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Flaglow – a website that offers a wide selection of lamps for the home


Hi everyone, I am Christian and, with my business partner Alberto, we are the founders of Flaglow.  We live in Reggio Emilia, a city located in the northern Italy.

Alberto and I have been friends for ten years now: we met during high school and, among these school desks, our friendship began.

After the school finished, our paths parted: I have started working in an engineering company, dealing with the quality control of the production process, while Alberto has obtained a specialization internship in technical subjects, with in-depth study and application in the business world. After this internship, he has started working in a company in the ecological industry and now he holds a position of project-manager.

During these years I have been becoming aware of the increasing imbalance between the constantly growth of the cost of living and the meagre worker’s salary which, in a few years, may not be sufficient anymore. 

Nobody likes waking up early every day of the week and struggling to obtain the desired goals and probably you, as me during that period, are always looking forward to the weekend just to relax and distract yourself.

Exactly for this reason I decided to do some research in order to figure out how to create my own business and achieve an economic self-sufficiency.

One day I was watching some stories on Instagram, and I discovered that a guy I met during the school had started his own business thanks to the Dropshipping.

I was interested in that matter so I decided to contact him and soon I began to learn more about this topic and decided to give it a try.

I created the store, invested in the advertisement and launched it on the Internet, but it didn’t seem to work. This is how the first failure began: no sales and a lot of money spent without any return on the investment.

I kept perfecting my project but nothing seemed to change. After some time, demoralized by the situation, I chose the easiest solution: I gave up and returned at the lifestyle I hated.

At that time, I was newly employed, I earned the salary of an average employee and after seeing that amount of money spent uselessly had a breakdown.

The following year I was talking with Alberto about my project during a dinner: we spent the whole evening talking about it and, at the end, we decided to try it again but, this time, together.

We met through the Internet an expert who was offering dropshipping courses and realizing with his team online stores.

We started spending hours and hours in front of the computer studying, shaping our idea and discussing with specialists: and finally in April we launched our online store.

We have decided to bet on a successful product for us, something useful and necessary, that enables the client to express their own style and tastes. This is how Flaglow started: a website that offers a wide selection of lamps for the home.

Our lamps suit every type of space, from a rustic to a modern room.  Our huge selection of products makes the customer’s shopping experience easy and unforgettable.

But this is just the beginning: our challenge is realizing future projects to finally achieve our desired economic self-sufficiency!


We want to conclude with a recommendation to all those who want to follow suit: always challenge yourselves, whenever you will find an obstacle throughout the way that is where you must pick yourselves up again and overcome it, every goal achieved is never the last one! 

Settling for is like never having started.

The first goal we set ourselves is to bring Flaglow into each home!

For the past years, Tatyana has worked as a sex blogger and a relationship advisor. She has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue. Vice, Tatler, Vanity Fair, and many others. Since 2016, Tatyana has focused on sexology, attended various training courses, participated in international conferences and congresses. “I wish people would address sexual issues in a timely manner! Forget shyness, prejudice and feel free to see a sex doctor for help or advice!” Tanya enjoys pursuing her flare for creativity through modelling, graffiti art, astronomy, and technology.

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