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Connecting Furry, Scaly and feathery Friends With Trusted Pet Professionals To Ensure The Best Quality Care

Connecting Furry Scaly and feathery Friends With Trusted Pet Professionals To Ensure The Best Quality Care

Business Name and what it does

House My Pet We are the first to market with a pet business referral site that has all the basic functions to meet the most basic user experience in a pet business directory. Connecting Furry, Scaly and feathery Friends With the Right Pet Professional Services They Deserve!

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Founded by Sheena Evolution, an animal loving entrepreneur on a mission to provide safe options for pet owners when they are looking for a pet care service after first hand experience of going through the stress herself at finding the right care for her dog when she needed it and felt over whelmed by the google searches.

Sheena Evolution is an innovator and entrepreneur with over 20 years in business leadership. She is experienced in all aspects of business formation- operations, finance, management, sales, marketing and business development. She is also a visionary product developer and effective communicator who identifies and leverages assets in her teammates to reach organizational goals.

The challenges the business/market is facing

The official House My Pet digital platform went live in 2020 and with this, Sheena’s mission to provide trusted pet sitting services around the UK fully took action.

However, things didn’t go as planned in the beginning- “Unfortunately, we launched just before Covid so the past two years has been a struggle. My beautiful girl passed away in February 2020, just before I launched too which gave me the worst heartache I have ever experienced. I was close to giving up but I felt I still had a duty of care and a mission to accomplish a sort of legacy for my dog which gave me the energy and strength to push forward my vision for House My Pet”

Having to pivot her business during the Covid crisis to adapt to the new way of living, Sheena created a professional pet business directory where pet business owners in the UK and overseas can virtually showcase businesses and services to their local pet owner community. From fish sitting to dog holistic therapy. The platform was designed to protect pets from rogue carers by connecting pet owners with local reputable pet services. House My Pet is the first to market with a pet business referral site that has all the basic functions to meet the most basic user experience in a pet business directory, where Pet owners can search and engage with trusted pet services locally for FREE. 

Advice to others about business

Over the years, Sheena has learnt that risk and reward in life is her fuel and the ignition, always propelling her towards new opportunities to create and succeed on a grander scale. To truly live the life of an entrepreneur, she needed to focus on where she wanted her energy to flow- by helping animals.

“Now that I understand my true nature, I will never stop taking risks to make my vision a reality. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life, create a life you love by doing the work you love- the most entrepreneurial trait there is: energy and persistence. It conquers all things!” she says.

 Her ultimate goal is for House My Pet to become a household name so then pets are protected and she can then focus on building the Summer Sunshine Foundation, a charity in her dog’s name to protect and shelter abused and abandoned animals world wide by building animal shelters in countries that need it the most. We support Sheena’s mission to protect animals and we hope to see you support the cause too by using or sharing the platform to pet owners and pet businesses to join the pet loving community and help protect our animals.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

 As a pet owner myself I didn’t realise the difficulties of finding a pet sitter until my dog Summer was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She had to have insulin 3 times a day. Usually, she would be with my mum at times when I couldn’t look after her but my mum wasn’t always available. When I searched the internet, it was so difficult to find a pet sitter in my area who was experienced in medical administration and who I felt I could trust. And that is where the House My Pet idea was born.

House my pet it the check a trade for pet businesses. Where pet owners can find trusted pet professionals to match the needs of there pet for free. Our pet business directory covers all types of pets from horses to gold fish. Pet owners can even search for specific requirements such as a dog groomer who is experienced with reactive dogs or a cat sitter who is experience with blind cats.

House My Pet is the first to market with a pet business directory referral site. Our position and philosophy is very close to check a trader and trust a trader. We help pet owners to choose reputable businesses and avoid scammers while also helping pet professionals to grow and promote their business. For further information check out our website

During the pandemic 3.2 million households in the UK alone acquired a pet.  There are now 34 million pets in the UK and the pet industry is booming. The downside is that the demand for pet services is greater than the supply which is why creating a platform that pet owners can search for what they need is more important than ever, it is also a great tool to create more jobs in the pet service industry by encouraging more people to become pet professionals, which will also help economic growth.

Since creating House My Pet we have helped over 1000 pet owners match with pet businesses through our pet community. We have over 13000 members and over 500 pet businesses joining our new directory that has just launched in January 2023 whom are currently creating their profiles on our website.

We have 2 community Facebook groups if you would like to join in our discussions please visit pet sitters and pet owners community for our international group or pet care and pet business support group for our UK group.

I am very proud to have Anuraag Jain as our CTO. Anuraag was the CTO of 2 unicorn businesses Hut group and Bet fair which are now worth billions of dollars. We have a really strong team to get the business of the ground and our marketing strategy is to focus on the Manchester community, then Leeds, Liverpool and then cover the north west eventually branching out across the UK and ultimately overseas.  Becoming a house hold name in the pet community.

We are at the stage now of proving concept through traction and we are looking for our first round of investment is £450k as per our financial plan. The funding requirement is to help with marketing campaigns to scale and grow worldwide by hiring staff and to continue the development of the platform for best user experience and acquiring more businesses to become premium members.

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