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Cravings can be the hardest to control, especially if one uncontrollably yearns for unhealthy foods. Fortunately enough, planning your meals ahead, distancing yourself from cravings, and knowing your cravings are effective methods for fighting the unhealthy passion.

Carvings refer to an uncontrollable desire for something, especially food. Indeed, cravings are the worst enemies of any dieter’s success because they jeopardize the quest. As such, losing weight and keeping it just where you want it becomes crazily hard. However, there is good news about all this. You can overcome cravings for unhealthy junk and highly sugared foods, especially if you want to. For instance, have you thought about understanding what causes your cravings, say stress, eating proper meals, drinking enough water, and planning your meals ahead? These are just but a few effective tactics to successfully fight cravings. Keep reading this write-up to find your hacks for overcoming food cravings.

i.                    Know your cravings

The very first solution to a problem is understanding it. The same applies to food cravings, especially for unhealthy picks and highly sugared foods. If you have to overcome such cravings, you got to understand which foods whose desires you barely can control. Doing this will help you take practical steps to avoid cravings. Is it fries, pizzas, sausages, or anything of the kind that you cannot resist? Let’s start there.

ii.                 Take note of what causes your cravings

As we all know, we can only solve an issue at hand by getting to its root cause. Likewise, you can only overcome your food cravings if you understand what causes them perfectly. You might have understood the foods whose desires you cannot overcome, but can you really tell what drives the cravings? That’s the next business of the day. Could it be a sleepless night or anxiety? If you know the root cause, you will definitely break the ice from its bottom.

iii.               Fight stress

Fighting stress could be part of point number two, but it is strong enough to stand independently. Have you ever thought about how stress can take a toll on a person? When it reaches its climax, it can go as far as affecting your eating patterns. For instance, some people manage their stressors by yielding to cravings, especially unhealthy processed foods. When they are stressed, that’s when they take all the junks you can think about and claim to feel better afterward. How falsifying this is! On the contrary, if you manage stress by fighting it well before it overwhelms you, it will unlikely lead you to yield to unhealthy cravings.

iv.               Drink enough water

This may sound off the topic, but it is definitely a hack for fighting unhealthy cravings. More often than not, we rush to eat something when we feel thirsty. What’s the point? We pointlessly confuse thirst for hunger, leading to yielding to cravings. How about drinking enough water? Doing so whenever you feel thirsty leaves you feeling pretty full and more ready to fight cravings.

v.                  Eat properly

If you are serious about overcoming unhealthy cravings, you have to eat and eat properly. Sadly, people have poor eating habits that turn against them, making it hard to avoid cravings. For instance, are you overly obsessed with your weight that you fear gaining extra weight every time you want to eat? Such conditions may compel one not to eat or eat and purge himself afterward. As such, you will likely feel hungry for the rest of the time, predisposing you to unhealthy cravings. Make it a habit to keep your food proportions modest while at the same time eating to fullness. Remember, an empty sack cannot stand; you have to eat well to hold up for long.

vi.               Increase your protein intake

Proteins are a well-known component of our diet, especially because they help build and strengthen muscles and form the largest portion of the cells and human skin. Still, proteins are the best foods for controlling hunger and cravings. There is nothing as feeling as eating protein-rich foods. As such, you need to boost your protein intake if you want to be serious about controlling your cravings, losing weight, and keeping it just on point. Besides, science-backed studies have confirmed that taking more proteins, especially in the morning, can effectively help one keep full and fight cravings.

vii.             Distance yourself from the cravings

Did you know that distancing yourself from unhealthy cravings can also help you back off the latter? As hard as it may sound, it is not impossible. In fact, it is as easy as switching off a thought that you don’t want to focus on. Have you ever thought about a certain topic and realized that you don’t want to pay attention to it? Do you remember how fast you backed off from the thought? You can apply the same when you start craving some unhealthy foods. Remember, this can only work well when you understand your cravings and what drives them.

viii.          Plan your meals ahead

This suggestion may sound less practical, but it will definitely help you fight unhealthy food cravings. When you clearly know when to eat what, chances of uncertainty and spontaneity are reduced. On the contrary, having no clear plan leaves every loophole for cravings and room for eating one unhealthy food after the other. If possible, plan your meals for the entire week. Doing so over the weekends not only helps you avoid cravings but also makes it easy to stick to a budget and spend wisely on what you need.

ix.                Avoid getting yourself overly hungry

People are so obsessed with weight loss that sometimes they get themselves overly hungry. Overstretching yourself beyond your elastic limit (what your body can comfortably hold) creates every room for cravings. Therefore, you can try to stock ready-to-eat healthy snacks so that whenever you feel hungry, you have something to go for. Meanwhile, keep everything healthy, including such ready-to-eat snacks, to not jeopardize your weight loss quest.


Food cravings are every dieter’s biggest enemy. This is because the craving for unhealthy foods makes it difficult to lose weight and keep it just where you want. This article shares some effective tactics for fighting cravings. They include but are not limited to understanding your craving, knowing what drives them, fighting stress, eating properly, drinking enough water, and planning your meals ahead.

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