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Dujourbaby: Memory Books Made Online

Dujourbaby: Memory Books Made Online

Dujourbaby is an online baby journaling service – the first of its kind. The company creates custom memory books. Dujourbaby helps moms effortlessly record precious memories, from their baby’s first year, online. Moms get notifications when their baby hits a milestone and in a few swipes, they can seamlessly capture beautiful memories on their phone. Moms can easily upload their favourite photos of their tiny sweetie all in the palm of their hand. 

Dujourbaby journals have been designed with the busy mama in mind. The intuitive prompts and straightforward questions help moms quickly and easily recall memories. 

Dujourbaby offers subscriptions that include full access to the journaling service. Moms can complete milestones at any time. The book includes pages dedicated to pregnancy, birth, welcoming baby, first moments, monthly milestones, first milestones, first occasions and first birthday. 

Best of all, moms can easily order a hardcover printed book at the end of the subscription. The beautiful keepsake contains 46 pages of high-quality silk pages, filled with beautiful memories and photos that moms will treasure forever. 

The Reality of Motherhood 

Dujourbaby was founded by Arpana, a doting new mom. Like many new moms, Arpana was overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list whilst providing non-stop care and attention for her newborn, Tyson. Between playing peekaboo and changing countless nappies, Arpana struggled to find time to jot down memories in Tyson’s baby milestone book. Moments passed, and milestones were hit, yet the pages in Tyson’s memory book remained blank. 

When Arpana was pregnant, she vowed to religiously write in the baby memory book and record every precious moment to ensure those beautiful memories would never fade away. Arpana would often pull out the beautiful (yet clunky and heavy) baby journal at the start of the day, with every intention of adding entries to the book. But in reality, when her sweet newborn was fast asleep, putting pen to paper was the last thing on her mind. Instead, Arpana would opt for a well-earned rest, putting her feet up on the couch, and getting some shut-eye before the coos of her baby would jolt her into action again. 

Funnily enough, although Arpana was constantly on the go, she did manage to find time to post adorable snaps of her newborn on Instagram or share progress updates with her friends and family. It soon dawned on her, that whilst moms may not have the time to pull out the clunky baby book to record memories, they do find moments throughout the day to share stories about their newborn, in a few clicks, on their phones. Moms always have access to their phones – whether it’s scrolling on socials while they are feeding their cherub or chatting on the WhatsApp mother’s group whilst rocking their sweetie pie to sleep. 

In fact, instead of handwriting memories in Tysons’s baby milestone book, Arpana found herself starting to record memories on the notes app on her phone, with the intention of transferring them to Tyson’s baby book at a later date. She also starred her favourite photos of her little boy on her phone, with the hope of printing the images at a photo kiosk and sticking them to the book. However, as suspected, Arpana never quite got around to transferring the notes from her phone to the baby book or printing the photos saved on her phone – the items simply remained a pending task on her to-do list. 

Regrettably, Arpana ended up with an empty baby memory book, with missing photos and blank entries. Overwhelmed with ‘mom guilt’, she knew there had to be another way, as she acknowledged that scribbling memories in clunky baby journals was inconvenient and old-fashioned. 

The Birth of Dujourbaby 

Eager to validate her hypothesis, Arpana conducted market research to better understand the problem. She connected with friends and family and soon discovered that the problems were shared across the group – new moms were simply too busy to write memories in their baby’s memory book and they felt extremely guilty about it, with great concern that the memories would fade away. 

Speaking to new moms gave Arpana the confidence she needed to work on building a solution. After researching options in the marketplace she discovered, to her surprise, that a simple and easy option for moms was non-existent. 

This led Arpana to start mapping out ideas and building business plans on her mobile (often whilst feeding her baby in one hand). She worked on the fundamentals, including creating a product roadmap and building a marketing plan. Before launching Dujourbaby, Arpana spent a great deal of time testing workflows and processes to minimise bottlenecks. When it was finally time to put everything on the line and launch Dujourbaby, she was filled with a mix of excitement and anxiousness. However, relief kicked in soon enough, as the initial response to the MVP was better than she anticipated. 

Moms showed interest quite quickly and it became obvious that they were in dire need of a custom baby book solution that allowed them to effortlessly capture memories with a few clicks of the thumb. 

The Evolution of Dujourbaby

Since the initial launch of the MVP, the business has grown rapidly, with the word spreading across mom groups. The audience type purchasing Dujourbaby subscriptions has evolved from the initial target customer of new moms to other segments. The company is seeing new interest from moms who never got around to completing a first-year memory book for their babies. In fact, many moms are now backfilling entries and building a baby keepsake book for their grown-up walking, talking toddlers. 

There is also a growing interest in baby shower gifts, as experienced moms see value in the idea and are keen to share the wisdom with expectant moms. As a result, Dujourbaby now offers a baby shower gift voucher package to fulfil the new demand. 

Dujourbaby has also launched new book designs following feedback from their customers for more motifs. They now offer Nordic Noir, Baby Blue, Pretty in Pink and Boho Chic book designs. The balance of gender-specific and gender-neutral books is a response to market needs. 

Dujourbaby has also diversified the page layouts of their memory books. They are offering customers more flexibility over the mix of images and text on the pages, after receiving feedback from their customers. Customers now have the option of changing the layout of the page to a design that can either accommodate more or fewer pictures of their bubba, depending on their needs. 

All in all, Dujourbaby has evolved since its launch. Every business change is a direct result of customer feedback. Dujourbaby is committed to listening to its customers and upgrading the solution to meet their needs. During every stage in the customer journey, Dujourbaby offers the opportunity for customers to submit feedback – either good or bad. They take each response very seriously. 

With Success Comes Challenges 

Like all start-ups, Dujourbaby has faced its fair share of challenges in the market. The baby market is filled with competition. Although the direct competition to Dujourbaby is minimal, due to their unique offering, the indirect competition is staggering – the baby market size is a gigantic USD 225.47 billion. For Dujourbaby, competing for the attention of moms in an aggressive marketplace is an ongoing challenge. 

Moms are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to help them in their role as demanding mothers, so it’s no wonder that businesses are eager to enter the baby market. However, there is an abundance of products available – many of which are non-essential. 

As a new mom, it can be difficult to sift through the products and identify the good from the bad. Furthermore, pregnant women often get lost in wishful thinking, with unrealistic expectations of what the day-to-day will be like when the baby arrives, which often results in misleading purchases. For instance, many expectant moms look forward to crafting beautiful baby memory books, filled with printed photos and magical handwritten entries. However, in reality, as Dujourbaby has proven, moms are too busy to pull out the clunky baby books and write memories – the to-do list is never-ending! 

Its challenges like these that Dujourbaby is overcoming through a paradigm shift. Their value proposition and messaging are centred around encouraging moms to approach a new way of thinking when it comes to capturing memories from the fleeting newborn stage. 

Dujourbaby focus on solving the problem that many moms are facing – helping them easily record memories before they start to fade away. They are building awareness and educating moms about the importance of capturing those oh-so-precious memories now, in a seamless and simple way. 

Whilst the motherhood journey can be an overwhelming and exhausting one – Dujourbaby is helping moms tick one item off that list, to ease the load. In return, moms are so grateful to have found a solution that helps them preserve the precious and invaluable memories of their baby’s first year of life and are grateful to have a beautiful baby journal that they will cherish forever.

The Path Ahead for Dujourbaby 

Dujourbaby has been focusing on expanding the business to keep up with the growing demand in the marketplace. They are launching self-serve software in the coming months, to provide moms with more control, flexibility and customisation options. 

The company are also looking into launching a new range of products for the toddler years, following feedback from customers, since many moms want to continue capturing memories, past the first year of life. The new range will include milestones specific to the toddler age group. 

Words of Wisdom from the Founder 

The founder of Dujourbaby, Arpana, has some simple, yet important advice for her fellow entrepreneurs. In her experience, the best feedback is at a business’s fingertips. Arpana recommends finding ways to listen and learn from customers. She believes that finding ways to collect feedback and learn from the market is essential to building a product or service that is solving a problem. 

“Whilst it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of the business, the fundamental reason entrepreneurs should start a business is to solve a problem. If the problem doesn’t exist, it becomes very challenging to sell the idea,” says Arpana.  

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