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CBD For Life is a self-care-oriented CBD brand. It focuses on face, hair, and body products and includes tinctures and edible sprays in its catalog. It only deals in CBD isolates, meaning all the items in the brand’s inventory lack THC, CBG, CBN, and other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Its website is simple and professionally designed, allowing easy navigation during shopping and providing enough information about its founding. What’s more, the Blog and FAQ links on the brand lead to comprehensive pages, answering many questions people would regularly have about CBD. Its products have an average price point of $0.13- $0.53, which may seem high but is within the market range, considering that most skincare products are generally expensive because they feature many expensive ingredients. The brand boasts independent 3rd party tests for standard contaminants like heavy metals, residues, solvents, microbials, and mycotoxins, and potency for CBD and THC. While all products passed THC tests (isolates should be free of THC), some passed CBD variance potency tests, posing as much as 40% variance, higher than the 10% acceptable variance limit. This is our 2022 CBD For Life review that looks at critical aspects of this brand.

About the Company

CBD For Life’s website has sufficient information about the brand, helping a web visitor understand its founding and processes. The brand boasts more than half a decade in the CBD arena and was founded by two sisters, Julie and Beth, after the latter struggled with chronic pain and only found remedy after using CBD products. Following the excitement, the sisters liaised with a chemist, and together, they created the mainly-topical CBD product line. The brand prides itself in being a self-care-focused CBD company with a variety of self-care products, majorly focusing on the body, face, and hair wellness. Besides the topicals, CBD For Life also boasts two other product lines with tinctures and edibles.

CBD For Life has a well-designed website that’s not only simple but offers web visitors and CBD enthusiasts a great purchasing experience. Shopping on the web basically involves selecting the items of interest, adding them to the cart, and checking out once done to fill in billing and physical location details, after which a free shipping arrangement applies for all orders worth $75 and above to all the US destinations. Besides, a 30-day money-back guarantee applies to all orders, and clients can take advantage of it when they feel dissatisfied with a product. The brand’s products cost $9 to $75 and pose a $0.13- $0.53 per mg CBD price point. While this may seem high, it is within the market range, considering that most topical products feature multiple ingredients, rendering them expensive.

The brand’s Blog and FAQ links direct web visitors to comprehensive pages that enlighten on CBD and answer the frequently asked questions. CBD For Life sources its female-sex hemp from the USDA-certified organic farms and uses a three-step extraction method involving ethanol, distillation, and pressure to produce the isolate-based CBD products in its inventory. It also posts lab results online where web visitors and CBD enthusiasts can view them and compare CBD and THC variances.


The following specs are true to CBD For Life;

  • Extracts available in isolate-based CBD formulations
  • Extract consumption methods include topicals, tinctures, and edibles
  • US-sourced hemp from Colorado farms
  • USDA-certified hemp farms
  • MCT oil formulation is used to boost cannabinoid digestion and bioavailability
  • CBD products in the brand’s inventory cost $9 to $75
  • The average price point per mg CBD ranges from $0.13 to $0.53
  • The total CBD concentrations in the brand’s products range from 35 mg to 600 mg
  • No FDA warnings
  • Free shipping for orders worth $75 and above
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Mixed potency results
  • The brand offers military veterans discounts upon proving identity
  • Not BBB-accredited
  • Organic, non-GMO hemp
  • CBD oil isolate is extracted through a three-step process involving ethanol, distillation, and pressure

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality informs the quality of the CBD products a brand deals in, so reputable CBD companies that want to hold their customers and win more choose premium quality hemp, resulting in premium quality CBD products. CBD For Life is one such brand and liaises with the USDA-certified Colorado farms to source its hemp. The farms practice sustainable organic farming practices to grow organic, non-GMO hemp. Such practices allow no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides to find their way into the extracts, adding to the safety of the CBD products.

Manufacturing Process

CBD For Life liaises with organic farms in Colorado to source the hemp it uses to manufacture its CBD products. The farms are USDA-certified for organic practices and uphold sustainable farming practices throughout the cycle, from seed propagation to hemp harvesting. Such practices allow no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that would compromise products safety into the cycle.

CBD For Life uses a three-step extraction method involving ethanol, distillation, and pressure to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. Unlike most CBD brands that deal in broad- and full-spectrum CBD products leave terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids intact, CBD For Life deals in CBD isolates that do not have any of the mentioned products. Most CBD brands further formulate the extracts with MCT oil to increase the bioavailability of the cannabinoids, and CBD For Life is no exception. The extracts can be made into face creams, roll-ons, massage oils, lotions, and other topical self-care products by the brand.

The next stage in the manufacturing process is 3rd party testing and independent quality and control step CBD brands actualize to examine their products for purity and potency tests. Purity tests focus on standard contaminants, including heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, residues, and solvents, while potency tests examine THC and CBD potencies, comparing the indicated measures on the labels against the actual values. CBD For Life liaises with Botanacor, a modern lab, to run the tests, particularly focusing on the THC & CBD potencies and purity for microbials, heavy metals, and pesticides. The test results are available in the online centralized Testing hub under the Learn button of the main menu.

Range of Products

CBD For Life is a self-care-focused brand and majorly offers topical products for the face, body, and hair, but you can also buy tinctures from the firm. Here are all the products found on the brand’s inventory;

i.                    CBD For Life Tinctures

The brand offers isolate-based tinctures in 30 ml bottles, featuring 300 or 600 mg total CBD concentrations, translating to a 10 or 20 mg/ml potency. The oils are stripped from the hemp surfaces via the three-step extraction involving ethanol, distillation, and pressure. Besides, they are further formulated with MCT oil to boost cannabinoid bioavailability. The 300 and 600 mg CBD concentrated bottles cost $45 and $75, resulting in a $0.13 per mg CBD price point.

ii.                  CBD For Life Topicals

The topical line is the brand’s favorite division, offering rubs, lip balms, face and body cream, hair condition, under-eye cream, massage oil, body lotion, and foot cream. They also offer a lemongrass body spray with 100 mg CBD in a 4 oz bottle. The topicals feature 100- 120 mg CBD concentrations and come in 0.64, 1, or 4 oz bottles. Moreover, they come in natural unflavored forms but can also be enjoyed in lemongrass, vanilla, and lavender flavors.

iii.               CBD For Life Bath Bombs

The brand offers another line with bath bombs containing 35 mg of isolate-based CBD. They come in 0.30 oz packs and feature four flavors. You can buy the lemongrass kiwi, pink salt & citrus, fresh bamboo, and peppermint & eucalyptus flavors. The bath bombs are strictly used externally and not otherwise.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing the brand, we appreciated the following;

  • CBD For Life is diligent about 3rd party testing and liaises with a modern lab system to test its products for the safety of contaminants and THC & CBD potencies
  • Most products in the company’s inventory passed contaminant purity and potency tests, posing CBD variances within the 10% acceptable limit
  • The lab test results are availed online in the centralized Testing hub, allowing one-and-all viewership by clients and web visitors, and the reports can easily be located on the site
  • The brand uses organic-certified hemp to manufacture its CBD products, which is quite in order, considering the many ethical concerns surrounding the genetic modification of organisms
  • The farms CBD For Life liaises with to sources its hemp are USDA-certified, ensuring the highest safety standards are observed throughout the growing practices
  • Organic and sustainable farming practices at the hemp farms ensure no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides interact with the extracts, adding to products’ safety
  • The three-step extraction method involving ethanol, distillation, and pressure, which the brand employs, ensures extracts are cautiously removed and no contaminants get to interact with them
  • The Store Locator link on the official website helps clients find stores they can visit and source the products without necessarily buying them online to save on shipping costs, especially when the orders are below the $75 free shipping threshold
  • The free shipping arrangement for orders worth $75 and above helps customers save on purchases
  • Subscribing to the brand’s newsletter helps one get some discounts
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to file claims and receive refunds and exchanges when the claims are approved
  • CBD For Life is one of the few brands that offer refunds and exchanges without questions
  • Focusing on a few product divisions helps the brand offer premium quality products its clients quite appreciate

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the many pros, CBD For Life has its cons it needs to straighten to perform better in the CBD space. For instance;

  • The free shipping threshold of $75 is relatively high and may not be afforded by all clients, especially those living a suboptimal life who might deserve the incentive but cannot make it up there
  • The brand needs to expand its product divisions to feature more products other than topicals and tinctures
  • No CBD formulations but isolates are featured by the brand, which needs to improve

Our Verdict

We were impressed by our review for CBD For Life, a self-care-focused CBD company because the brand has free shipping and money-back guarantee arrangements, the brand uses non-GMO, organic-certified hemp grown in USDA-certified farms to manufacture its products, it conducts rigorous potency and purity 3rd party tests and posts the results on a centralized Testing hub, and ensures premium quality products. Indeed, the brand almost ticked every single box of our review. Nonetheless, there is room for improvement, especially for the free shipping threshold of $75, which may not be attained by all clients who need it and the brand’s sole focus on isolates and self-care products (the lines should feature more CBD formulations and products other than the mentioned ones).

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