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Cornbread is a well-established company offering exclusive organic CBD products to improve health and wellness. It manufactures its products using the organic hemp plant, which is closely monitored during its growth to ensure no artificial chemicals or pesticides are involved in its sustenance. According to the company, it aims to manufacture unique quality products. Before the products are released to the market, the company assesses them using an independent third-party lab to ensure they are 100% organic and contain the required levels of CBD. Cornbread has been approved by BBB, FDA, and USDA. Being certified by the three bodies indicates unquestionable quality. Despite offering quality, the company also regulates its prices to ensure affordability, even for low-income earners. Their line of products includes capsules, tinctures, pet products, gummies, and topicals. Our review unveils significant details about the company, its manufacturing process, the products, and prices.

About the company

The company was established after a long research on the CBD market. Since Jim and Eric couldn’t find quality products within the CBD market, they established a brand to offer exclusive options. When the company was established, its first product was CBD oil (USDA Organic). Since then, Cornbread has been at the forefront of championing CBD products due to their health and wellness benefits. The company is transparent to improve customers’ trust. Also, all its products are tested for purity and potency as a safety precaution.

The website addresses various issues concerning its products, farming activities, and the co-founder’s bios. Locating and comprehending the needed information is easy. Shopping is also straightforward for customers who wish to try out their products. To purchase, click on the “Shop” link on the main menu to access the product catalog. Although the company has a limited line of products, they are manufactured with care and by professionals to meet the highest standards not offered by their potential competitors.

Before adding any product to your shopping catalog, check the product description by clicking on the product of your choice to find out more about it. Some of the things Cornbread has prioritized include the potency range, expected time for shipping, the purpose, flavors, and the ingredients. If you are satisfied with the product, you can add it to your shopping cart by clicking on “add to cart.” Removing products from the shopping cart is also simple. Click on “remove from cart” on the specific product. 

Unlike most companies delivering products within five to seven days, Cornbread’s products are delivered in at most three days. After making payments, we received an email bearing a tracking number and the list of ordered products. We realized the products left their stores the same day using the tracking number offered. Our products were discreetly packed in a brown box and wrapped in various papers. As soon as we received the products, we checked the shipping and return policy. The company suggests that anyone buying from their brand should check the product’s safety upon arrival. Cornbread gives customers 30 days to request a full refund to customers who find their products ineffective. Before returning the products, ensure they are unopened and packed in their original packaging. The refund will be approved within 72 hours if the company confirms its condition.

What’s more, the company offers an extensive FAQ page that handles general concerns about CBD and addresses matters concerning the company. The FAQ page is divided into; company, products, shipping, dosing, benefits, and legal questions. The questions are addressed precisely, direct to the point, and satisfactory. Since not all questions have been addressed, you can also reach them via phone number (502 289-1559), message box, or chatbox. Unfortunately, they have not offered an email or physical address. To assess their support team effectiveness, we reached out via message box concerning their sustainable farming practices to ensure they come up with quality hemp. Notably, our email was responded to within two hours.

Besides, the company also has social media platforms to engage its customers and allow customer interaction. The platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) could also be used for customer service. Since their reputation is a priority, they allow customers to review their company, products, and systems. As we went through the reviews, nearly all of them were positive.

Manufacturing Process

Cornbread brand is certified by FDA, USDA, and BBB and has not received any warnings from these boards for going against their protocols. The company uses organic hemp grown in Kentucky, the third-best hemp producer after Colorado and Oregon. They ensure only sustainable farming practices void of artificial fertilizers or pesticides to avoid contaminating the plant. Unlike most companies using the whole plant, Cornbread CBD only uses flowers in the manufacturing process. Flowers are rich in useful cannabinoids and terpenes, unlike other plant parts. Although the company primarily relies on hemp plant extracts, it also uses other useful organic ingredients blended in the products to maximize effectiveness and quality.

Although most companies find CO2 effective, Cornbread uses the ethanol extraction method to extract useful cannabinoids and terpenes from the flower to ensure they have pure products. In addition, the company tests all its products to ensure they are safe for consumption and contain the stated level of THC and CBD. It has achieved this by using a reputable independent third-party lab (Kaycha Labs). The lab conducts various tests such as THC and CBD levels to ensure they don’t exceed levels set by FDA. The body (FDA) has restricted THC levels to 0.3% and insists that CBD variance should not exceed 10%  for consumer protection. Also, the lab ensures all products are void of contaminants such as heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides. The third-party lab results are posted on the website for customer verification.

Range of products

Cornbread Hemp manufactures gummies, capsules, tinctures, topicals, and pet products. According to the company, all its products are non-GMO and organic. They are manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts. Apart from MCT oil, other ingredients are also blended in depending on the various functions of the products.

Cornbread CBD Capsules

Cornbread capsules are manufactured in full spectrum. They are organic but non-vegan. It uses hemp plant extracts mixed with MCT oil and gelatin to improve digestion speed. The company offers one type of capsule: 25 mg of CBD per capsule. According to the company, they are recommended for oral use only with the aid of your favorite drink or water. They improve sleeping patterns and mental health.

Cornbread CBD Gummies

Like capsules, gummies are also full-spectrum using hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil for easy digestion. The brand manufactures them in various flavors to enhance usage and insists on veganism. One bottle contains 30 gummies, with 10mg of CBD per gummy. According to the product description offered, these gummies improve the state of mind. The company recommends consuming two gummies per day for oral use only.

Cornbread CBD Tinctures

These tinctures have been manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil. Cornbread CBD offers them in whole flower and distilled form. After manufacturing, they are tested for purity and potency levels. All the products have THC levels below 0.3% and are void of contaminants. While the distilled formulation is recommended for the night to improve sleeping patterns, the whole plant is for the day to improve mental wellness. Potency options available are 375mg, 750mg, and 1500mg per package.

Cornbread CBD Topicals

Cornbread offers three topical products; CBD balm, CBD skin lotion, and CBD lotion and menthol. These products contain natural oils, beeswax, and other essential oils for smooth application. They are manufactured using hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil for easy absorption. In addition, these topicals are tested for potency and purity to ensure no harmful chemicals have penetrated the products.

Cornbread CBD Pet Tinctures

Pet tinctures are specifically formulated for pets. They are also in full-spectrum and contain 500mg of USDA organic. The products contain MCT oil and corndog flavoring for safety and easy consumption. They are also tested for purity and potency for pets’ safety. According to the company, the dosage varies depending on the size and age of the pet. They can be administered directly or added to foods.

What we like about the company

  • Cornbread offers pet and human CBD products, which is rare for CBD companies.
  • The company upholds transparency to build consumer trust and ensure that its products uphold safe practices. 
  • Cornbread’s products are on-demand because they are free of contaminants and certified by USDA as organic. The company has also received positive comments from BBB and FDA. All its products are tested for THC and CBD levels. 
  • The company offers specific discounts on its website, and its support team is readily available to offer assistance.

What we don’t like about the company

  • Although their products are of high quality, their prices are above average compared to its competitors offering the same quality.  
  • Cornbread CBD only offers free shipping on orders exceeding $75.

Overall Verdict

Cornbread is preferable for CBD customers who need quality products with accurate potency levels and are void of contaminants. Despite the company being among the recently established brands, it offers quality and a wide line of products, including pet products. However, the company needs to work on its few weaknesses to improve its performance. For instance, they should consider lowering their prices. Also, offering free shipping despite the amount used to make purchases will attract more customers and help it maintain market relevance.  

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