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Buro – creative space that teach us teamwork

Buro - creative space that teach us teamwork

Buro is creative space that teach us teamwork and the perseverance that is worth to award quality and acknowledge as a brand, we recognize the Colombian talent and encourage it to transform our country and make it a better place for entrepreneurs. The objective of Buro was born and grows to publicize and support the national talent of young Colombians who want to consolidate their entrepreneurship into long-term profitable companies. Likewise, as a space to position national entrepreneurship and promote the creation of companies in various creative fields. It will enable thousands of young Colombians to grow with their ideas until they compete in an international market. Buro is a fairground which recover the best of Colombian entrepreneurship helping them growing and been established in Colombian industry, we search the most innovative and ingenious products and share them to the society with the aim of impulse these brands. Year after year, BURO positions itself and leads the Colombian export-type entrepreneurship market. Today in post-pandemic times, Buro does not let itself be defeated and strengthens its roots in forming a creative company in our country. Buro is a successful fair, highly recognized, a meeting point for thousands of family members and millions of transactions for brands, they have overcome supplier problems. Buro has grown and so has its founder, in a world where entrepreneurs are men, two women make their way. 

Our founder is a Bogota business leader, and she is the manager and executive director of Buro, the design fair that aims to be the best and most outstanding in the country. Positioning itself as an itinerant shopping center, Buro’s goal is to teach and make known to the public Colombian companies and ventures in creative fields that set trends and position themselves ambitiously before the world. She is passionate about art, design, architecture, and history. She studied fashion design and jewelry design, managing to combine these passions with sales and merchandising. In her studies she always stood out for her leadership, ambition, and greatness. She got a laureate degree thesis and different international recognitions. María Alejandra considers herself a professional with a critical eye on ventures, which arise day by day, selecting the best and those that will be the next great Colombian emporiums. Her professional experience begins with the designer Olga Piedrahita, and she continues with renowned companies in the country’s fashion industry, textile companies such as La Senza, Permoda, T3 Textiles and the Sutex group. Acquires the vision of fairs, with the participation of its own brand in national and international rounds, thus learning about the business model of starting a brand in Colombia and rethinking it, so that Buro becomes the exponential platform that activates the Colombian internal economy, in a risk sector and promoting Colombian entrepreneurship and business creation within our country. “One of the main objectives of Buro is to enhance and make the new and most select Colombian design easily accessible, positioning young and emerging talent, generating employment in the sector, and helping to boost the creation of companies in the country and thus move our internal economy, which is beneficial for the sector fashion and creative of our Colombia” said Maria Alejandra explaining her purpose with Buro

Over the last few years, professional careers related to art, music, cinema, communication, gastronomy, acting, dance, and design have been promoted in all fields, making young people sensitive to creative fields have more and more options when deciding on their academic life.

All these programs are here to stay and boost national creativity. However, when they graduate and seek employment, what thousands of young people find is a limited offer and unfair conditions that are often not worthy of their skills, which is why a large part of them are inclined to seek opportunities outside the country. Buro wants the talent to stay, and the Fair can be a way to start. As a platform to publicize Colombian creativity, it shows that if we unite to support our young people, we can make the industry stand out and its protagonists become recognized as the creative stars of Latin America.

Mental health expert MS, University of Latvia I am deeply convinced that each patient needs a unique, individual approach. Therefore, I use different psychotherapy methods in my work. During my studies, I discovered an in-depth interest in people as a whole and the belief in the inseparability of mind and body, and the importance of emotional health in physical health. In my spare time, I enjoy reading (a big fan of thrillers) and going on hikes.

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