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BBMotorhomes LLC the best and most qualified technical assistance company in Recreational Vehicles in Miami

BBMotorhomes LLC the best and most qualified technical assistance company in Recreational Vehicles in Miami

     My name is Sergio Costa, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1960. Moved to the USA in 1990 to work in the travel business then in 1998, I joined American Airlines as an International Flight Attendant, where I have been for 24 years. In 2014, I decided to fulfill a life dream and rented motorhome in the state of California to explore the wonders of the Grand Canyon and the West Coast of the United States. This was the trip that changed my life.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

  After so many years traveling the world by air as a flight attendant, my wife and I always dreamed of   hitting the road and decided it was time to follow the example of millions of Americans and get to know the United States driving through its fantastic highways. This trip changed our lives forever.

  One year later in 2015, returning home from a trip to Tampa we passed a sign that said Fort Meyers RV Show, in Fort Meyers, on the west coast of Florida, we stopped and entered the show. After seeing dozens of new and used RVs we fell in love with a used motorhome, a 2005 Fleetwood Terra the price fit our budget and my wife loved it so convinced by the salesperson I put down a deposit and we returned home drooling. I drove back a week later to finalize the purchase and pick up the RV. The people at the RV dealership guarantied it was ready to travel and we believed them “bad mistake”. My advice, never buy an RV new or used without a 3rd party RV inspection. At that moment, a new and exciting stage of my life was about to begin.

  When I got home, I discovered that the vehicle was in terrible shape and what for a first-time buyer like me, seemed beautiful, was nothing like that. I had been tricked by an unscrupulous RV salesperson who took advantage of my inexperience. The motorhome was in terrible condition, especially its interior. And after searching in vain throughout the Miami area for qualified professionals to carry out the necessary repairs, I decided to take on the internal and external renovation of the motorhome myself.

The challenges the business/market is facing

  After 45 days of hard work lots of hours on YouTube and $7,000 worth of materials and special tools, I realized I had just discovered a golden opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Determined to recoup the money I spent and to help future inexperienced buyers like me, in 2019 I went to Athens Texas to the NRVIA and became Certified RV Inspector.

  A new career was born. With certification in hand, I decided to open my own RV inspection company, so I founded BBMotorhomes LLC (Best in the Business Motorhomes). The Idea was to become the best Mobil RV Service provider in South Florida with plans to form RV Caravans and expand to other parts of the USA and one day South America, training RV Inspectors there.  I spent the entire year Inspecting Recreational Vehicles all over Florida and helping other first time RV buyers like me from living the nightmare I lived. That’s where our theme was born Drive Your Dreams. I saved every penny from my inspections to invest in my training.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

  The RV Market grew rapidly and RV businesses like mine grew sporadically around the USA. This was the opportunity I was waiting for all my life transforming my passion for RVs into a new and exciting career. After working and studying hard, I became a recognized professional in South Florida, chased by buyers of all levels from small Travel Trailers to Million-dollar Motorhomes.

  I was still divided between the safety of American Airlines and the dream of BBMotorhomes LLC (at the time, it was just a plan for when I retired from American Airlines in 6 years. Then came the Covid19 pandemic and the world stopped moving. American Airlines gave employees unpaid leaves, and I realized I couldn’t just sit still I was 59 years old at that time, that is when I took all the money I had saved with my inspections and decided to bet on my dream again. I got into my motorhome and left for Texas now for the second time, this time to the NRVTA and this time for almost 3 months, determined to become a Certified Recreational Vehicle Technician. Till this day BBMotorhomes LLCA ONE-MAN ORCHESTRA – which now, in addition to RV Inspections, performs RV repairs and installation of accessories on new and used recreational vehicles. Working extremely hard to always be one step ahead of the competition, I got specialized in installation of RV solar energy with Victron Energy and 5G Mobile Cellular Internet for RV’s with Peplink/Pepwave. In a few months, BBMotorhomes ArrowNet – internet division – became a reference in 5G Mobile Internet in South Florida and, the best and most qualified technical assistance company in Recreational Vehicles in Miami. We became the official operator of the first and only fleet of Covid19 testing Mobil Laboratories in the Southeast, named MDRV from Fast-Labs, testing people from Miami to Orlando. BBMotorhomes oversaw the transformation of the 7 class A motorhomes into laboratories and did the complete maintenance throughout the whole operation. I created and managed their 5G Mobile Internet and remote managed video security and surveillance system of all 7 vehicles in real time 24 hrs. We are currently setting up a completely self-contained mobile workshop which will be totally solar powered and with 5G mobile internet to assist our customers in the state of Florida. For 2024, our business strategy includes RV Caravans with itineraries, throughout the United States, for Europeans and South Americans visiting the USA to travel safely, being able to count on total assistance, from choosing the correct vehicle according to group sizes and preferences, classes on how to drive a motorhome and building itineraries with reservations at overnight RV Parks along the way all with 24-hour technical assistance guided by  BBMotorhomes Mobile RV Service vehicles.

Advice to others about business

    My advice to those reading this story is to believe in yourselves and take advantage of a market with tremendous potential growing very fast and that has many opportunities. The RV market is in constant evolution and if you are willing to invest time to learn the trade you will succeed like I did. I learned from my own experience of running this business is that it is only limited by my desire to become the best there is and always keep up with the everchanging RV industry.

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