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People have widely used cannabidiol in health and wellness to alleviate chronic pain and anxiety conditions. Since CBD brands are numerous, choosing the best is difficult. Selecting a reputable brand company that manufactures high-quality and safe products is essential. Therefore, we bring you the CBDistillery company that focuses on topical and pet products’ best quality CBD oils. This company’s ratings exceed that of other CBD brands. CBDistillery online company offers a perfect experience from beginning to end. They uphold transparency in product extraction and other important processes. Currently, the CBDistillery brand has established an extraordinary labeling technique intended to clearly and easily show every product’s cannabidiol content. These labels contain company insights concerning the importance of CBD. Its website boasts of the overall quality testing process, from cultivation and extraction to manufacturing and third-party laboratory results. Furthermore, they offer a wide product range, including isolates, oils, topical, and capsules at different price points that favor clients. 

About the Company

CBDistillery brand company was established in Colorado, Denver, in 2016. This company’s founders observed the emergence of the CBD domain as expensive and dominated by poor-quality products. Therefore, they were motivated to establish cheap-priced and best-quality CBD products. CBDistillery brand is highly reputable and claims that cannabidiol (CBD) is an association (#CBDMovement) dominating the world. It values research and boasts of educating its clients concerning CBD, hemp, cannabis, and a broad range of product uses while investing quality time, money, and energy.

The CBDistillery website offers a wide company description and a detailed FAQ portion that addresses most queries regarding sourcing techniques and cultivation activities. Additionally, they provide handy and prompt live chat, contact, and email. CBDistillery brand is greatly honored in the industrial world and has established the cheapest and fastest-growing trademark in the current CBD marketplace and online marketing. 

This company boasts of being an authentic public CBD advocate and still aiming to become the best in the industry. The website and its product tags provide important information for transparency purposes. A foundational slogan of the CBDistillery brand is giving customers the potential to confirm the consistency and quality of each item they choose, detailed information concerning their ingredients, laboratory testing, and labels. Product labels and laboratory results always correspond regarding CBD amount, solvent testing, volume, THC content, and any availability of E. coli, yeast, or residuals. 

Manufacturing Process

CBDistillery brand’s products are obtained from hemp planted in Colorado. The US farmers comply with the highest farming standards for growing quality hemp plants. Additionally, Colorado hemp is reared organically in fertile soils employing the latest organic cultivation techniques. This plant grows faster than marijuana because it has natural pest resistance, uses little water, and grows faster. The hemp plant is versatile and favors the Colorado farmers significantly as it yields greater CBD produce, although it is a non-GMO and organic product. CBDistillery brand confirms that their cannabidiol oils are void of pesticides, and they have obtained laboratory testing to gauge the THC amount. In addition, the full spectrum commodities are assured to contain below 0.3% THC. This brand manufactures a non-THC product line. When the laboratory report and CBD product label were compared, the results rhymed, thus confirming the transparency label for the CBDistillery brand. 

The oil is produced from stalks and flowers during extraction, separating the cannabidiol molecules. High THC is removed from the full spectrum extracts when the process begins, leaving a moderately clean CBD product. In particular, the CBDistillery brand employs the carbon dioxide extraction technique, which gives a consistent and excellent process with no hazardous solvents left in the product. 

CBD or cannabidiol can be full spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate extracts. Isolate extracts offer clean CBD during the manufacturing process. Additionally, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products are THC-free and have flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids present in hemp. Usually, full-spectrum cannabinoids involve cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabidivarin (CBDV), and cannabidiol acid (CBDV). Scientists explain that these cannabinoids function together in a method known as the entourage effect. The full-spectrum extracts provide the benefits of the extra cannabinoids. Terpenes provide mood enhancement and stress relief, whereas flavonoids are strong anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. 

One major challenge with the cannabis market is the flooding of poor-quality products. Some oils lack the dosage or ingredients that they report to contain. In fact, some laboratory tests performed on cannabidiol oils have shown high toxins or THC levels and pesticides. CBDistillery brand has followed specific industry certifications, which increase its credibility.

The company has National Hemp Association (NHA) membership. This association is a non-governmental organization (NGO)acting as a champion and an advocate for tough industrial standards concerning raw hemp processing and cultivation. CBDistillery brand is ISO 9001:2015 approved as a legit company. This certification is not specific to the industry and can be used by anyone desiring a distinguished management system. Furthermore, ISO is the third party, and GMP approved, although non-USDA verified. The company has not explained why they have not followed these verifications previously or conducted it now. Getting such verifications would increase the company’s trustworthiness as a non-chemical hemp grower. This would promote customers’ assurance in their extraction activities. 

CBDistillery utilizes well known third-party laboratory that consistently examines its products. The laboratory used in ProVerde Labs is located in Maine and Massachusetts. ProVerde supports the ideas of CBDistillery concerning several hemp-related products marketed with some or zero cannabidiol (CBD). This laboratory tests CBD purity and tests other impurities such as pesticides, heavy metals, and molds in poor CBD products. Also, ProVerde confirms shelf life, stability, homogeneity, screens for yeasts, fungus, mildew, molds, and different hazardous bacteria, including Salmonella E. coli. The CBDistillery brand company passes through these tests successfully and has established new labels that vividly show the CBD amounts in every product. In addition, each product has a scannable QR code to view independent third-party laboratory results. The overall features assist customers in verifying that the product achieves your quality anticipations.

CBDistillery provides a broad product range, including topical gummies, capsules, isolates, and CBD oils. The gummies are present in fruit taste like raspberry lemon, raspberry, and strawberry. This company’s gummies are kosher, vegan, gluten and allergen-free. They give a non-THC CBD product range and simple variety packs. For instance, the variety pack known as Pettis Fight Pack was fashioned to promote athletic recovery. This discounted bundle pack is for UFC fighters Sergio Pettis and Antony, who depend on CBDistillery products when training and recovering muscles after fighting. 

CBDistillery company provides a broad pet CBD and vape product range. It discounts EMTs, firefighters, police, active military, and veterans. We acknowledge that this action is among the company’s achievements as it has some positive effects on alleviating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. The brand’s endorsements state that all its members have experienced the benefits of CBD. Therefore, the company is striving to propagate its movement. Clients agree that CBDistillery can pride itself on over 26000 confirmed product testimonials and reviews. 

Range of Products

CBD Gummies

CBDistillery cannabidiol gummies give you distinct alternatives, including nighttime and regular gummies with excellent taste. Every bottle has 25 gummies, adequate for one-month consumption. An individual can choose between fruity and sweet flavor CBD gummies depending on their preferences. Fruity flavor fits people who dislike CBD oil’s natural taste. The gummies are available in flavor varieties, including strawberry, raspberry, and raspberry lemon. They are vegan, allergy, and gluten-free. 

CBD Oil Tincture

The CBD oil tinctures are loaded with hemp oil with two variants, full-spectrum, and THC-free CBD. In case you contrast full-spectrum with its THC-free and CBD isolate variants, the oil tincture has a complete hemp extract. Based on this, this product is loaded with every compound contained in the hemp along with THC. CBD oil tincture provides more health benefits, although the available size is only 30ml. Nevertheless, the company can provide you with distinct formulas and potencies.

Pet Products

While consuming cannabidiol products, your cat and dog can also take one. CBDistillery provides cannabidiol pet tinctures availed in two distinct sizes. One has 150mg, while the other has 600mg of CBD. This tincture was established through cold-forced hemp seed oil. Therefore, your pet can consume it daily. 

CBD Isolate

CBDistillery company offers cannabidiol isolate products, an alternative to cannabidiol oil tinctures. This product is available in two distinct choices: CBDelicious 99 percent+ Crystalline and 99+ percent Pure cannabidiol Isolate Crystalline. 99+ percent Pure cannabidiol isolate has an inherent hemp-extracted CBD whose contents were obtained from the stalks and stems of the hemp plant. It contains 99% of cannabidiol when compared with various compounds. Many customers use CBD isolate with MCT oil like coconut oil.

What We Like About the Company

  • The CBDistillery brand generally produces the best quality products.
  • Their products have transparent labeling and a QR code.
  • This company manufactures a wide product range.
  • Every product has undergone independent third-party testing.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • They offer a maximum of $500 on every order.
  • Their UPS Ground delivery takes a maximum of 5 business days.
  • CBDistillery brand is not USDA approved.

Overall Verdict

CBDistillery brand confirms its products before giving them to consumers. It obtains its raw materials from organically grown hemp. They are transparent in their sourcing and manufacturing practices. In addition, their products contain labels that display vital information. Also, this company is highly reputable with high accuracy, potency, and quality products. We urge you to try these products to enjoy their health benefits.

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