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Damast is a “Doccetteria”, produce and sells handshowers, showerheads, Column set

Damast is a “Doccetteria”, produce and sells handshowers, showerheads, Column set

The history of Damast is closely linked to that of its longest-lived partner, Vifra, a historic company from Invorio (NO) specializing in the design, molding and assembly of plastic materials. It all started with a small artisan business in an appurtenance of the Vicari family’s house in Via Matteotti: it is in those 50 square meters that the foundations of the future Vifra and Damast are laid.

In 1990 Concetta Mastrolia joined the company. Wife of Marino Vicari and strong experience in an important Milanese cosmetics company, Concetta began working for Vifra in 1992, promoting an important dissemination campaign. “There was little knowledge of the material – says Mastrolia – it was important to clarify that we were not a tap company but we dealt with the molding of plastic materials, we had to work on identity, on the culture of molding”.

Subsequently, a new entrepreneurial reality saw the light in 2000 and was baptized “Damast”, the result of the acronym of Dalia, Marco and Stella, the names of the sons of Marino Vicari and Concetta Mastrolia.

The logo is also born with the name, the result of the study of the spiral of the shell, a way to evoke the primordial state of a project and inside the figure of the woman, “mother” and mind of this initiative. 

The trips around the world were important: anticipating the times of “globalization”, they made the difference both for Vifra and for Damast, they made it possible to develop new product solutions, to open sales not only to the Italian market but also to that abroad, in particular to the Middle East and North Africa. And the trips were crucial to having the necessary tools to face with preparation and ride with intelligence “the Chinese wave”.

“We have always worked on the quality of the product, tested and tried in every part and in every step. We also imported from China – Mastrolia specifies – but with knowledge, choosing quality products made in factories where people work in dignified conditions.

Damast is a conscious path made up of important experiences in Italy and abroad, a path that has allowed the company, symbolically reached the age of majority, to be able to separate from the classic taps and fittings, creating a sector in itself, linked to the world. of the shower, a parallel but independent sphere. We are in 2018 and Damast once again gets involved with creativity and irony by promoting the neologism #doccetteria.

The company is part of a structured industrial hub capable of managing an orderly and precise production chain. On its 25,000 square meters of surface there are plants dedicated to production, assembly, quality control; an exhibition showroom; the office building, the nerve center of the company and its internal Style Center and two large logistics warehouses. In addition to the canteen space, the structure also houses a library and a multipurpose room that hosts exhibitions, events, installations, a meeting place between the world of #doccetteria, design and the great passion for art that pervades the company. This large productive citadel is completed by a luxuriant green lung of 2,500 m2, consisting of an orchard and a park planted with trees, hedges and ornamental greenery.

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