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CBD Eye Care

CBD Eye Care

Buy the best CBD eye cream in different cannabidiol strengths and formulations to nourish and protect your skin. Up to 70% off all CBD

Does CBD Help with Inflammation?

Inflammation or swelling is one of the natural processes the body undergoes during repairing. However, the process is always sire and painful. Inflammation can be caused by arthritis or other health condition. CBD is one of the main natural substances used to relieve pain; the above research claimed that CBD features anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help you deal with inflammation. It has become one of the best solutions for people dealing with chronic inflammation and related pain.

CBD for inflammation is applied on the skin like cream or lotion. One application lasts for a long time, thus giving time for it to be ascribed to the body to deal with the inflammation. However, CBD is not a narcotic pain killer, so it can’t be ingested. It can’t be abused since it is not psychoactive, meaning you can be addicted to it. That means you can leave it after using it for the purposes you bought it for without suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Does CBD Help with Intrusive Thoughts?


Steardo et al. (2021) noted that CBD could help you reduce intrusive thoughts. CBD is one of the two main compounds produced from cannabis and the main one produced from the hemp plant. Many producers of CBD produce it in many forms, such as gummies, lotions, oils, capsules, or drinks. Many people use CBD to remedy many health conditions, including intrusive thoughts.

Studies about the effects of CBD on intrusive thoughts are ongoing; hence the conclusions are few. However, some early studies show that CBD helps people deal with mental issues such as anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts. But there is no anecdotal; evidence that supports this scientific finding. Before trying it out, wait for more research findings on the effects of CBD on intrusive thoughts. Meanwhile, you can try other recommended methods of treating intrusive thoughts, such as therapy and medications.

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