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Envy CBD is a California-based farm-to-table company with a relatively extensive CBD inventory with pet products, bath bombs, tinctures, capsules, gummies, and topicals. It sources its hemp from Oregon, Minnesota, and Colorado and has its headquarters in California’s El Monte. Currently, it is not FDA-certified, but it practices organic farming and hemp extraction and manufactures its CBD products in a cGMP-compliant facility. While it boasts an extensive CBD inventory, its average price point of $0.40 per mg CBD is higher than the market averages and what other cGMP-compliant brands offer. It diligently conducts 3rd party purity and potency tests, but the latter and not presented in a manner that allows clients to judge CBD variances for various products. Moreover, it does not include batch numbers on the online results, making it impossible to tell whether the product you have was or was not 3rd party tested. Here is everything you need to know about Envy CBD.

About the Company

Envy CBD boasts being a farm-to-table CBD brand, which controls all the processes from hemp breeding to packaging CBD products. The brand has its headquarters in El Monte, California, but it uses hemp from Oregon, Minnesota, and Colorado to produce CBD products. Unfortunately, Envy CBD’s website does not reveal when the brand was launched, who is behind it, and who makes up its team. Still, the product pages are detailed and offer sufficient information about using the product, storing it, the ingredients used to formulate it, and the CBD extraction method used. Moreover, the FAQ section of the website is comprehensive and answers basic CBD questions and concerns related to the brand. Envy CBD offers multiple methods to reach its customer care desk, including an email address, a phone number, a physical location address, and an instant messaging feature. The brand also boasts a wide range of ethanol-extracted full-spectrum CBD products, including capsules, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and pet items.


The following specs are true to Envy CBD;

  • USA-sourced hemp
  • Organic farming practices in the hemp farms
  • The average price point is $0.40 per mg CBD
  • Extract consumption methods include tinctures, capsules, bath bombs, pet products, edibles, and topicals
  • 3rd party potency and purity testing
  • Non-GMO, organic hemp
  • cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities
  • Not FDA-certified
  • A certified chemist formulates the CBD products
  • Comprehensive product pages and an FAQ link
  • Discount for first-time buyers
  • Special discounts for military veterans, teachers, seniors, fast-responders, and medical personnel
  • CBD products cost $14.99 to $129.99
  • Extract feature full-spectrum CBD formulations
  • The ethanol extraction method strips CBD from the hemp surfaces
  • Shipping takes 2 days

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is directly proportional to the quality of the final products, ultimately determining whether a brand will maintain its loyal customer base and expand it or lose it. Consequently, CBD brands that want to succeed in the CBD arena choose hemp quality well and opt for sustainable growing practices that conserve the environment and limit chemical, solvent, and pesticide usage. This is true for Envy CBD, which is currently not FDA-certified for organic practices but applies sustainable organic methods in growing its Colorado, Minnesota, and Oregon hemp.

Buying Experience

We loved and appreciated our buying experience on the Envy CBD website. The page is easily navigable, and clicking on a product opens a page with sufficient information about the product, including potency, usage, effect, dosage, ingredients, and storage information. The Shop button opens a dropdown with the various categories of goods in the inventory, including gummies, capsules, topicals, pet products, bath bombs, and tinctures. The shopping experience is intuitive and involves picking your favorite products and adding them to the cart. Once done, you check out, and the online calculator establishes how much you will pay. Envy CBD offers various discounts for first-time buyers, fast responders, seniors, medical personnel, military veterans, and teachers, and you can unlock these by following the instructions offered on the website. Besides, any order worth any value comes with free shipping, and you only need to fill in the form with billing details and physical location address for the order to be processed. It is noteworthy that the brand does not have a money-back guarantee that gives clients full refunds on any grounds but does allow a 30-day span for returning products.


Envy CBD ticks our boxes for transparency. The FDA does not regulate CBD production, but cannabis regulations require CBD-producing brands to conduct rigorous 3rd party tests as the only way to confirm that potency details indicated on the labels match the actual contents and that the CBD products are free of contaminants. It is commendable that Envy CBD tests all the products in its inventory for THC and CBD potencies as well as purity for standard contaminants, including heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbials, residues, and solvents, and posts the results online. Still, lab results lack batch numbers, making it impossible to match the product with its lab results.


Envy CBD does fairly well in ensuring the accuracy of its lab results. For instance, we accessed the 250 mg Orange Tinctures and noticed that the actual CBD content was 260.14 instead of the 250 mg indicated on the labels. This left a 10.14 mg CBD deviation and translated to a 4% variance, which is below the 10% acceptable limit. Still, lab results do not have batch numbers, making it impossible to track products’ lab results online. Besides, all items had less than 0.3% THC, which is the acceptable threshold by the 2018 Farm Bill.

Manufacturing Process

Envy CBD is a legal US hemp grower that sources hemp from farms in Oregon, Minnesota, and Colorado to use at its California manufacturing facilities. Although the brand is not FDA-certified for organic practices, the mentioned farms practice sustainable organic farming to grow their non-GMO, organic hemp. Envy CBD controls all the processes from growing hemp, processing it, extracting CBD oil, and formulating CBD products. It mentions that it uses proprietary hemp plants but does not mention the benefits of such plants.

Once hemp is harvested and moved to the cGMP-compliant facilities, ethanol extraction is used to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces, resulting in full-spectrum CBD products. The brand uses MCT oil to formulate the products, making them more bioavailable in the body. The next stage is 3rd party testing run by Botanacor or CannaSafe Labs to ensure that CBD products are contaminant-free and that the THC and CBD potencies indicated on the labels match the actual contents, and the results are posted online. After this, the products await orders.

Range of Products

The following are the products in Envy CBD inventory;

i.Envy CBD Tinctures

Envy CBD’s tinctures come in 30 ml with various CBD concentrations, including 250, 500, 1000, and 1500 mg. They feature full-spectrum CBD formulations, are ethanol-extracted, and have hemp and coconut MCT oils as the base. They are taken orally or sublingually and are sweetened and flavored naturally with stevia.

ii.Envy CBD Gummies

The brand offers two types of gummies; the original and sour versions, both in full-spectrum formulations. They come in a bottle of 20 counts, each delivering 10 mg CBD. Moreover, they have gelatin, making them vegan-unfriendly. However, they are naturally flavored and sweetened and are strictly taken orally for nutritious and discreet uses.

iii.Envy CBD Capsules

Envy CBD capsules come in a pack of 10 counts, each delivering 25 mg CBD. They are formulated with full-spectrum CBD and have a gelatin coating, making them unfriendly for vegans. The 10-count capsule pack costs $39, revealing an average price point of $0.14 per mg CBD.

iv.Envy CBD Topicals

Envy CBD has a topical line with various skin, face, and body products. They are strictly applied smoothly on the external surface to realize the health benefits of CBD. Moreover, they feature additional ingredients, including essential oils, to augment CBD roles. They include lotions, creams, face masks, balms, and soothing oils

v.Envy CBD Roll-Ons

The roll-ons feature 100 mg full-spectrum CBD in 10 ml bottles. You can apply them topically on the pressure for comfort. They feature varieties, including Relief, Immunity, Focus, Sleep, and Breathe.

vi.Envy CBD Bath Bombs

Envy CBD deals in 6 oz CBD bath bombs with 50 mg full-spectrum CBD. These bombs have additional ingredients, including kaolin clay, coconut, and essential oils. You can enjoy them in three varieties; Serenity, Peace, and Comfort.

vii.Envy CBD Pet Products

The brand offers a pet product line with CBD tinctures and dog treats. Both have full-spectrum CBD and are flavored with either natural or synthetic bacon. The dog treats come packed in 20-counts, each delivering 5 mg of CBD, while the CBD tinctures feature 250 mg of CBD in 30 ml bottles.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing Envy CBD, we appreciated the following aspects;

  • The company is diligent in conducting 3rd party tests to confirm the absence of contaminants in the products and ensure the THC and CBD potencies on the labels match the actual content
  • Although Envy CBD is not FDA-certified for organic practices, it is following organic guidelines in growing hemp and extracting CBD oil from its surfaces
  • Producing CBD products in a cGMP-compliant facility means the brand upholds high safety standards throughout the manufacturing stages
  • Using the clean and safe ethanol extraction method to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces efficiently mines CBD and other versatile compounds
  • Envy CBD ships orders within 2 days, which is extremely fast
  • The product pages and FAQ links are comprehensive
  • The CBD products are formulated by a certified chemist
  • The brand offers multiple means to reach its customer care desk
  • Envy CBD boasts a fairly large CBD product inventory, featuring bath bombs, capsules, tinctures, gummies, topicals, and pet products
  • The brand offers several discounts for fast responders, first-time buyers, seniors, teachers, medical personnel, and military veterans

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the many perks, Envy CBD has a long way to go because of the following kinks;

  • Envy CBD does not offer a money-back guarantee, meaning that dissatisfied clients cannot get full refunds
  • The online results lack batch numbers, making it impossible to match them with the respective products
  • The website does not reveal a lot of information about who founded the brand or who makes up its team
  • Potency test results are presented in such a manner that judging CBD variance becomes challenging
  • The $0.40 per mg CBD price point is higher than the market averages
  • The brand does not use discrete packages when shipping orders

Our Verdict

Envy CBD offers a wide assortment of CBD products, ships all orders free, offers clients various discounts, and processes its organic hemp in the cGMP-compliant facility. Besides, it conducts 3rd party tests and uploads the results online. However, it needs to include batch numbers in the online results to make it easy for clients to match them with products. Moreover, its average price point of $0.40 per mg CBD is high, and its packages are non-discrete. Improving these areas will help the brand perform better in the CBD arena.

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