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CBD Vape Oil is inhalable forms of CBD used alongside CBD vaping equipment. This article helps you know how to spot the best CBD Vape Oil among the rest and recommends the best vape oils for you to try. It also expounds more on the topics related to CBD E-Liquid.

Do you have a vape pen or cart and would like to enjoy CBD? You need CBD Vape Oil meant for inhalation and not ingestion to vape CBD. People like them since they allow CBD to reach the bloodstream fast, allowing for quick CBD results. Depending on their formulation and the THC percentage, they may or may not make you fail drug tests. This article is your CBD E-Liquid; it helps you know the best options to go for and what makes them the best. It also shares tips on finding the best CBD Vape Oil among the many different brands. Would you like to know about CBD, CBD E-Liquid, and related topics in detail? This article is for you. First, though, let’s look at the best CBD Vape Oil you would like to buy in 2022 recommended by Dr. Geigaite.

JustCBD Vape Oil- 1000 mg  

JustCBD Vape Oil is made from 100% organic US-sourced hemp and prepared in a GMP-certified lab, allowing you to vape peace since they are high quality. They have full-spectrum CBD, allowing you to benefit from terpenes and CBD in one package. The JustCBD E-Liquid is 1000 mg CBD concentrated and come in a 60 ml bottle. Thus, they are potent enough to result in the desired effects and keep them lasting for longer. According to the JustCBD official website, CBD Vape Oil is inhaled and not supposed to be vaped. Do you enjoy flavors in the CBD world? The JustCBD Vape Oil is for you. They come in 8 different flavors, including mango, blue razz, blue raspberry, and cookies, assuring you of a great CBD vaping experience. These perfect strengths and flavors are all you need to feel CBD effects through vaping. JustCBD E-Liquid has CBD, terpenes, 80% PG, and 20% VG. Less is more in the CBD world, and the fewer the ingredients, the better the quality of the CBD Vape Juice. The site mentions that CBD Vape Oil do not have vitamin E since studies have proven its safety. The 8 flavors of the CBD vape oil are prepared in a GMP-certified lab, tested by 3rd parties, and the lab results are posted online for easy viewing. Why not buy Just CBD Vape Juice today and save cash on purchases?


Vida Optima Elev8 1000 mg (1 ml) Delta 8 + THC- 0 Vape Oil

Vida Optima is one of the best CBD brands with quality items. Launched in 2025, Vida Optima is a product of two buddies who witnessed the benefits of CBD and decided to open a line with CBD products. Its name is a Sanskrit meaning optimal life, and it philosophizes offering quality CBD products to help people attain overall well-being and boost their quality of life. Besides CBD, the brand deals in delta 8 products ideal for people who need to enjoy THC with mildly psychoactive effects. Although its 1000 mg delta – 8 + THC- 0 vape oil is not the same as CBD, it is one of the best. It features a 1000 mg proprietary blend of delta- 8 THC and THC- 0. The oils are formulated to be used with vape carts and pens, allowing you to enjoy every step of the CBD experience. They are made with 100% natural US hemp and tested by 3rd parties, with the lab results posted online for easy viewing. Buy Vida Optima delta 8 vape oil worth $75 and above as you wait for CBD Vape Oil and get free shipping to your doorstep.


CBD Basics

Vape oils have been on the market since people have been vaping for a long time. However, CBD Vape Liquid is different since they have CBD as the extra ingredient, without which things change. We all use some products for the skin, including facial cleansing powder, bath bar, face oil, or massage oil. Looking at most brands dealing in such items, you realize that many feature CBD as part of the ingredient list, showing how popular CBD is. What is CBD? Although we are yet to know much about CBD as a compound, there is at least some information on what CBD is. Mascal et al. (2019) and Bauer et al. (2020) defined CBD as a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis plants. Such active compounds in cannabis are called cannabinoids, which number more than 100 in nature. CBD is taking the major industries and forming a major component in the products we use daily. Why does CBD appeal to many?

What Do People Find CBD Appealing?

THC is the most popular cannabinoid, but according to Schlienz et al. (2018), it is psychoactive and will make you feel high. However, Kicman & Toczek (2020) noted that CBD is non-psychoactive and does not make you, which is the primary reason for its popularity. Is that all for CBD? No; according to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD is therapeutic, and since many reach for it to tap into this therapy, the cannabinoid becomes more widespread. CBD is easily available as studies reveal much about what it can do, and you can easily get its products online and in the stores.

What Is CBD Vape Oil?

Before looking at the best CBD Vape Juice that Dr. Laura Geigaite recommends, you must know the vape oils for what they are. As CBD becomes more popular, misinformation about it also popularizes, and many people do not have the right information about different products. CBD vape oil refers to a fluid with CBD that you vape to enjoy the cannabinoid. Although it is called CBD vape oil, there is no literal oil in the CBD Vape Liquid. Rather, the vape oils have CBD, terpenes, and flavorings and may also have PG and VG. CBD Vape Oil may vary widely or extensively, depending on the brand, but CBD and flavorings do not usually miss out. Still, some CBD brands offer CBD Vape Oil without flavors and are great for users who need the vape oil with minimum ingredients and processing.

CBD Vape Liquid vs. CBD Oil

CBD Vape Juice may sound like CBD oils when they are different. Of course, CBD oils and CBD Vape Oil have CBD as the parent compound, but they differ widely. CBD oils are ingested, which is different from CBD Vape Oil that you cannot ingest and have to inhale. Besides the difference in administration, CBD vape and regular CBD oils vary in the ingredient list. While CBD is the same in the two products, the individual ingredients make them differ. CBD oils have MCT coconut oil or hemp seed oil to increase their bioavailability, making way for fast CBD results. Meanwhile, CBD Vape Juice do not necessarily need a carrier oil, although some have. Similarly, some CBD brands infuse their CBD Vape Oil with PG, VG, or vitamin E despite safety concerns, but regular CBD oils have none of these.

How to Take CBD Vape Oil

Buying CBD Vape Liquid is one thing and getting the most out of them is another, largely influenced by how well you use the vape oil. CBD Vape Oil is not difficult to use like other CBD products, but you must use them well. First, you must remember that CBD Vape Oil is not ingested, so you must not put them in your mouth. You can put CBD oil drops on food and drinks, but you cannot do this with CBD Vape Juice since they are not formulated for ingestion. How do you take CBD vape oil to feel its benefits then? It would help if you had vaping equipment, say a CBD vape pen or cart. With such, you only need to inhale the CBD Vape Liquid for fast CBD effects. You can enjoy vaping CBD oil in flavored options, including JustCBD’s Blue Razz, OG, Pineapple Express, and Cookie flavors.

Types of CBD in the CBD Vape Oil

When setting foot at the gas station or scrolling through different CBD sites for CBD Vape Juice, you may realize that there are many options you must choose from if you need CBD vape oil. They could come in different flavors, strengths, or functionality, but they certainly fall onto one of the three categories below;

  1. Full-spectrum CBD; is the common type of CBD in CBD Vape Oil. It delivers CBD with additional compounds, including terpenes and THC. According to VanDolah et al. (2019), the many cannabis compounds in full-spectrum CBD lead to a synergy called the full entourage effect.
  2. Broad-spectrum CBD; features the many compounds in full-spectrum CBD but no THC. It is a great alternative for people who want a THC-free full entourage effect.
  3. Isolate CBD; is the purest form of CBD. It features CBD without THC, terpenes, or other compounds, making it ideal for newcomers who cannot put up with the earthiness of other hemp compounds in the other two CBD formulations.

Although most CBD Vape Liquid feature full-spectrum CBD, you must choose the right formulation depending on your preferences and CBD needs. For instance, you need full- or broad-spectrum CBD if you want the cannabinoid with other cannabis compounds but would go for isolate CBD if all you need is CBD and no other compounds.

The Best CBD Formulation for CBD Vape Juice

Like any other person, you likely wonder which of the three types of CBD is the best if put in vape oils. Surprisingly, there is no better CBD type than another. Rather, your choice of the ideal CBD type depends on your preference and needs. For instance, if you take drug tests in your carrier or are new to CBD and want to feel its exclusive effects without other cannabis compounds, isolated CBD vape oil would be the best for you. They have no THC, flavonoids, terpenes, or extra cannabinoids, but only CBD. Meanwhile, if you need a full entourage effect of CBD with other cannabis compounds, you may want to take full-spectrum CBD oil, the commonest formulation in most CBD Vape Juice. Broad-spectrum CBD Vape Oil also have extra cannabis compounds but no THC. They are ideal for users who want the benefits of extra cannabis compounds without the psychoactive THC.

Identifying the Best CBD Vape Oil

Are you anticipating vaping CBD oil? You must know how to spot the best among the masses. Because of the massive lack of regulation in the CBD space, selecting the ideal CBD vape oil is challenging since a brand may do well in one area and flop in another. Besides, the FDA does not monitor the production of CBD Vape Liquid, making it easy to sneak contaminants into your system through CBD Vape Juice. Still, knowing what to focus on as you shop for CBD Vape Oil increases your chances of landing quality products. Here are what to consider when shopping for CBD vape oil;

  1. Reputation; just because a brand offers cheap CBD Vape Oil does not mean you need to buy its CBD products. Research the company and ensure it holds a good market reputation in the CBD.
  2. 3rd party testing; even with a good reputation in the hemp space, 3rd party testing is key. Ensure the brand you want to buy CBD Vape Juice from runs 3rd party tests and posts results online for easy viewing.
  3. Contaminant purity; look up the 3rd party tests for contaminant purity status and ensure the CBD Vape Liquid is pure and contaminant-free.
  4. CBD accuracy; while it is possible for the CBD levels on the CBD vape oil labels to be slightly less or more than the actual value, the percentage deviation should not be more than 10%
  5. THC content; look up the 3rd party test results and confirm that the THC percentage is less than 0.3% per dry weight, in line with the 2018 Farm Bill requirements.
  6. Transparency; since you depend on the brand to have information and the right perspective, CBD companies that do not reveal enough information about them raise red flags.
  7. CBD Source; the CBD Vape Juice must come from hemp and not any cannabis compound since this is what the 2018 Farm Bill recognizes as federally legal.

CBD Vape Juice and Drug Tests

Are you new to CBD and have chosen CBD Vape Liquid to be your key delivery method? You certainly care to know how the vape oils will affect drug tests. Still, before then, you must know how drug tests work. They use saliva, hair, blood, or urine as the specimens and aim to detect THC in your system. Whether a CBD product makes, you high depends on many factors, including whether the product interacts with the blood, whether it has THC, and the THC levels, if any. Do CBD Vape Oil interact with the blood? Thus, they will lead to positive drug tests if they have THC. The more you vape CBD with THC, the higher the THC buildup in the body, increasing your chances of failing drug tests. Since the CBD world is largely unregulated, you may take on THC without intending or knowing. Thus, many people go slow on CBD products when anticipating drug tests.

Do CBD Vape Oil Make You High?

Besides drug tests, you want to know how it feels to vape CBD oil and if the oil makes you high. According to Kicman & Toczek (2020), CBD is non-psychoactive and does not make you high; many studies confirm this. However, according to Schlienz et al. (2018), THC is psychoactive and makes you high. Thus, CBD Vape Oil should not make you high but how you feel from vaping depends on the THC levels. The more the THC in the CBD Vape Juice, the more the likelihood of feeling high from vaping. Therefore, vape THC-free CBD oils if you don’t want THC in your system or related side effects.

How to Find the Best CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil is among the commonest CBD delivery methods, and major CBD brands offer them as part of their inventory. Thus, finding the best CBD Vape Oil is never easy. According to Dr. Geigaite, you must know what to focus on as you shop for CBD Vape Oil and pay attention to them. Here are the key points in finding the best CBD Vape Juice;

  1. Ingredient list; in the CBD world, less is more, which is true for CBD Vape Oil. The fewer the ingredients in the vape oil, the better.
  2. Source of CBD; the CBD vape oil want to buy should have hemp-derived CBD.
  3. Hemp quality; the hemp plants used in making CBD should be high-quality and grown in safe soils tested for contaminants.
  4. Reputation; buy your CBD oil from reputable brands.
  5. 3rd party testing; the CBD world is largely unregulated, and the only way to prove the quality of CBD Vape Oil is to look up their 3rd party test results, so brands that do not conduct such tests or run them but do not post the results are a no-go zone.


CBD Vape Oil or e-juices are inhalable CBD delivery methods. Many like them since they allow the fastest CBD delivery to your bloodstream. However, they may irritate the lungs, making them less ideal for people with sensitive lungs. You can enjoy CBD Vape Juice in isolated, full- and broad-spectrum formulations, although most vape oils have full-spectrum CBD to ensure users feel CBD effects with terpenes. This article helps you know the best CBD Vape Oil and what makes them the best. It also sheds light on how to find the best CBD Vape Oil and answers common questions people ask about them.


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