concentrated in the adult public and now it is after 30 years that people begin to feel this type of discomfort.

  • Business advice to others.

With the concept of helping to achieve FULL HEALTH, the possibility of offering other products that lead to this end, such as food supplements, products that can help create a good environment such as aroma diffusers, create meditation sessions, etc., is also expanded.

There is a wide range of products and services that can be used to achieve this goal of FULL HEALTH.


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