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CBD Rethink’s main goal is to create the most effective and high-quality products that are affordable to most consumers. The brand focuses on promoting health and wellness. It has an extensive line of products made from high-quality CBD extracted from a hemp plant. Their products include; CBD Tinctures, CBD Edibles,  CBD Topicals,  CBD Rethink Skin Care, CBD Pet Products, and CBD Gel Capsules. CBD Rethink products are available in independent pharmacies, beauty supply or wellness shops, physicians’ offices, local supermarkets, or grocery stores throughout the USA. You can also buy them on the company’s website.

About the Company

CBD Rethink Company was founded in 2017 and is based in Miami, Florida. The company delivers quality CBD products. The CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. However, the company does not give any information about where it gets its hemp plants from. CBD Rethink is the first CBD company to venture into the skin and beauty market in February 2020.

The company has a well-maintained website, Consumers can easily access the online lab results for individual products on this website. The company has listed all its products on its website, and one can make an order via the website.

CBD Rethink also has effective customer service. They respond within a 24-to-48-hour frame time. Customers can send their concerns online on their website [email protected]  by filling out a form requiring the full name, email, and question. Alternatively, one can call them on 1-888-746-223. Their physical address is 11231NW 20th Street Unit140-195 Miami, FL 33172. They operate from Monday to Friday. All this information is included on the company’s website.

 The company ships free within the USA for purchases above $65. For other orders, the standard shipping fee is $9.99. They ship with FedEx Ground within 3 to 5 working days. Orders placed after 1 pm EST are processed the following day for shipping, and orders placed on Fridays at 1 pm EST or weekends are processed on Mondays for shipping. The company returning policy is a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. They also refund goods damaged during shipping.  

Manufacturing Process

Rethink CBD is a certified grower of the USA hemp plant, but it does not provide information on its hemp fields. The hemp plant is non-GMO and grown in the most natural conditions by avoiding chemicals. When mature, it is harvested and transported to the factory, where it is washed and crushed to make CBD extraction easier.

To avoid contaminating the CBD, CBD Rethink uses CO2 instead of chemicals such as ethanol. The pressurized CO2 draws the desired phytochemicals like CBD from the crushed hemp plant. The extracted CBD is further processed with digestible MCT oil, while the soft gels and tinctures are formulated using Nanoemulsions to make them water-soluble.

CBD Rethink uses independent third-party testing. The lab tests for potency and THC levels for better dosages. The THC should be below 0.3% to avoid overdosing, and the potency levels should be less than 10%.

 Although the hemp plant is grown naturally and organically, the third-party lab also tests for heavy metals like lead. Also, they do a screening for traces of micro bacteria such as fungi, pesticides, or any other solvents and impurities that might not be needed in the CBD. This ensures that the end product is of the highest quality.

The laboratory tests results are uploaded to the company’s website, and the products are assigned batch numbers or QR codes. These codes help customers to access the product’s lab results and other information that might not be available on the product label

Range of Products

Rethink CBD has a wide range of products. Most Rethink CBD products are based on the broad spectrum CBD.

CBD Rethink CBD Tinctures

The CBD Rethink Tinctures are based on the broad spectrum CBD. It’s formulated with MCT oils for easy digestion, it is available in natural and two flavors, and it’s for oral use only. ReThink CBD suggests that for starters, take a dose ½ to1 full of the dropper. The oil is golden yellow, and the natural flavor is not overpowering with no grassy or herbal aftertaste.

ReThink CBD Hemp Tincture oil is available in a 30 ml bottle, and its CBD ranges from 250mg to 3000mg. The 250mg has a potency of 8.33mg/ml, and it goes for $34.99, 500mg has a potency of 16.67and it goes for $54.99,1000mg has a potency of 33.33mg/ml goes for $79.99, 2000mg has a potency of 66.67mg/ml with a price of 149.99, and the 3000mg has a potency of  100mg/ml and a price of $179.99. The price of mg/CBD ranges from $0.06 to $ 0.14

CBD ReThink CBD Edibles Overview


The CBD Rethink Gummies are infused with all-natural ingredients, including the MCT oil that helps indigestion. They are available in assorted fruity flavors such as orange, grapes, and lemon. The gummies are derived from the broad spectrum CBD for oral use only.

There are a total of thirteen different types of gummies in the market, which include; Vegan Mixed Fruit Gummies 750mg, Rethink CBD Gummy Drops 500mg, Rethink CBD Gummy Drops Energy and Focus 1000mg,  Rethink CBD Gummy Drops  Sleep 1000mg,  Rethink CBD Gummy Drops Sleep 10ct 250 mg.


Rethink CBD liquids include organic and organic ingredients, including MCT oil. Mostly they have different tropical and fruit flavors. They are of broad-spectrum CBD and are available only in solution-based options.

CBD Rethink CBD Topicals Overview

 The broad-spectrum CBD topicals are blended with natural ingredients such as; shea butter, essential oils, menthol, and vitamin E. they are for topical use only.

There is a wide variety of Rethink CBD topicals to choose from, such as ReThink CBD Bread oil, hot and cold cream roll-on, massage oil, muscle &joint pump, hemp-derived CBD night cream, hemp-derived CBD vitamin C all-natural face oil, and hemp CBD face dry cream. The price of mg/CBD ranges from $0.1 to $0.24

CBD ReThink Pet Products Overview

These broad spectra, organic pet products are specifically formulated for all pets and are blended with MCT oil to aid digestion. 2mg of the product is for 25lbs of pet weight.

They have the ReThink Beef Flavored CBD Food & Oral Spray for Pets 500mg with a potency of 16.67mg/ml, ReThink CBD Hemp Spray for Pets 250mg with a potency of8.33mg/ml, and the ReThink CBD Hemp Spray 100mg has a potency of 3.33mg/ml. The price of mg/ CBD ranges from $0.09 to $0.2.

CBD ReThink CBD Skin Care Overview

The Rethink CBD skincare is a CO2 extracted broad spectrum beauty topical formulated with MCT oil, in this case, for faster absorption. The CBD is blended with other oils such as olive oil lavender, vitamin E, and tea tree for smoother application.

CBD Rethink Skincare products include; ReThink CBD Bread oil 500mg, Hot and Cold Cream Roll-On 250mg, Massage Oil 250 mg, Muscle &Joint Pump 100mg, Hemp-Derived CBD Night Cream 250 mg. The price of mg/ CBD ranges from $0.1 to $0.23

CBD Rethink CBD Gel Capsules

The CBD ReThink Gel Capsules are broad-spectrum CBD formulated with MCT oil for easier digestion. The company recommends 2 gel capsules per day and1 per serving. The price of mg/ CBD ranges from $0.1 to $0.12.

What we like about Rethink CBD

  • CBD ReThink has a wide range of products catering to different consumer needs.
  • They have an organized and user-friendly website.
  • All of their ingredients are organic and non-GMO
  • Their products are easily available in the markets near consumers and websites.
  • The lab results for their products are all available on its website.
  • The company has flexible shipping and return policies.

What we don’t like about ReThink CBD

  • Their products are based on broad-spectrum CBD, whereas other companies have full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.
  • The company does not offer a veteran discount.
  • They do not give any information on where they source their hemp plants from

Final Verdict

The company is doing impressive work to offer organic products and ensure its consumers only get the best products. The company’s products are highly recommendable, but still, they have to work on a few areas, such as introducing the full-spectrum CBD and isolating CBD products. Also, they need to ensure consistency in their product’s potency levels and reduce their prices.

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