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Bubber Couture And Its Founders

Bubber Couture And Its Founders

Bubber Couture is a decade-old renowned Luxury Couture Label based in Mumbai, India. Over the past 12 years, the brand has become South Mumbai’s best-kept secret, relying on word-of-mouth referrals from hundreds of satisfied customers to become the preferred choice of its discerning clientele.

The brand blends an Indian aesthetic with the contemporary, believing in timeless fashion. The designs are classic but tailored in their silhouettes and multi-functional, catering to the stylish and minimalistic man. The women’s line is elegant, glamorous, and sophisticated with a focus on creating ageless heirloom pieces.


Bubber Couture is known for its unique inspirations ranging from art, history and archaeology and its bespoke services. It is also popular for its debonair menswear accessories like pocket squares, buttons, cufflinks and bow ties.

 Bubber Couture was established in 2011 by identical twin couturiers Aanchal Bubber Mehta and Sanjana Bubber. Their designs represent a unique synergy of their creative visions as well as their contrasting yet similar personalities. 

Art and architecture were always inspiring to the twins growing up. After a stint in fashion over a summer course, the twins decided to enrol into the garment manufacture and apparel and design course at SNDT University. After three years of training, wanted to explore the field of menswear. Two years after training with a reputed menswear designer in the industry, they felt an urgent need in the industry for affordable and subtle Indian menswear which is when they launched their brand, Bubber Couture in April 2011.

The designs at Bubber Couture are inspired by history or art. The outcome is exquisite and unique collections by the designers. With modern art, architecture, mythology, psychology, cinema and history being prime inspirations for the collection themes, the Bubber Couture clothing line canvases the twins’ artistic visions combined with luxury and valued garments solutions for the subtle yet trendy man. The garments promote fusion art vehemently through the story behind the collections.

Bubber Couture’s collections have unique inspirations. Their recent winter festive collection ‘Neko’ is a tribute to Nicholas II Romanov, the last Tzar. This collection is a resurrection of Nikolai, celebrating him as if he were a modern man today. Focussing on his past glory, geometric grandeur, and tarnished opulence, we have stripped away his gold and grandeur to try and introspect within his torment and tribulations. 

Previous collections included themes based on Paul Signac’s impressionist paintings, the famous art mockumentary “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable” by Damien Hirst and reflective art installations by Artist Joachim Sauter. In other collections, the designers have taken a dive down history lane. Creating pieces inspired by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that led to the destruction of the ancient city of Pompeii, the Trojan war and even the British Vintage Circus.

It is these interesting themes that help the twins create a unique space for designing garments reflecting their individuality. They extract colours, textures and a mood from the chosen theme and combine it with contrasting techniques to create prints, fabrics and garments and amalgamates these concepts with Indian traditional textiles and technique to create a unique synergy.

Indian Luxury Market Challenges

The Indian fashion market has had its fair share of challenges over the last few years during and post the pandemic. At the moment the wedding season is booming and it is a great time to recover and recoup. The wedding industry in India was slow-paced for two years due to the pandemic. We are using this period to financially recover and we are looking to kick-start a fresh and positive approach for the new year.

A huge problem we are facing now is the rise in the prices of fabrics and raw materials. Prices are at their highest and it is a huge struggle to create cost-effective luxury products in a competitive and price-sensitive market. This is due to the low yield of cotton crops in many states due to unseasonal rainfall leading to an increase in the prices of cotton and yarn. 

We specialise in our bespoke products and services. Since digitisation customers have become a lot pickier about their choices and demands but yet want to spend lesser on their products. With the rise of expressionism, clients are looking to have pieces express their personality intertwined with our design aesthetic which is understandable but do not always have the budget for the handcraftsmanship that goes into customised designs.

With fast fashion trending and the democratisation of the luxury industry, high-end brands are forced to compete with fast fashion brands. People’s views of the luxury industry have changed. People are happy to mix fast fashion with a mix of luxury products. Due to this in the Indian garment sector, we are seeing a decrease in the value of luxury products and towards mass Indian suppliers even if the quality of the products is inferior.

The Indian wedding industry is based on mahurats which is the Sanskrit word for auspicious dates based on astrological charts. Most Indian people follow these auspicious calendar dates for sacred ceremonies like weddings. Due to this we always have a very over-concentrated wedding season and our off-season is a very low season. We also have very hot summers in India which people avoid getting married in during this time. It’s the off-season is financially very expensive while season time is the time to mint and recover. It’s this imbalance which does make it hard to function sometimes. In the off-season, we focus on new collections, new photoshoots and new concepts that can be very expensive. This is a sensitive time in which we have to be penny-wise.

Opportunities In The Bespoke Indian market-

Even though we have our fair share of challenges there is a huge scope for Indian and western menswear as the menswear market is always expanding and Indian men who previously were lax about fashion are becoming more trendy. There is also a huge opportunity for medium-priced luxury Indian designers as there are not too many in the same competitive space.

As long as you have original designs and strong concepts within your collection. We create a lot of multifunctional outfits. Our clients are happy to spend a little on those if they get better usage of the outfits. 

Most Indian fashion houses cater to traditional Indian designs which have a big market, but there is an even bigger market for offbeat and westernised Indian clothing with a unique designs. Most clients who walk in will always demand a design that is ‘different’ or ‘off-beat’.

 We have 140+ crore people who live in India, 21,297,000 of which who live in Mumbai. There are 10 million weddings in India every year in which people ideally spend Rs.500,000-50 million and usually invite 300-600 guests. That itself causes a constant demand for Indian luxury products on a large scale. It is a big market that can be capitalised on.

Advice To Businesses

Our advice to all fashion businesses would be to focus on creating signature products over constantly trying to compete with others. Competitors should motivate and inspire you. If you would like to explore the luxury space, you cannot cut corners on quality and service. There is a huge demand for brands that are offbeat and that do things differently. 

Control your spending in the off-season. It can make or break a business. Controlled spending is needed in all aspects. Luxury campaigns, digital media and digital marketing can be expensive. Freelancers are less expensive to work with than agencies.

Following market trends is vital but feel free to defy them and formulate a unique path in all aspects of your business from design, marketing or your service. Also, be a business and service that is indispensable to its customers. The little extra you provide in terms of service in the luxury industry only makes your clients constant and dependable. 

Raw talent in India comes at a low cost. Utilise that to your advantage and train new talent to keep your costs low. Constantly follow colour and fashion trends to be relevant and upgrade every aspect of your business regularly.

Aanchal and Sanjana strongly believe in the consistency of hard work towards any vision and believe failures do not define people but instead should refine them. Any dream can be achieved with constant discipline and perseverance. 

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