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Cave Nacional is a wine bar dedicated exclusively to brazilian wines

Cave Nacional is a wine bar dedicated exclusively to brazilian wines

– Business Name and what it does

Cave Nacional is a wine bar dedicated exclusively to brazilian wines. Our wine menu has more than 250 different wine labels from various regions of Brazil. We also feature an e-commerce that sells and delivers these same wines to customers in the whole country. The idea of the winebar is for the client to have the opportunity to enter the cave that display the 250 different labels and hear from anyone of the bar staff about the history of brazilian wines, the wineries, the grapes, etc, na this staff person helps the clients to pick the wine that suits its taste.

– Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Cave Nacional was founded in 2015 by Marcelo and Karina Rodrigues, a couple who always loved wines and wine trips. Having traveled to visit many Brazilian wineries the couple realized that many bottles never reached customers outside its region (due to wineries limited logistics, etc, once many of them are still small family businesses). So in 2015 the couple launched the e-commerce and in 2017 the winebar, located in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. The winebar presents an opportunity to customers to taste many different bottles from different regions in Brazil, since we not only serve bottles, but weekly presentes different wines served by glass, flights and also guided tastings conducted in a private room. We have received many prizes of best brazilian wine menu over this years.

– The challenges the business/market is facing

Prices are for sure the main challenge. Brazilian production is highly affected by Real x Dolar parity which has raised all over the Years. Bottles, corks, paper for labels, barrels are all imported from different places all around the world, and during the last 7 years we have seen wine prices increasing. Of course it has been offset by the fact that production in Brazil has largely increased during this same period, which compensates a little.

– The opportunities the business/market is facing

The Brazilian wine market has increased a lot in the past years. In 2015, when Cave Nacional started, we produced wine mostly in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (the most South state of Brazil). Now wine is being produced in regions we never imagined would be possible (due to weather conditions) such as Bahia, Goiás and even Rio de Janeiro. There is a non-official count that recognizes 100 new Brazilian wineries just in the last year. It is a market in incredible expansion.

– Advice to others about business

Do what you believe. When Marcelo and Karina started their business the Brazilian wines were seen by many in a quality below other wines around the world. The couple disagreed and decided to invest in a business that would prove everyone different. And it did.

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