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Bombom do Brasil activewear specializes in high performance

Bombom do Brasil activewear specializes in high performance

Bombom do Brasil activewear specializes in high performance leggings, and all of its products are not only inspired by, but are also 100% handmade in Brazil. Why, you might ask? Put simply, because the company wanted to bring a little south American flair to the humble pair of leggings, and to lend confidence to the wearer in the process. It’s a simple truth that the better you look on the outside, the better you feel on the inside (and it may also be the simple secret behind the effervescent spirit of the Brazilian nation!)

Lisiane Birks-Hay was born and raised in Porto Alegre. She is married and has an 8 years old son. She has lived in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paris and London, and has been living in San Francisco in the USA for the last 10 years. She realized she was into fashion in her early childhood. She was born and raised amongst reams of fabric, as her mother has been a seamstress for the last 50 years. At 6 years old, she was already making clothes for Barbie dolls and selling them to her school friends.

In her early twenties, she attended Hospitality college, but she didn’t feel it was what she wanted, so she left to explore her options in other professional careers. She loves animals and she always dreamed about working with dogs, so soon after she moved to London, where she undertook a two-year international qualification in dog grooming. She graduated, specializing in show dogs, and worked as a dog groomer until the seventh month of her pregnancy, after which she devoted herself fully to being a mother. Like many other women, she put on a lot of weight during her pregnancy (around 65 pounds), and she almost became diabetic. After her son’s birth, she suffered from low self-esteem. She started frequenting a local gym, and there she noticed that everyone wore dark colors, as if they wanted to hide. The atmosphere of the place was depressing. She decided, then and there, to bring the Brazilian energy and brightness to the USA (and now, the world) through Brazilian colors, prints and cuts. Of course, when we think about Brazil, we also think about one of Brazil’s passions, the ‘Brazilian woman’s BumBum’. She searched for a way to help other women around the world to have a more Brazilian rear by developing her unique cut and style, combined with the wonderful colourful fabrics produced in Brazil, thereby bringing glamour to any woman who aspires to look that little bit more special.

With winning styles and high performance sustainable fabrics these leggings are for the gym, on the beach, in the club or in the park. Smart enough to be worn any time of day, just add a top, a blouse or a jacket and, voilá, you’ll be ready for a more formal occasion. Made in a Brazilian factory famous for high quality, the sustainable fabrics have UPF50 + sun protection, stretch and non-fade color. The models feature folding waistbands, body-shaping and side pockets, and are made in a family workshop in Porto Alegre (RS), southern Brazil, whose owner and seamstress is mother of the startup’s director, businesswoman Lisi Birks-Hay.

 Lisi created the company and sells her products in the United States precisely because she couldn’t find leggings anything like these – whose design emphasised feminine sensuality – in the North American market – even from renowned brands. The result of all of this was Bombom do Brasil, the activewear company she founded to bring self-confidence to women through leggings with unique prints, and Brazilian color, cut and style. All garments are elements that can help a woman’s self-esteem “When they wear our clothes, we want women to be confident, exuberant and bold, and that also has to do with empowerment,” says Lisi.

She believes that the garment industry must inevitably become more and more sustainable, and that is why the material she uses has sustainable value and environmental responsibility, very important concepts for companies in times of global warming and ecological disasters. The textile factory uses natural gas in the production process and its treatment plant reuses 100% of the water. The chemicals used in the manufacture of fabrics are not harmful to the environment or health. The factory has international Oeko-Tex certification that assesses all stages of the process, from the raw material to the final finishing of the fabrics.

Because the resulting fabric is more durable and versatile in use – in different environments and occasions – the consumer doesn’t have to go out and buy several models, avoiding waste and consumerism.

Her advice to the industry is to bet all your chips in sustainability

Other points:

Capital – if you have sufficient capital then there is no reason why you should fail. If money is limited as it is with many startups, all the items below have to considered, and you will have to budget very carefully.

  1. Make sure you know your market. You caBombom do Brasil activewear specializes in high performance leggings, and all of its products are not only inspired by, but are also 100% handmade in Brazil. Why, you might ask? Put simply.n’t please everyone, so decide exactly who your target market is. Look at competitors for this market, and even those with related products, and see how you can improve on their message.
  2. Employ a good website designer. Once you are happy with it try to learn how to update it yourself. It is not that difficult and it will avoid having to call someone regularly and save you a lot of money.
  3. Choose the right social media for your markets, and set up a regular blog or use influencers and partnerships to get followers.
  4. If you can afford a promoter, make sure they know your product, and why it is special and better than your competitors. Discuss what media they think is appropriate, cost all carefully.
  5. You will need a photographer. Again, choose one with experience or a particular talent. You should be the one who chooses the final shots.
  6. Remember you can set all these expenses against profit, but only if you keep meticulous records – no good saying ‘it cost approx $50’ if you can’t prove it.
  7. Make use of all your friends who have more experience than you have. Most will be happy to give advice, and you can return the help in due course.

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