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Although bananas exist in various forms, they are considered among the first foods in either form. The growing attention toward apples and bananas has captured the attention of many nutritionists not only in America but globally. Unlike other parts of the world, such as Cameroon, which are popular for their large scale banana production and are used to either ripe or boiled bananas, it is a new idea within the United States. Banana has a nutritional value similar to other fruits and foods in both forms; cooked and ripe. As different forms of bananas continue to draw attention globally, contradicting studies keep emerging. According to research, one study indicates that boiling bananas reduces the nutritional value while the other shows cooking banana increase the release of vitamin A. Kindly keep reading the article to understand the benefits of green bananas

A key contributor to a healthy heart

Although most people argue that ripe bananas have different benefits from cooked ones, they share some nutritional benefits. Notably, cooked bananas contain rich potassium similar to the ripe ones. Surprisingly, they contain 531 milligrams of potassium per cup, which slightly exceeds similar levels of ripe bananas offered in the same quantity. According to research, potassium plays a significant role in the blood flow in the kidney. Using a different study indicates that heart diseases and heart failure result from blood clotting, which might begin from the kidney. Whenever normal blood flow is interrupted, it hinders oxygen supply to the heart, resulting in heart failure or heart diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to add green bananas into your diet to improve your blood flow that will minimize on development of heart diseases and heart failure.

Enhances digestion

Green bananas act as a source of fibre since they contain the full amount of fibre. According to research, fibre is has a significant role in our digestion system and hearts health. Recent studies on green bananas indicate that about 100 grams of bananas contain 2.6 grams of fibre. According to nutritionists, fibre has multiple advantages to our body health and system operation. First, they regulate the bowel, helping avoid poor digestion problems such as constipation. Besides, they are also key contributors to minimizing cholesterol levels, which reduces chances for attack and stroke.

Besides, although various people and nutritionists underplay fibre’s role, it has multiple positive effects. It also contributes to weight loss. Putting other factors into consideration, it is significant to take more than 30 grams of fibre at least to help you lose weight. Besides helping your stomach get full easily, it also minimizes the amount of calories being absorbed by the body in the foods you eat. Studies indicate that people who are likely to double their fibre intake remove 80 to 120 calories per day, equivalent to losing 9 to 13 pounds annually of your total body weight.

Moderate sugar levels in the body

High levels of sugar in the human body has become a primary concern to most nutritionist and health experts because of their risk levels. It is important to address sugar levels in your body at early stages since, if not handled, alarming cases such as two diabetes will emerge and make the situation difficult to address. Health experts recommend green bananas because it has a low ranking in terms of the glycemic index. Glycemic index is responsible for raising blood sugar levels after eating; unlike ripe banana, which is 60 on the index, unripe is 30.

It helps in limiting your daily diet

If you are fond of eating, which is not good for your health and body weight, I would highly recommend adding green bananas to your breakfast. Unripe bananas will make you full nearly the whole day because they carry about 70% of fibre. Specifically, they contain pectin and starch, making people feel full after eating and slowing down digestion rates. Also, eating less food and administering fewer calories might help you achieve your weight goals.

Excellent source for vitamins

Although most research on the benefits between ripe and raw bananas in terms of nutrients seems unclear, they seem to have similar nutrients, only that their levels might vary slightly. The green banana is likely to have more levels of nutrients compared to ripe such as fibre (3 grams), potassium (9% of DV), vitamin B6 (25% of DV), vitamin C (11% of DV), magnesium (7% of DV), and copper (10% of DV).

It helps in tummy problems

To address your tummy problem or reduce irritation, it is advisable to steam or boil them with a pinch of salt. Nutritionists and health experts suggest that it is healthy to take boiled or steamed bananas, unlike fried ones. Fried green bananas result in loading the body with excess calories, which is unhealthy. Also, while shopping for green bananas, ensure they are pale green, still fresh and void of bruises, discolouration and any dark spot.

Source for resistant starch

Resistance starch is a unique starch that is not fully absorbed or broken down by the body’s digestion system during digestion. As a result, they are turned into small chains of fatty acids, which helpscontrol cholesterol.

Risks for taking green bananas

Although green bananas aregood for improving our health because of theirfibre levels, too much of them could be unhealthy. Despite the bananas allowing good digestion, too much of it or consuming it quickly is harmful to people with bowel syndrome as it might cause bloating and stomach cramps.

Comparing the merits and demerits of green bananas, the merits have their way, making them suitable for your diet. According to health experts, they recommend green bananas for breakfast and avoid frying. As a result, you will benefit from the ingredients fully and keep your stomach full longer than fried green bananas. Also, before adding green bananas to your diet, it is important to consult with the doctor to confirm if they are the best for your health, especially those with medical conditions. As clarified earlier, ensure you only take healthy bananas void of black spots and are still fresh to obtain nutritional value.

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