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This company was established to offer quality products that address people’s health and wellness. It uses organic hemp, among other natural elements, to manufacture its products. Its products are formulated using various natural elements, which are effective. FDA and USDA have accredited Endoca as legal growers of organic hemp and manufacturers of hemp-based products. Before the company was established, a lot of research had been done to ensure the quality and safety of its products was fully attended to. All its operations from farming, processing, testing, and packing are done within the USA. The company practices regenerative farming practices to avoid contaminating its hemp. It monitors its farming practices from the seed and preventsartificial fertilizers and pesticides until it is ready for harvesting. Endoca uses the CO2 extraction method to obtain useful elements from the hemp plant for further processing. CO2 hemp plant crude oil extracts are blended with specific elements such as MCT oil to manufacture tinctures, topicals, capsules, and edibles. Although this companyhas a limited line of products, its raw CBD tinctures are among the top-selling CBD products.

About the Company

Endoca was established by Henry Vincent, who was interested in hemp-based products after traveling globally to research the best organic medicines. During his world visits to research various hemp-based medicinal solutions, he realized hemp-based products were in high demand due to their effectiveness. Before establishing this brand, he researched the best manufacturing methods to craft hemp-based products. Since he wanted to offer organic solutions, he thought it was wise to have his hemp farm closely monitor the farming activities and ensure chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used during hemp sustenance.

Since Henry Vincent aimed to offer quality products and educate people on their effectiveness, he developed a website to sell his CBD products. The website has current features that make navigation much easier. It has outlined various activities regarding its practices to uphold the highest transparency levels. Although it does not stateits team members, it has offered adequate information regarding its founder and how the company came to existence.

The company guarantees its customers quality products that would yield rapid effectiveness. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all the products to customers who don’t find the products effective as stated. However, unlike most companies that offer 30- or 60-days money-back guarantee, Endoca offers 14 days. In addition, it requests calls upon all its customers to confirm the product’s condition upon arrival since they might be damaged during shipping. Suppose the products have been damaged, a complaint should be channeled to the support team within 48 hours requesting a replacement. A full refund is approved only on unopened productsin their original packaging. The company also insists that the products be addressed from where they come from and not the physical address on the website.

The company has a FAQ page that addresses the most common concerns for customers who have issuesregarding their products or any other concern. Its FAQ page is uniquely designed to accommodate over 100 questions and responses. It is divided into parts depending on concerns; general, products and definitions, comparisons, effects, uses and benefits, dosage, orders and delivery, and reward & referral programs. We went through various concerns, and we responded adequately.

If your concern has notbeen addressed on the various links offered and the FAQ page, you can contact its support team for clarification. On its contact page, it has offers a message box, physical address (Endoca USA 1521 North Argonne Road, Suite C356 Spokane Valley, WA 99212), phone number (+1-619-831-0156), email ([email protected]), and a live chat. Since it aims to offer quality CBD products worldwide, it has its headquarters in Japan. It offers addresses and emails for its Japan and Europe/Global inquiry. Its support team is readily available and accommodating. Our concern regarding its COA reports and lab results via live chat was responded to a few minutes with a comprehensive response. The support team member addressing our concern was accommodating and uphold professionalism.

The company offers a well-designed product catalog that makes it easier to identify products. It has divided the products according to their formulations; topicals, capsules, tinctures, and edibles. Each product offers a product description that allows new customers to understand what itentails. Some product descriptions include ingredients, how to use the products, lab results, dose, and the price. Adding and removing products on the shopping cart is straightforward since it’s done promptly, without any suspicious activities. We ordered a few products that were delivered the following day, which was a plus forthe company. The products were discreetly packed, withQR codes provided on each label.

Manufacturing Practice

Endoca is a legal grower and manufacturer of hemp-based products. The company uses organic hemp plants to formulate its products in full-spectrum, among other natural elements. Some of the useful natural elements are beneficial to CBD products because they speed up digestion or absorption of topicals. Most of its elements have been approved by its medical team, and they are responsible for bringing more effective natural ingredients depending on the purpose of the product. Endoca gets its organic hemp from its farm in Denmark, ensuring only regenerative farming is practiced. The company uses a fully matured hemp plant since it contains more elements. It prefers using the hand-picking method during harvesting to avoid wastage.

Before crafting, the company extracts useful terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant, which qualifies to the end products. The advanced CO2 extraction method used by the company is to help them maintain clean products and a healthy environment. Although CO2 is expensive, it’s more effective than ethanol.

Each batch is assessed for purity and potency as a safety precaution. Since most CBD companies have been losing customers for giving wrong CBD potency variance, the company stresses on accurate lab results to ensure its customers feed on accurate information. Although the company doesn’t have a centralized lab, it uses a reputable independent lab to affirm CBD and THC levels. The lab ensures the products contain labeled CBD levels. In addition, it ensures THC levels don’t exceed 0.3% as required by FDA. The lab is responsible for affirming that all its products are void of contaminants that might harm consumers’ health rather than offering a solution. After testing, the results are posted on the website on an independent link and QR codes provided on each product for consumer affirmation.

Range of Products

Endoca CBD Tinctures

The company offers its tinctures in two strengths; regular and extra strength. They are manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil’s rapid effectiveness. The regular strength contains 300mg, while extra strength contains 1500mg. Although they are offered in two potency levels, they are served in a bottle of 30ml. The company ensures they are safe for consumption throughheat filtration to remove any wax infiltrating them during manufacturing. They are also assessed for potency and purity to ensure CBD and THC levels don’t exceed 10% and 0.3% variance, respectively. According to the product description offered by the company, they can be administered orally, sublingually, or added into beverages or foods.

Endoca CBD Capsules

Endoca capsules are the best due to their convenience. They are vegan and are crafted using CO2 organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil to maximize absorption since theoil is a maximum carrier of bioavailability. In addition, they are offered in regular and extra strength and are formulated to minimize crippling and chronic pain. The company recommends one capsule per day, administered with pure water or a non-alcoholic beverage.

Endoca CBD Gummies

Endoca CBD gummies are formulated using organic hemp plant extracts with MCT oil to enhance rapid effectiveness. Thesegummies are convenientforcarrying and administering. They are also vegan, with each gummy containing10mg and offered in a pack of 30. They are designed with various ingredients to reduce pain and improve mental state during work. Endoca recommends at most three gummies a day.

Endoca CBD Topicals

Endoca topical products are formulated using organic hemp plant extracts. They are vegan and contain a considerable amount of MCT oil to allow easy absorption by the skin. Despite offering health and wellness topical products that will relax your muscles after a long day, they also have beauty products to make your skin glow. After being crafted, they are tested for potency and purity to ensure safe usage.

What We Like About the Company

As most companies focus their market within the USA, Endoca is going for the entire world. Its primary aim is to offer quality CBD products at affordable prices globally. In addition, the company was established afterthorough research on the best natural health and wellness solutions globally. Thisindicates that its primary aim is not making profits but rather offering people permanent health solutions. The company helps its customers understand the significance of using plant-based medicine.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Endoca has a limited line of products that blocks out other CBD users who prefer products such as vape. Also, pet products have become famous, and various companies are using them as an added advantage over the competitive CBD market, which it doesn’t offer. According to market trends, most companies offer free shipping despite the minimum amount used to make purchases. However, this company offers free shipping on orders exceeding $74.

Overall Verdict

If you need quality products consistently, try Endoca CBD products. Their products are manufactured by experts who prioritize quality and safety. This is achieved by practicing regenerative farming techniques, using minimum chemicals during manufacturing, and testing its products before they are released to the market. However, the company needs to offer more products, such as pet products,and consider offering free shipping to have an advantage in the CBD market. Although the company has a few weaknesses, none concerns the quality of the products.

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