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FIGA Digital – design and build websites, logo & branding, flipbook brochures, animated clips, and videos

FIGA Digital - design and build websites

Our company name is FIGA Digital, and we are a perfectly put together team of creative, technical & analytical digital experts. 

Concept behind the brand name FIGA  

FIGA is made up from the first letter of the CEO Jon Hale’s four children, and we asked our creative team to come up with our logo. In 2022, we added the peace symbol, as a support for peace given the break-out of war. 


Our clients range from bespoke furniture manufacturers and fitters, exclusive Alpine Chalet rental, through to RICS Chartered Surveyors.

 They operate within the SME market within the UK, France, and parts of Europe.


 We design and build websites, logo & branding, flipbook brochures, animated clips, and videos. We also provide analytical services through setting up and managing professional PPC and expert SEO as well as data analysis. 

We have perfected our own method of obtaining new leads and sales for our clients, through combining data analysis from PPC, analytics & an effective SEO strategy.

By combining our digital, accountancy and business skills, we analyse data and find ‘gold’ to create new leads and find clients.

Digital Service Provider V Agency  

Launched in 2014 by a group of experienced digital service providers, together we provide digital services, across design, development, technical and analytical skills.

We started the business to provide honest, value-for-money, professional and on-scope digital and creatives services for the SME UK market.

We are a Digital Service provider and don’t farm out work like an agency. This allows us to properly puzzle together the digital needs for your business.

Jon Hale 

Jon, our founder, was born in Sendai Japan, and came to the UK at the age of 11. He started his digital career around 20 years ago within the festival business, where on-line ticketing exploded.

In addition, he creates and runs bespoke Google Ads campaigns to increase client sales, provide expert organic SEO services to improve search engine optimization and implement website user experience improvements. When required, he’s often seen in the backend of WordPress where he builds, and project manages new website builds & website re-skins.

Jon has been in business for over 30 years and during that time he has undertaken four successful IPOs on the AIM Stock Exchange within the leisure and hospitality sector where he held a variety of full-time executive roles CFO and COO.

Ten Years in Business 

We are proud to be in our 10th year of being in business! Built on strong client care & service values along with competitive pricing, we have grown steadily and are focused on servicing our client’s requirements.


In 2022, we were pleasantly surprised to win Best PPC Services Company from the SME Awards, after just one year since our previous accolade, winning Most Innovative Web Design Company, from the SME Awards in 2021.


 Our journey, like so many other SME’s, has been a challenging one, especially with the impact of Brexit, Covid & Inflation, all causing an extremely difficult economic climate within to operate.

During the pandemic we continued to provide support to our clients, even with no budget, understanding how tough these times were. For us client care is fundamental, and we strive to develop our clients’ digital offering.


We believe Google will be the prevalent search engine for the next 5 years, and the major change will be in the visual connection interface, along with speed / utility.

We are planning for a major development within the B2B market in terms of a wholesale platform for business showcase. This could alter the landscape of a business website. This has already happened within B2C with the likes of amazon, eBay, gumtree, Alibaba & facebook marketplace.

Professional PPC and expert SEO services shall be just as important, with an increasing fight against handling bot traffic.

In 2022, we started to tokenize, having gassed 2x NFTs on We are looking to tokenize FIGA’s digital assets on blockchain, Ethereum, through opensea, as we predict that all company assets shall be on a blockchain. Variations of those assets could be put on sale by gassing them, bringing in further revenue streams.

Business Advice 

Having been in business for 30 years, Jon Hale, Founder has the following advice:

“When I first started in business, a mobile phone was as bulky as carrying around a rucksack, and at the expense, very few had them, and you wrote and received letters. There was no internet being used in business, just by universities, although as students we didn’t get to see  or use it. Communication was sped up hugely by the fax machine, and phone answering machines.

This made people aware that speed of communication seemed to be a positive for both business and your personal life. Forward a few decades, and the speed of communication is incredible, now able to be instant.

The other major change has been career development and training. There has never been a time where a person may have multiple careers across different skill bases, and the requirement to continuous train (mainly self-training).

So, in terms of business advice – bringing these 2x things together – Speed and Training – these 2x areas must be at the focal point of your business. This isn’t just to have a good business offering, but also for you to survive within your marketplace.

Lastly, be good at what you do. The saying ‘fake it till you make it’ has an element of humour in it, but in business this can cause short-term gain rather than longer-term survival. You need to be good at what you do and provide above & beyond for your clients / customers. If this applies to your business team, then word of mouth shall bring in new business leads.

You need to have tenacity … don’t accept the status quo and everyday try to view your business from different angles, testing different & new areas to allow for appropriate improvements & changes to be made.

Lastly, always try to be positive. If you feel negative, then take the day-off and do something completely different and start afresh the next day. In business sometimes it’s what you don’t do, rather than what you do.

Jon Hale, Founder | CEO 

FIGA Digital


E: [email protected]

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