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Custom Dynamics – motorcycle LED lighting

Custom Dynamics - motorcycle LED lighting

Tucked between the backroads of Youngsville, NC, you’ll find Custom Dynamics, an industry leader in after-market motorcycle LED lighting. This year, the company celebrates 20 years! Owner David Pribula reflects on the beginning of Custom Dynamics and how the home-based business has grown into the best-known lighting brand in the motorcycle industry.

Custom Dynamics began as a hobby. David was working a high-level corporate job in the technology sector. He had a passion for motorcycles and enjoyed attending motorcycle events with fellow riders. In the early 2000’s one of the most popular types of lighting for motorcycles was decorative or accent lighting. Small LED pods were placed inconspicuously under the gas tank to illuminate the engine. A variety of colors were offered with wiring to a switch or remote for operation. While attending one of the local events with his motorcycle, David decided to get some lighting installed. Later, he had a hard time finding ways to add to the lights himself. It was this experience that triggered David to find a better way. He put his electrical engineering background to work by assembling complete light kits that the average motorcyclist could install in their home garages. All the components could be purchased at once and additional lights added. After a website how-to book, the Custom Dynamics website was live and the first online order was received December 24th, Christmas Eve 2002.

As online orders increased, it was not long before Custom Dynamics outgrew the home office space and opened its first retail location. The single storefront offered a small retail store with a handful of employees to answer phones and ship the online orders. David and his team pushed the company forward by expanding the product line with a series of asset purchases. These acquisitions ultimately handed Custom Dynamics design and manufacturing capabilities, too. As product offerings included things like LED turn signals and LED taillight replacements, a demand for motorcycle dealerships to carry the products emerged. David knew the next step in growing his company and brand was to take advantage of distribution channels. Drag Specialties is the world’s largest distributor of aftermarket accessories in the powersports industry. In 2010, Custom Dynamics motorcycle LED lights and accessories were now available through Drag Specialties for dealerships and motorcycle shops to stock worldwide.

Throughout these years of growth, David worked alongside an increasing number of employees to provide a high level of customer service. Since day one, the company policy has been to return emails and phone calls before the end of the workday. Fast forward 20 years and the company still upholds the same level of support. Custom Dynamics representatives have tremendous product knowledge. They are ready to advise on fitment and operation. Convenient contact methods are also in place. Those include email, web chat or submitting an online request form. But most customers are still serviced through an old-fashioned phone call. The expectation of this service level is only one aspect of the brand’s reputation. In addition, the high-quality product and lifetime product warranty catapult Custom Dynamics as a leading brand.

Custom Dynamics innovative ProBEAM® premium product line was introduced in 2018. This was the first modern LED light pipe design offered to motorcycle enthusiasts. ProBEAM products utilize the highest-quality, automotive grade components. It also has a unique DOT/SAE design that enhances safety and visibility for the rider. This product line spans motorcycle turn signals, taillights and headlights with offerings for both Harley-Davidson® and Indian Motorcycles®. Most recently, Custom Dynamics introduced the ProBEAM LED Tour Pak Light for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Three LED light pipes replace the stock LEDs on a Tour Pak, providing a brilliantly bright, more attractive look. There are also LEDs on the sides of the TourPak for increased side visibility.

Custom Dynamics has navigated to its 20th anniversary by rooting the company culture in superior product and service. In addition, the motorcycle industry is everchanging with new models each year and evolving trends in aftermarket upgrades. David and his team of engineers allocate a tremendous amount of time and efforts to stay ahead of what customers desire and how they want their motorcycles to look. Looking back just within the last 5 years, chrome finishes were sought after for LED upgrades. Today, motorcycle riders most often desire a black finish on products and a simple, streamline design. Custom Dynamics continually monitors requests from customers and makes strong efforts to ensure a relevant product design that not only looks stylish but also adds the important element of safety.

You can shop Custom Dynamics products through their website. The site is equipped with user friendly features including a Parts Finder where you can enter in the year, make and model of the motorcycle you are shopping for to return a parts list of items that fit. Alternatively, Custom Dynamics brand is offered through local dealerships worldwide. Shoppers can utilize the Drag Specialties dealer locator tool to find local sellers. Customers are also encouraged to utilize Custom Dynamics customer support as a resource for fitment and installation assistance for any of their products.

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