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In online marketing, people can create outrageous statements without assurance or proof. Many companies are offering CBD products. Among numerous products manufactured by various companies, some are legitimate and others illegitimate. The challenge is establishing a criterion of differentiating them. The Cibdol CBD company is among the popular CBD brands in Europe. Cibdol’s mission is to maintain the best production standards to ensure quality and purity for its commodities. The longevity of this company indicates that its aim is significantly achieved. In this regard, this company has established various CBD products, including supplements, creams, topical, beauty products, and supplements, fashioned to balance and nourish the body. These products have inherent ingredients and the company uses filtered CBD oil with better standards than black raw oils. Cibdol CBD adheres to the regulated European manufacturing standards. They obtain hemp from organic sources and use carbon dioxide extraction techniques to extract cannabidiol oil from the hemp plant. Also, their response to clients is encouraging, which creates room for others. Cibdol CBD has an informative website, and many features are simple to understand and use. 

About the company

Cibdol CBD brand was established in 2016. The business processes are based in the Netherlands, but their lab is located in Switzerland. This company prides itself on the transparency and accuracy of its products. They use a badge called ‘Swiss Purity,’ also posted on the website. Generally, the company aims at manufacturing safe cannabidiol products that boost human health cannabidiol products. From extraction in the Netherlands to product processing in the Swiss laboratories, the Cibdol brand is dedicated to offering the best quality cannabidiol products. Also, the Cibdol brand is a legitimate European supplier of cannabidiol products since their independent third-party testing is backed up with many verifications. 


The methods and terms of usage, THC content, and cannabidiol quantity per serving are cited on every product. Although the company’s website does not have an FAQ page, Cibdol provides an informative Terms and conditions page. The company also offers a 2 weeks return policy. Every Cibdol product is FSSC22000 verified. This certificate approves the facility as upholding the best product quality and food safety standards. Cibdol CBD products are also certified annually for quality and safety. Most of the company’s practices and products are vegan and halal verified. However, their softgels have animal-related gelatin. The company is transparent and has indicated this information on the softgels. 


The product’s contents and strengths are stated on their labels. On this subject, the heavy metal levels and active ingredients strength is cited with every batch’s independent third-party reports. Every product has less than 0.01 percent THC. Although the website mentions that products are free of microbes, residues, and solvents, this information is missing in Cibdol analysis results. Also, for some COAs analyzed reports, the concentration of the active ingredients was greater than the cited value on their product tags. For instance, considering 230 milligrams of cannabidiol oil, the correct CBD amount as stated by COA is approximately 340 milligrams. The difference between the amount cited on the commodity tag and the COA findings in this product is 47.8 percent, significantly beyond the allowed 10 percent limit. 


Cibdol CBD company is quite new but is shining in the European market. It has a large market and delivers its commodities to a greater part of European countries. The Cibdol CBD website provides details in many European languages. 

Manufacturing Process

Cibdol CBD has linked up with Brightlabs, a self-reliance analytics laboratory, for supplement and food safety and quality. Besides examining their products’ safety, Cibdol and Brightlabs test the soil used to grow hemp. This ensures that every hemp batch grows in a controlled and natural environment. Also, every product batch has an independent third-party examination certificate, implying that the commodity contains the correct active ingredient amounts and has no heavy metals. Cibdol Cbd uses carbon dioxide extraction techniques to obtain cannabidiol oil resident in hemp herb. Unlike other companies, Cibdol puts more effort in the manufacturing process to uphold high product enrichment, purity, and quality. 

The initial carbon dioxide processing is succeeded by CBDA decarboxylation, which escalates cannabidiol strength. After decarboxylation, additional purification occurs, then the terpene enrichment process. These processes yield an admirable pure version of golden cannabidiol oil. However, the website omits the information about the hemp source. When we inquired from customer care, they notified us that the hemp used was obtained from farmers within Europe. The products are grown naturally and void of pesticides and chemicals. When we inquired, customer care did not reveal information regarding the suppliers. Also, the Cibdol CBD brand’s website fails to disclose information concerning the manufacturing process of its products. Instead, they provide a demonstration that indicates the major processes involved. After interrogating their customer care to get more information about manufacturing, they referred us to their website, specifically on a similar page. Despite this, Cibdol uses other processes to improve their cannabidiol oil and decarboxylate CBDA to get a full spectrum cannabidiol product. After the manufacturing process is complete, the batches undergo internal and independent third-party examination to preserve quality. This brand provides a variety of quality full-spectrum cannabidiol products. These constitute a wide range of CBD creams, capsules, oils, various beauty topical, CBN oil, and CBG oil. 

Range of Products


Cibdol CBD brand has standard cannabidiol tinctures marketed from 230 to 3800 milligrams. They also have hemp seed oil-related tincture varieties with full-spectrum cannabidiol and cold-pressed hemp. The final product is a moderate aroma with essential minerals and amino acids. Apart from Cibdol’s cold-strained hemp production, their view on tinctures involves liposomal drops. This brand has modified these drops to improve effectiveness and absorption, an excellent blend for diagnosing combating different symptoms. They also offer an outstanding cumin seed oil obtained specifically from Nigella Sativa. Also, the tincture proclaims essential benefits like improving balance and enhancing well-being. 

Additionally, Cibdol contains oil varieties mixed with CBN and CBFG compounds, escalating CBD’s effects. These combinations include appreciable antioxidants, terpenes, and additional important compounds. The company also offers some varieties essential for pets. In this regard, they provide four and two percent tinctures for dogs and cats. These combinations involve CBDS hefty dose and terpenes for maximum pet stress relief and well-being.  


Cibdol offers a product catalog that clients can use on their bodies. For instance, their beauty products provide choices like anti-aging creams, and night and day cream with cannabidiol for radiant skin. The company also offers lip balms, face serum, hand cream, under-eye gels, and foot cream that allow the clients to develop a consistent skincare routine. Additional topicals include cannabidiol-added creams to alleviate skin concerns and problems. Cibdol lovers can select between the cannabidiol Eczema cream (Zemadol), Acne Cream (Aczedol), and Psoriasis Cream (Soridol). These compounds have different formulations that soothe irritation, inflammation, and itching. 

CBD supplements

Cibdol offers excellent products involving active CBD. These items comprise cannabidiol powder packages that clients can liquefy into any drink like juice or tea. Every pack contains 20 milligrams of cannabidiol. Additional products being marketed include melatonin, meladol, nasal spray, cannabidiol-based formulation, and Cibdol’s cannabidiol healing balm. Meladol controls a healthy sleep rhythm, whereas nasal spray helps with clogged airways and nasal congestion. The heating balm has vanillyl butyl, responsible for soothing and warming stiff joints and achy muscles. The company advises that clients should consider purchasing Cibdol’s cannabidiol with liposomal vitamin C and other products like tinctures. Every bottle is available in 150 milliliters of liquid and ninety milligrams of CBD (high quality). It also contains vitamin C, which contributes to daily relaxation.

CBD Capsules

Capsules are perfect alternatives for people who dislike tinctures. The cannabidiol capsules are availed in multiple potencies like 960, 384, and 1920 milligrams with vitamin D3. Also, these products are available in softgel form and are easy to consume. The softgels have higher effectiveness than their corresponding tinctures, and since they are less bulky and small in size, they qualify for purchase. 

CBD Vape

The Cibdol’s vapes provide an assortment ranging from 500 milligrams/ bottle to 3000 milligrams for an extreme vaping encounter. Vape lovers enjoy their tastes, including mango, mint, and strawberry. Also, Cibdol offers ornaments for vape supporters, including pods and vaporizers. They can also provide bundles for people of each level, whether a connoisseur or a beginner.

What we Like About the Company

  • Cibdol company has a good reputation, and it adheres to European processing standards.
  • It contributes to competition in prices regarding bundle offers and deals. 
  • This company is trustworthy, with more than 17000 encouraging Trustpilot reviews. 
  • Cibdol CBD brand employs extra steps to confirm that the commodities are rich in terpenes and accurate full spectrum. 
  • Cibdol’s website is simple, interactive, and translated into many European languages.

What we Dislike About the Company

  • Cibdol CBD brand does not explain their hemp source completely.
  • The independent third-party reports fail to document residual fungi, microbes, and chemicals’ presence. 
  • They have a restricted return policy because the products should be returned within 2 weeks to qualify for a refund. 
  • The cannabidiol concentration variance between the commodity tags and the COA might rise to 50 percent. 

Overall Verdict

Cibdol gives many varieties of commodities. They avoid using toxic pesticides and heavy metals during manufacturing, improving the quality of their products. Also, the affordability of their items encourages clients to purchase more. Every client interested in Cibdol CBD products should visit the company’s website, which gives plenty of information regarding the brand and the products offered. Cibdol is dedicated to cannabidiol clients’ desires. The brand concentrates on quality and selects the best product. Therefore, we recommend you consider our products and in case of any query, contact us through customer care services or website.

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