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Insuring your pet guarantees its safety. However, the quality of its life is pegged on various aspects. Bathing and brushing your dog or daily cat glooms are insufficient to maintain pets’ good health. Cannabidiol-infused treats and oils are essential for their general wellness and health, whether they have excellent health or are inflicted by harsh conditions. Thus, you should consider quality pet CBD products that ensure the dog or cat enjoys a better life. 

Technology has simplified life by providing an online market. People are concerned about the authenticity of CBD brands. This is because claims show that some products have poor quality, hence ineffective. Have you tried Austin and Kat CBD brand? This trademark company offers chews, supplement toppers, and CBD oil for dogs. Austin and Kat are significantly knowledgeable about CBD for cats and dogs. Their awareness concerning pet sizes enabled them to manufacture discrete products for different pet sizes with distinct blends for particular issues. This company is based on non-chemical hemp quality, which has yet to become USDA verified, with precise laboratory results, stable farming methods, and available extract choices. Austin and Kat post every product’s accurate purity and potency on an accessible laboratory report for easier consumer reference. However, their product label is limited, and only pet products are available.

The brand provides organic, quality, full, and broad-spectrum CBD products free from GMOs and pesticides. Their products have undergone third-party laboratory testing and confirmed safe and microbial-free. Additionally, the company offers a wide product range, including pet edibles, pet tinctures, and CBD oils. Follow our reviews to continue receiving more updates regarding this company.

About the Company

Austin and Kat brand company is owned and operated by a family. It was established by Kat Donatello in 2014 while seeking natural remedies to ensure her dog, Austin, enjoys a happy and healthier life. Kat developed this company, indicating that she wanted to share her recipe with individuals seeking to offer the best life to their pets. Kat processes her ingredients with every batch produced from the company’s website, making blends that deliver the correct CBD amount for dogs in each life stage. Kat’s dear pet, Austin, is a Chief Product Tester (CPT). Therefore, she branded the company Austin and Kat to honor him. 


Independent third-party cannabidiol testing is a precious safety and control tool. It ensures the indicated THC and CBD amounts match the final product’s contents a consumer receives. Every ordered product from Austin and Kat brand went through third-party testing for THC and CBD microbial contaminants and potency. However, they were not tested for purity, including pesticides and heavy metals to the best ability. The link provided has “Lab Tests,” which Austin and Kat consumers can utilize to check for posted independent third-party laboratory reports for their cannabidiol product tag in an accessible location. 


The products were conveniently matched with the third-party laboratory reports through the “Laboratory Tests” link. To this extent, the greatest precision variance in our purchase was 450mg of broad-spectrum and organic pet tincture examined using 471 overall milligrams CBD. This quantity denotes a 4.6% precision variance, below the allowable 10% limit. The least correct variance was established in the 300mg organic and full-spectrum Austin’s Dynamic pet chews. After testing, it comprised 9.78 per bite or 293.4 overall milligrams CBD. This equals 2.2% accurate variance and significantly under 10% variance cutoff accepted as shown by COA posted online. Third-party laboratories approved Austin and Kat’s products to have below 0.3% allowed limit THC or negligible quantities, and purity assessments for microbes went through. Nevertheless, laboratory reports for heavy metals and pesticides were not provided yet. 


Kat Donatello had more than fifteen years as a business leader and an athlete. In 2014, she decided to utilize her abilities to establish holistic, natural extracts that would alleviate Austin’s ailments, boosting his wellbeing and health. Kat began in her kitchen and later extended into a nationwide pet cannabidiol product leader, as evident on “Our Story” on the website. Previously, Austin and Kat’s cannabidiol has extended past the original electronic-commerce platform. Currently, they are supplying in huge physical retail places as referenced from December 2020. 

Austin and Kat’s brand company provides the best quality full and broad-spectrum, organic CBD products, free from GMO and pesticides. Additionally, they come in pet edible chews and pet tinctures that vary from $24.95-$99.95, having a moderate price limit of $0.17. Based on this, these production processes exceed the average compared to other GMP compliant organic brands. The company gives free delivery on items ranging from $50 and above. Also, they guarantee a one-month refunding policy on all orders provided they are unopened. 

Manufacturing Process

Austin and Kat’s brand company uses Treehouse Hemp, the only National Animal Supplement Council favorite hemp provider. The brand’s broad spectrum is processed using the carbon dioxide technique before formulation, with simple palatable Medium Chain Triglyceride oil being the carrier for optimum bioavailability. After the products are formulated, they undergo independent third-party cannabidiol testing. This process is an essential safety and quality control tool employed by Austin and Kat brand to confirm that the indicated THC and CBD potency corresponds to the contents. The company performs independent potency and purity laboratory testing for each product and publishes them on its website. Additionally, they provide the best quality, broad-spectrum and organic CBD products present in pet edibles chews and pet tinctures. Austin and Kat’s products vary from 2-1200mg and are more expensive than other quality organic trademarks with a moderate price limit of $0.17/mg CBD. 

Range of Products

Austin and Kat CBD Oil for Dogs

Austin and Kat extract a reliable, although not the best, full-spectrum cannabidiol processing for producing classic oil. This product contains high CBDV and CBC, corresponding cannabinoids providing antioxidants that alleviate toxins causing inflammation. This oil has high monetary value depending on the amount purchased. Austin and Kat’s products have a mixture of non-chemical, cold-pressed, wild, Alaskan salmon oil and hemp seed oil, an alternative to blending wholesale triglycerides with CBD. Both constituents are loaded with omega fatty acids, hence helping the body absorb and digest the cannabidiol products, escalating potency. 

High Potency Hemp Products

Austin and Kat’s products were produced for larger dogs or breeds with specific intense problems. This product’s extraordinary potency oil utilizes similar quadruple potency of cannabidiol extract. The consumers can select within 600-1200mg choices for fair charges per milligram of cannabidiol at eight and twelve cents. Studies showed that cannabis has low toxicity in dogs and humans. For this reason, dogs can consume them at escalated CBD doses. However, the owners should understand why giving high cannabidiol amounts for issues like dog weight, pain intensity, or size should adhere to our dosage recommendations. Instead of salmon oil and hemp seed, these additional oils utilize non-chemical coconut oil in conveying the cannabidiol. Coconut (MCT) oils are the most powerful strategy to regularly assist pups withstanding oral cannabis proportions. 

Brady’s Senior Blend Chew

Its name is in tribute to Brady, the oldest Kat’s pup. This product is intended to deal with circulation issues and common mobility disturbing senior dogs. The company indexed this product is suitable for dogs aged six years and above. However, it is more effective for a pup needing a supplement to boost circulation, immunity, mobility, eye health, and cognition. Besides hemp oil products, Austin and Kat established whole foods, low glucose delicacy recipes, preferring delayed energy sources such as carrots and honey instead of low charged fillers. Furthermore, the Brady mixture also includes a superfood supplement range. 

Bakko’s Get Up and Go

The manufacturers recommend this product be offered to dogs suffering from hip, joint, and back pains. This is because it comprises double ingredient doses that support joint health. Since bigger dogs are prone to joint pains, we administered this product to Molly, who began to show symptoms of soreness after playing. We initiated 7.50mg twice a day and realized some impacts after a short time. Naturally, the maximum oil impact was identified after many days of regular administration. The change was seen in Molly as he could walk better and for longer distances. We did not alter this product’s cannabidiol oil prescription because its functioning was perfect. 

Austin’s Active Recovery

This product is efficient for playful and young dogs. We appreciate it because the joints and muscles of our dogs can be prevented from deteriorating. We administered this extract to Rex, who is always ready to hike, jump, and play around. This puppy is a German Shepherd breed. Interestingly, all Austin and Kat cannabidiol products are confirmed to function effectively; thus, we cannot doubt this product. With keen investigation, we realized that Rex had no difficulty relaxing after a busy day occupied by many activities. Nevertheless, we will witness the prolonged impacts in some years ahead.

Austin and Kat CBD for Cats

This cannabidiol oil is the trademark’s most recent product. Although the company designed this product solely for felines, they recommend administering low potency cannabidiol oils to your cat. Minnie, suffering from extreme separation anxiety, was tested, and the results showed minimum potency oils. This resulted from being left alone without someone being around her. She was offered 1.5mg of this product. After 20 minutes, Minnie recovered, and shivering reduced significantly. Interestingly, she appeared less anxious when left alone for some minutes. Furthermore, after one week of consistent administration of this oil, she also improved in appetite. 

What We Like About the Company

  • Austin and Kat’s products are sent for third-party testing in Columbia Labs, the leading food lab throughout the country. 
  • The company uses organic and GMO-free products.
  • The accuracy of their products is significantly lower than 10%.
  • They use human-grade and natural ingredients.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • Austin and Kat have a limited product list.
  • They offer free delivery for orders of at least $50. 
  • The company has insufficient purity testing.

Overall Verdict

Austin and Kat’s company is an authentic CBD trademark. The natural herbs and botanicals, among other ingredients used by this company, add more benefits to the products. In addition, they utilize human-related foods while preparing pet products that guarantee pet owners’ safety. Furthermore, their prices are friendly, especially regarding the extra ingredients and many customer reviews. For this reason, we advise pet owners to make their orders from this company.

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