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If you need quality CBD products consistently, try Drop of Sunshine. This brand manufactures its products using organic hemp plant extracts alongside other natural hemp. Drop of Sunshine was established by Eric Welch, who used CBD products to improve his health and wellness for over 20 years. Since he understood the significance of the cannabis plant, he wanted to offer better products that would improve people’s health and wellness. Other than using organic hemp plant extracts, he employed a team of medical experts to identify more natural elements depending on their effectiveness. The company has a well-designed website containing current features such as a live chat box and FAQ page. According to the brand’swebsite, its goal is to help you bring out your innermost potential. Also, it has a team of experts at each stage involved in its end products, from the seed level to packaging. Their role is to oversee the product’s operations and ensure safe organic practices and qualities are upheld.

About the Company

The company was established to help people bring out their innermost potential. It has maintained high levels of transparency by posting various activities it engages in to meet quality. The brand was established by an artist, Erich Welch. Although much information has not been offered about him, the website states that he used hemp-based products for over 20 years. This made him discover the significance of CBD products, especially on health. As a result, he wanted to offer better solutions to people who relied on hemp-based products and encourage others to start using CBD products.

The company offers unique products such as vape, tinctures, topicals, gummies, and pets. Most of its products are named depending on their function, making it easier to identify the purpose of the products. Its product catalog is well-defined and easy to use. In addition, the company also offers product descriptions on specific products, making it easier to understand the product, especially for first-time buyers. Adding and omitting products from the shopping cart is quite speedy and straightforward. From our experience as first-time buyers, the company offers a 20% discount. Our order was prompt since the website has the latest features that allow quick payments. After making payments, we received an email from the company with a tracking number and a list of ordered products. Our products were delivered on the third day, discreetly packed.

The company offers a money-back guarantee to customers who don’t find its products effective. It offers 30 days for product effectiveness assessment, and the customers should direct a full refund claim to its support team within the specified time. The company only accepts unopened products in their original packaging. Also, it insists on returning the products on where they came from, not the address given on the website. Upon receiving the products and confirming their condition, a refund is made within five days. Since products can be damaged during shipping, the brand requires its customers to confirm their condition upon receiving them. Suppose they are damaged, exchange claims should be directed to its support team within 48 hours.

As part of reputation checks, we checked whether the brand had received any warnings from FDA or negative comments from BBB, which we did not find. Since the brand is concerned with its reputation and the performance of its products, it offers a review page to help it keep track. The company has proved to be outstanding since it had no negative feedback out of over 1000 reviews. Customers found its products effective and its systems accommodating. In addition, the brand has an Instagram page with over 800 followers to allow customer interaction and keep them informed about its new products.

The company offers a comprehensive and unique FAQ page to help customers understand various concerns without reaching its support team. This page is divided into general CBD concerns, shipping, products, and drop of sunshine questions. Each question has been addressed adequately to help customers, and other interested parties understand the brand better. Besides, the company offers blogs on CBD-related topics. If your needs are not yet addressed, you can contact its support team for more guidance. The company has various contact details, including message box, live chat, email address ([email protected]), phone number (210-236-5555), and physical address (722 West Craig Place San Antonio, TX78212). We reached its support team via email to clarify their farming practices and extraction method as part of the assessment. One of its support teams replied to our email within 24 hours with a comprehensive response. High levels of professionalism were evident in the response.

Manufacturing Process

The Drop of Sunshine is a well-established brand certified by the FDA. The company insists on upholding organic farming practices to ensure its hemp plant is high quality. It discourages chemical fertilizers and pesticides to avoid contamination of the ingredients. Before harvesting, the company ensures its hemp is fully matured. Also, it minimizes wastage by harvesting using the hand-picking method. The company also considered blending in other natural elements such as MCT oil to maximize quality and effectiveness. MCT oil is the brand’ssecond primary raw material in all products. Apart from the organic hemp plant and MCT oil, other natural elements have been factored in to improve the product’s effectiveness. However, before any element qualifies to be among its ingredients, they are assessed for purity levels.

The Drop of Sunshine uses the CO2 extraction method to obtain useful elements from the hemp plant. CO2 is widely used compared to ethanol and other methods because it’s eco-friendly and minimizes the chances of contaminating the products since it’s regarded as “clean.” The crude oil is mixed with MCT oil and other organic, effective elements to maximize quality. The company ensures all its products are manufactured using filtered extracts to prevent heavy metals from penetrating its products.

The Drop of Sunshine tests its products for purity and potency as a safety precaution. It has mandated the responsibility to a reputable independent laboratory. The laboratory ensures it assesses THC and CBD levels to ascertain their variance is within the limit set by FDA. In states where the FDA has legalized CBD products, the THC levels should be limited to 0.3%. Although the body allows potency variance, it should not exceed 10%. The lab also ensures the products exist organically, void of contaminants such as heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides that might have infiltrated the end products.

Range of Products

The company offers unique products manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Its unique products that have also taken the better part of the market include vape products, CBD for the pet, tinctures, gummies, topicals, and capsules.

The Drop of Sunshine CBD Gummies

The Drop of Sunshine offers quality gummies manufactured using CO2 organic hemp plant extracts. In addition, they are manufactured using MCT oil to maximize quality and rapid effectiveness since it’s a maximum carrier of bioavailability. CBD gummies are formulated in various flavors using natural sweeteners. Currently, the company offers its gummies in a pack of 30 with a total potency of 750mg at $19.95. The gummies are recommended for oral use. Theyalso help in improving mental wellness. Unlike other CBD products, CBD gummies are discreet and are easy to carry.

The Drop of Sunshine CBD Tinctures

The Drop of Sunshine manufactures its tinctures using CO2 organic hemp plant extracts. According to the product description offered, they are designed to improve focus. The company suggests 1ml per day and accurately offers market droppers in every serving. Apart from using CO2 hemp plant extracts, they are also manufactured alongside other significant natural elements such as MCT oil. The company uses filtration to ensure its tinctures are void of harmful materials such as heavy metals that might have infiltrated its products during manufacturing. The company recommends oral or sublingual consumption of tinctures. A similar dosage can be added to your favorite foods or beverage.

The Drop of Sunshine CBD Topicals

The company only offers one topical product; joint relief. It is manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil to enhance absorption. As the name suggests, it is manufactured to relieve you from a long day or enhance muscle relaxation after working out. In addition, it is essential for topical use only.

The Drop of Sunshine CBD Vapes

Vapes are manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil. They are offered in different potency levels and flavors to address unique customers’ demands. The company also ensures they are tested for potency and purity.

The Drop of Sunshine CBD Pet Products

The Drop of Sunshine manufactures quality pet products and tests them for purity and potency. Currently, the company is only offering pet tinctures designed to improve pets’ wellness. They help the pet reduce stress due to separation or loneliness.

What We Like About the Brand

The company offers a considerable line of products. It offers pet treats and vape products alongside tinctures, topicals, and capsules. In addition, the company offers information regarding the brand and what inspired itsestablishment. The company offers further information about its other team members contributing to its success. Its products are delivered timely, and its support team is readily available.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although the company has a considerable line of products, its potency and flavors are limited. The company needs to expound on its products. Despite offering product descriptions, some don’t have potency and THC levels.

Overall Verdict

The drop of Sunshine is a remarkable brand manufacturing quality products that can help you improve your health and wellness. It cares about its consumer’s safety by testing its purity and potency levels. Also, the products are manufactured by a team of experts who are also passionate about CBD products. However, the company has a few weaknesses that ought to be addressed to maintain the heat of competition that keeps emerging from well and newly established brands. It should offer lower prices and free shipping to attract more customers by offering quality products.

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