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Article detailing the journey of Smile View Kenya Safaris

Article detailing the journey of Smile View Kenya Safaris

Any young, aspirational person’s dream is to succeed in life and fulfill their parents’ expectations. After extensive market analysis and deliberation, the concept of Smile View Kenya Safaris was born. After finishing our degrees in tourism and management at the university, my friend and I discussed the idea of bringing new life and vitality to the hospitality sector. Ernest co-founded Smile View Kenya Safaris with a childhood friend, and now our MD, Zachary Kagiri, joined the company in 2018.

My professional development has been an amazing adventure, beginning with two childhood friends who supported one another to establish a full-fledged tour and travel company that promotes domestic tourism. “Smile” and then “view Kenya,” just as the name implies, is what you experience When you go on a safari with our company, we are driven by the desire to cheerfully serve tourists, and we understood that launching a tour company would help us achieve our goal.

The company has been in existence for 5 years, and we benefit from the fact that we speak a variety of languages well. In my line of work, receiving thank-you notes from clients after they’ve had a great safari is the most fulfilling experience. I’m glad to know that we contributed to making their holiday a good one. My team’s dedication to their work and willingness to go above and beyond to make sure our clients receive value for their bookings makes me extremely happy as well.

Growth has been mostly fueled by passion. Entrepreneurship is difficult, and obstacles will easily demotivate you if you are not passionate about what you do. Since our team owns the brand, I’ve learned to cherish people, especially those who collaborate with me to promote the brand. This has greatly aided Smile View Kenya Safaris in terms of brand awareness. Zachary, a friend and coworker, is one of the people who has had a significant impact on my business and has been very helpful. a very outgoing and upbeat individual who believes everything is possible. Even when the company’s profit is plunging, he is consistently present. He also taught me the importance of helping others, a lesson I’ve adopted by prioritizing the satisfaction of our clients over personal gain. One of the most important choices I made throughout my career was to forego looking for work in favor of exploring prospects nearby and taking the initiative to turn them into business opportunities. My long-term goal is to grow my company throughout the remainder of East Africa.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, distinctive, and reasonably priced vacation packages to a variety of locations in East Africa. We create specialized safari packages to give tourists a taste of adventure in a setting that feels like “home away from home. “Many people may not be aware of the many locations and destinations in East Africa, while others may be interested but reluctant to travel because of the expensive price. “You don’t need to rob a bank to enjoy a holiday,” is the courteous advice we would provide to such a person. They can have a great vacation without a lot of stress thanks to our excellent and distinctive budget travel packages.

 A Corona’s effects on Smile View Kenya Safaris 

Pre-Covid The tourism and hospitality sector was so rewarding and lucrative. However, it experienced a drop in growth and earnings during the hurricane season. From 2022 onward, there have been encouraging indications, and it is anticipated that it will survive the difficult phase it experienced. Young professionals are considering tour companies that, if they live up to their expectations, may be lucrative. The travel and hospitality industries provide several opportunities.

After the Corona Crisis, the industry might recover.

Terrorism threats.

Most embassies give travel warnings to foreign nationals traveling to our country when there is a threat of terrorism. As a result, there have been significant losses in revenue from canceled reservations. A conference with industry stakeholders has been held to find a solution to the losses that tour operators suffer as a result of such announcements. Unfortunately, the majority of start-ups have not received much support from the government.

 Divisive election cycles

Unfortunately, many elections in Africa have been acrimonious and polarizing, especially when the leading candidates reject the results. Because of this, many tourists stay away from the nation during an election year. Most tour operators end up suffering significant losses during this time.

 Potential in the Travel Sector: 

Travel demand is rising again and will most likely continue to rise as economies around the world recover. Hospitality was notably impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic, which disrupted several industries. Despite the successful implementation of the disease’s vaccine, it has shown incredible resiliency and continues to thrive. As a result, nations are lowering travel restrictions, which is driving up demand for international travel.

The mix of business and leisure travel 

The hospitality industry has observed an expanding trend of professionals extending their business trips for leisure as work and personal life become more entwined in a post-pandemic environment. Professionals now include weekends or weeks in their work travels, whether they are traveling alone, with a spouse, or with their family. Because digital nomads can work from any location in the world, hotels and tour companies can provide a handy setting for both a work atmosphere and a social one. The advent of remote or flexible work necessitates some elements that all tour companies are carefully examining, such as unique and quiet destinations with high-speed wi-fi connectivity and flexibility to reschedule vacations to fit work requirements. The newly developed term “leisure travel” is anticipated to gain widespread use as travel demand grows.

 The future of the hospitality industry

Individuals are keen to witness how fresh opportunities and challenges can enhance the current sector. To promote tourism in rustic and reserved areas of national importance, technological innovations are also playing a crucial and significant role. If the entrepreneur wants to develop his brand, he must network and cultivate positive relationships with other players in the industry. After completing a degree in travel and hotel management, young aspirants and professionals can work in this industry.

 What to keep in mind as a young entrepreneur:

Because there are more and more companies offering hospitality services every day, it is wise for businesses to focus on maintaining and raising service standards to attract and keep clients. Do not neglect to include the USP that makes you stand out from the competition in the industry. The hospitality industry, like any other industry, has difficulties, from seasonality to manpower to poor decision-making.

My advice to those planning to start a tour company is:

Never disregard customer feedback. Most visitors research a tour operator online before choosing one. Neglecting customer feedback will harm the online booking process. Online potential bookers grow uneasy and start looking for alternatives with the same star rating and price when the bad reviews exceed the good ones without follow-up replies from the company. The majority of companies provide feedback forms at the end of their safaris to learn about their customers’ experiences.

world-class customer service:

The likelihood that a guest will return or not is more likely to be affected by rude staff members than by other variables. The most noticeable customer service interfaces are those that involve body language, eye contact, word choice, and grooming. Given the fact that they spend most of their time with the customers, always ensure the tour guides are tidy and courteous to them. Make sure the client always feels the warmth of your team, especially upon arrival at the airport, because they say a good first impression counts for a lot.

Always note the high and low seasons:

Most tour operators do not take into account that the hospitality industry has low and high seasons. It is usually wise to make plans in advance to keep the firm afloat after the high and low points have been identified. The cost of a tour package cannot be as high as it was during the high season. To entice travelers to make a reservation during this season, the pricing of the tour packages might need to be adjusted. Holidays like Christmas, Easter, and the wildebeest migratory season in the summer are primarily among the peak seasons. It is advised to get the most out of your tour packages at this time.

Make your employees a priority, and they will make your customers a priority:

Workers come first. If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers. On this, opinions could diverge. The key point is that when staff members are treated fairly in terms of pay and benefits, they are more likely to give it their all and go above and beyond.

It is necessary and important to carefully consider feeding the workforce. Additionally, be sure to inquire about their family situations at home to see how they are doing. If your employees are properly taken care of, you can be confident that your clients will also be well taken care of, increasing company revenue.


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