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CBD Foot Cream

CBD Foot Cream

Buy the best CBD Foot Cream to nourise and protect your feet. Choose from CBD Creams and Gel for your feet in different cannabidiol strengths and formulations. Up to 70% off all beauty products.

Can CBD Boost Metabolism?


CBD is purported to improve many aspects of life, including metabolism. A good metabolic activity leads to weight loss. Many people have used CBD in any form aiming for weight loss, and some were successful. CBD boosts metabolism, reduces food intake, and prevents common digestive disorders. Reduction in food intake and increase in metabolism rates lead to weight loss. For instance, in a certain animal study, CBD reacted with CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the lymphoid system located in the brain. They play important roles in food intake and the rate of metabolism. The studies took two weeks, and the rats were injected with 2.0 mg daily per pound of body weight. After the two weeks, the results showed the rats experienced weight loss, proving CBD can help increase metabolism.

Can CBD Help with Headaches?


Anyone who have used CBD or related product and had migraine or headache experience relief after some time. Ravisankar et al. (2015) showed that medicinal hemp and THC might have headache-relieving abilities. In the late 19th century, cannabis was purported to be the min aid and therapy for relieving migraines and other forms of headache. Many doctors adhered to this use until 1940 when official pharmacopeias deprived cannabis of its medicinal use. The official claimed that CBD was abused highly, so the user must halt.

The recent legalization of CBD and related products revived this use of CBD. However, it was not approved by the food and drug administration. The administration only approved one medicinal use of CBD: to treat epilepsy in children. People improve headaches and migraines after consuming CBD. In a certain study involving 1500 CBD consumers, one per six people reported having headaches.

Can CBD Make You Hallucinate?


When you first want to consume CBD, you will ask yourself if it has hallucinogenic effects. Due to the legalization of CBD in some countries, it has now risen its popularity. Many people know about it; unfortunately, they don’t know its working mechanism. Some people will mistake CBD for having a hallucinogenic effect like THC. This often leads to stigmatization. CBD has no THC, meaning it doesn’t feature hallucinogenic effects. That is why you must buy high-quality CBD and ensure it does not have traces of THC. Pure CBD does not have hallucinogenic effects like THC, the main compound that causes hallucination in cannabis.

The CBD must be potent to eliminate any possibility of hallucination. The potency of CBD depends on the method of extraction and processing from hemp. Pure CBD does not have elucidative and other severe effects even after overdosing.

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