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Are domes going to replace homes as alternative housing?

Are domes going to replace homes as alternative housing

The term ‘alternative housing’ has taken on a whole new meaning, with an array of options, ranging from tiny homes to RVs, camper vans and domes. With COVID still a thing, and remote work becoming the norm due to an explosion in new technology, everyone is turning to a more versatile and eco-friendly lifestyle as transitional forms of living arrangements emerge on the social landscape. But which of these alternatives is bound to take over and which makes the most sense? According to Barry Sendach, an expert and CEO of Dyester Corp, he has noticed a boom in the dome space, with the trend ‘domes as a home’ becoming a popular term and rising at an alarming rate. 

He says, “Domes are becoming more important as a source of housing. The way people live and work along with the skyrocketing prices of traditional housing have sent people searching for alternatives. Many people worldwide are now working remotely. Since they are not required to work in an office, it may not be necessary to live in a city or surrounding area.”

 This, coupled with the rising cost of daily living, food, gas prices, supply and demand issues, in addition to rent prices rising around the globe, is leaving people scrambling to be creative and find a more efficient way to increase quality of life. Affordable land can be bought outside of major cities, which is causing a dome invasion as people set up shop on inexpensive territory. Traditional housing has risen over 20% over the last few years to a recent average price of $453,700.00, which has become unaffordable for growing families. 

Domes are a simple, affordable alternative,  easily assembled, come in all shapes, sized and colors, fully customizable up to 30,418 sq ft. and can be decorated the same as any home, with accessories like swimming pools, hot tubs, game rooms, dome tunnels to attach to other domes, and loft spaces that can be easily installed, as domes can be used vertically as well as horizontally. Plus, they are really cool to look at and live in. Parts are replaceable and if you want to move your dome, it can be taken down and moved, easily transported from one location to another.

Barry Sendach, who also manages an array of other alternative housing living arrangement options for sale online such as (,, and, continues, “People are living in everything from shipping containers to tent structures. Popular housing options range from shipping container homes, which can be built for about $150.00 per ft., modular homes, RV’s (recreational vehicles), which are designed like a home, and some cost as much or more. Yurts, composite homes, and innovations are happening all the time.” Eco-friendly housing like our company sells is probably not going away anytime soon.

While domes are still a small market that is in early stages, increased demand for all types of uses will help keep domes a viable market, according to Barry, as investing in a dome is a great way to have a primary or secondary affordable home, become more eco friendly, enjoy the great outdoors and live the life you always dreamed of without restriction. offers all types of domes, PVC and steel, hard shell fiberglass and polycarbonate, glass domes and plastic. Dome prices start at under $4,000 and go up over $100,000, depending on size and features. They can be used for recreation, special events, as an office space, for schools, as a yoga or dance studio, gym space, religious space, photography studios, immersive theaters, and even music production. offers a large variety of domes for all types of applications. 

Barry recommends the following if you are considering investing in a dome:

1) Get a bigger one than you think you need. The dome probably will not be the most expensive part. Things like platforms, hookups for septic, water, and electricity will be constant. The difference in one size of dome over another is marginal.

 2) Get a dome to suit the environment where it will be set up. Build your platform as large as possible. The outdoor platform is part of the dome. Things like barbecue, furniture, hot tubs on the deck make the experience better and

children may have their own dome connected to your main dome which will enable the parents and children to have some private space.  

3) Many people hire contractors or handyman types to assemble their domes. Save the crate the dome arrives in as it will come in handy if you ever take the dome down and move it . 

4) The type of use of the dome will determine how many fit inside. If you are living in it, 2 people can be in DS9400 30 ft in diameter and 685 square feet with children. A 36ft dome offers 1023 sq feet, the same as a 2 bedroom apartment. As the dome market evolves, there are more creative uses for them and more customization options available. 

While domes will never replace traditional homes, they will be a great alternative to consider investing in for the future. 

Barry says, “Covered wagons are competing in the camping world as the new alternative to traditional tents and the price of the wagon attracts high-end campers. The size of covered wagons is inline with large camping structures, allowing the user to feel relaxed and enjoy privacy. The functionality of the unit allows for the user to install modern conveniences, setup for electric and internet connections. The unit has wooden wheels so it is transportable. If a bathroom and kitchen are installed, someone can live in it full time.” 

Dyester Corp and Domespaces by Barry Sendach also just launched the MRD dome, available in over 150 colors and color combinations, made from Fiberglass to withstand high winds, including a security door and two double pane glass windows. The design looks like the mushroom from Mario Brothers and options include floor, insulation, electric, bathroom with fixtures and kitchen area. 

Barry Sendach, CEO says, “Fiber glass is different from regular glass since it’s stronger and more durable, and if mounted correctly, these domes can withstand hurricane force winds. Panels are easily assembled, which makes this structure simple to transport and move for any event or situation.”

The structure sleeps up to 4 people and is perfect for on-the-go. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. Companies can set up remote or on-site offices here and are versatile.

Launching in 2017, Barry broke into the outdoor business with shipping container homes and alternative uses for the containers. He found a niche in products that complimented the container business, and thus the domes were born. 

More about Domespaces

Domes provide a reliable, safe weatherproof environment in any climate, resistant to high winds, rain, and snow, enclosing the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area, saving on materials and cost. Since a dome is free-standing, air and energy circulate without obstruction, enabling natural heating and cooling. As America’s leading supplier of Geodesic Domes, Domespaces offer fully customizable dome options. From Camping Tent or Greenhouse to stunning corporate venues, clients range from individual buyers to multinational corporations and government agencies. Their purpose is to create living spaces that support a healthy planet, active communities, and a clean way of life in order to reduce footprint through creative production methods. They take impact on the environment seriously and from the Rocky Mountains to the first steps on Mars, domes are the structures of the future.

Barry Sendach, the Founder and President of Dyester Corp Inc, established the leading outdoor lifestyle brand in 2017. The brand has diversified its business with the launch of Domespaces®, Yurtspaces, Tentspaces, and Moduspaces. Together all of these brands offer incredible opportunities for outdoor recreation and an international lifestyle. These companies sell high-grade domes, yurts, modular bathrooms and kitchens.

 Our ethos keeps us driven to stay true to our mission. We prioritize clients’ needs above all, ensure all our operations are performed ethically and consistently deliver innovative solutions. Even though we are passionate about what we do, we ensure we are giving back to society. Our experience strongly dictates that when we serve our clients right, success follows by default. We hustle to be the best by delivering nothing less than excellence.  

Prior to establishing Dyester Corp Inc, Barry owned Watercrest Capital Investments LLC (2004-2014) real estate acquisitions and residential property renovation firm. The company’s focus was real estate that was bought, rehabbed and sold. Proud holder of a real estate license from 2004 to the present day. 

Barry’s professional career began as a President for Pacific Weavers Inc (1988-2004), a distributor, importer, and exporter of decorative fabrics for interior designs. With an increased interest in the calibre that globalization had to offer, he developed the company’s international business with a client base of 26 countries. 

Barry resides in Florida with his wife Jerri and Greyhound Jax. Along with a keen business acumen, Barry enjoys occasional running, golf, tennis, and pickleball. Barry Sendach is a serial entrepreneur with a cause, working for homeless veterans and sustainable living. He has been in business for himself for his whole career. His work has earned him quite a reputation in the outdoor living space industry and affordable housing. The Dyester Corp has been featured on Bloomberg TV and various other noteworthy articles in known publications.

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