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FINELLI GROUP which is the owner of the Nik Cafe ‘brand – producing the blends created, to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive quality Italian coffee

FINELLI GROUP which is the owner of the Nik Cafe 'brand - producing the blends created to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive quality Italian coffee

Rationality gives way to sensations.

As in the best love stories, it starts from a secret and unconfessable passion, love at first sight (what do I do, do I throw it? Will it last?)

Rationality gives way to sensations and the time comes to set the date: the one in which you are serious, you say yes in an official way, in short: open VAT number. From here there is no turning back: share joys and sorrows, invoices and tax adjustments. Loving each other is a daily exercise that requires commitment, long-term vision, shared goals and loyalty. Yes, sometimes you look at the businesses of others and they seem better, stronger, richer: but you don’t know what their situation really is, maybe they go at a deadweight loss but they are using their grandmother’s inheritance.

If you pass the “envy, doubts, routine” phase – and you can do it by always remembering why you chose it, that business there and not others – your business will consolidate and you can even think of growing bigger, with small side projects to see grow with pride. And in maturity, you and your business can also open up to social, mentoring, initiatives that are inspirational to young damsels with bright eyes, like you were.

Obviously, there are also weddings of interest, in which you choose a business not based on how much you like it, but on how much it pays: however, when passion is lacking, it is a moment to get lost along the way, and any successes are never really exciting.

Finelli Cristiano born in Modena in Italy, raised in a small Italian town called Montombraro in the province of Modena in the region of Emilia Romagna in northern Italy, faces economic studies from which he continues the family work, then begins to travel for the world knowing different cultures, dealing with different people and creating numerous spontaneous friendships, the thing that strikes him most is the low quality of the coffees you drink in the world.

We keep in mind that almost everything is born in front of a coffee, a business meeting, a pleasure meeting with the girl / boy you like, most of the time many people remember the first moment, the coffee drunk together for the first time , and seen the first meetings are always the beginning of something, why not delight him with a good quality coffee?

 2012, returning from Sydney by plane, he begins to wonder: why is the quality of the coffee so poor?

Back home he began to do numerous studies on coffee and the art of extraction, he began to search for quality raw materials and together with his son Nicolò ‘they began to create and test various blends of roasted coffee to create three blends (RISTRETTO, ESPRESSO , CLASSICO) each of the three reflects the different habits of coffee tasting on the continents, thus satisfying all palates throughout the world.

After several tastings and the winning of gratitude prizes for the blends, he is offered by a large Italian coffee company, the view of the recipes of the blends created, but absolutely despite the advantageous offer, the love for what he has created wins. and decides to found the FINELLI GROUP which is the owner of the Nik Cafe ‘brand, producing the blends created, spreading a company policy towards love and passion for work, the awareness of creating Italian coffee recognized all over the world for exclusivity, and the selection of the raw material only and exclusively through certified supply chains, to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive quality Italian coffee.

As a thinker says: we have something extraordinary … let’s not reserve it for a select few but let’s give everyone the opportunity to enjoy it.

What has always made the company grow is respect for everyone, from the grower to the consumer, passing through all the people who work because for a project to be successful you need to create a team, being a leader means leading a group of people. towards a goal aware of what you want to achieve, setting goals and passing from disappointments, which must strengthen the group by remaining integral in its role and the objectives are reached no matter how long.

bussinnes is truly like love, one must initially suffer in order to rejoice.

Italy in hot and frozen coffee

Nik Cafè is a young and dynamic coffee, with innovative features that allow it to satisfy all tastes in the world while maintaining its strong Italian identity.

Traditional extractions such as the famous espresso served in the best bars in Italy, Moka extraction according to the Italian artisan tradition, capsules compatible with the Nespresso System made with the ideal granulometry to obtain an unforgettable taste, our special frozen extraction method, in which the coffee as soon as it is roasted and ground it is obtained drop by drop (up to 18 h) it provides a rich and full-bodied taste due to the long extraction which determines a complex aromatic profile of chocolate notes and an intense and persistent aftertaste of coffee.

Nik Cafè follows its coffee beans throughout the process, carefully choosing its suppliers and planning roasting programs once the beans have undergone careful assessments and controls, ensuring full respect for their organoleptic properties.

Nik Cafè carries on the philosophy, based on respect for people and the environment, in addition to love and care for good coffee. This responsibility is expressed today in a plant that uses only 100% renewable energy, in the choice of packaging with a low environmental impact and in selecting only coffee plantations where the work is managed responsibly. A responsibility that is demonstrated not only by the continuous growth of the company (which today exports all over the world).

From 2021 Agust participates in the Eko AGRO GROUP Impatto Zero® environmental sustainability project to offset the CO2 emissions generated by the production cycle with new oxygen.)

The patented Tech Agrarian Protocol (TAP) is taking the words and promises of a better future to the next stage: an encrypted formula that ensures the translation of the highest ESG standards into operational principles for a sustainable and equitable agricultural business model. Using TAP technology to monitor and manage from the ground to the shelf allows us to drive safe ecosystems and the production of healthy foods.

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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