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CBD consumption is becoming popular as more and more people embrace this product for its therapeutic effects, including pain relief, relaxation, boost boosting, and immune boost. People have always used isolates and CBD broad- and full-spectrum products to relax themselves and improve day-to-day wellness. Did you know that several CBD brands now deal in CBD sex products and aim to boost sex life? Such companies believe that everyday wellness is connected to sex in one way or another and now tap on the therapeutic power of CBD and other cannabinoids to manufacture arousal oils, suppositories, and lubes that many clients have confirmed to be great. Foria is one such company that deals in CBD sex products made from USDA organic-certified hemp. We had the privilege to review this brand, and here it goes.


There are many CBD brands in the hemp space, and each has the characteristics that define it and the premises of operation. Our review found the following to be true about Foria;

  • The brand deals in CBD broad-spectrum products
  • It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee that promises full refunds based on dissatisfaction
  • Complaints are accepted within 72 hours of delivery
  • A narrow product inventory featuring lubes, suppositories, and oils
  • Sustainable organic farming practices observed
  • The farms are USDA-certified for safe organic practices
  • Three types of shipping; standard, expedition, and express
  • Shipping takes 2- 10 days, depending on the chosen shipping type
  • The brand offers free shipping for all orders worth $50 and above
  • Products shipped to the US, its territories, and beyond

Range of Products

Foria has a fairly narrow product inventory and features only a few items despite being in the industry for more than 7 years. However, it claims that specializing in a few items helps it give its consumers nothing but the best. Here are some items you can buy from Foria today;

i.Foria Arousal Oil with CBD

This intimacy product features organic ingredients, CBD, and botanicals for a better sex experience. It is in 30 ml bottles and features broad-spectrum formulations, making it ideal for non-THC CBD users. According to the website, this oil eases discomfort, increases sensitivity, and guarantees pleasure for women and those with vulvas. You only apply it once, and the experience is amazing, whether alone or with a partner. It costs $40 to get this oil.

ii.Foria CBD Intimacy Suppositories

The CBD intimacy suppositories in Foria’s product line are for localized use. They come in a pack of 4, each delivering 50 mg broad-spectrum CBD for maximum sexual experience. The intimacy suppositories are meant for rectal or vaginal use and are a great selection for anyone who loves penetration. They help eliminate tension, ease discomfort and give the best intimacy experience the whole time. They are exclusively broad-spectrum extracts revered by non-THC CBD lovers.

iii.Foria CBD Intimacy Sex oil

Apart from the arousal CBD oil by Foria, you can also get a lube, i.e., the intimacy sex oil. It is purely organic and lacks any free additives since the V-area is a sensitive region that absorbs all that you put on it. It features broad-spectrum CBD and no THC or any artificial additives. This lube soothes, removes pressure, and excites the user to enhance his sexual experience. It comes in 400 mg total CBD concentrations and costs $44.

iv.Foria CBD Wellness Tonic

Are you having a bad time? Is insomnia, stress, inflammation, or bad mood taking a toll on you? You can change the experience phenomenally using the 30 ml Foria’s CDB tonic. This oil supplement features 1000 mg in the 30 ml bottle and helps you throw stress and discomfort out of your way and in and out of the bedroom. It costs $72 to buy this item, and you can choose the orange, mint, or unflavored flavors. Any choice should suit you and boost your wellness.

v.Foria Wellness Salt Baths with CBD

Make your bathing experience greater with Foria’s wellness salt bath. This is an opportunity to re-energize your mind and body by buying the 240 mg CBD salt bath. It is infused with Epsom salts for mineral gain and features many other formulas from kava, ginger, hemp, lavender, etc. Bathing should not just take your time; make the experience revitalizing using this salt bath from Foria’s CBD inventory.

vi.Foria Relief Suppositories with CBD

At $50 only, you can relieve your menstrual pain using Foria’s relief suppositories with CBD. These can be used retally or vaginally and feature broad-spectrum CBD extracts. A pack contains 8 suppositories, with each delivering a whopping 100 mg CBD right where you are seated. Your menses don’t have to be that panful with Foria’s suppositories in your local stores and online.

vii.Foria Relief Salve with CBD and Kava

You don’t have to let soreness, aches, and cramps get into your way when having a good time. At $55 only, you can buy Foria’s relief salve with CBD and kava and get those discomforts out of your way. This topical product features 600 mg broad-spectrum CBD and is ideal for those loving CBD but distance themselves from THC. Its base is made of MCT oils from castor and coconut. Other ingredients apart from CBD include eucalyptus, kava, and ginger, which are all natural.

viii.Foria CBD Intimacy Kits

Foria also offers intimacy kits featuring arousal oils, sex oils, and intimacy suppositories. This is a great way of saving on some cash since the kits come with great discounts. What’s more, you get 20% off any intimacy product and even greater offers for the kits.

ix.Foria Cramps-Be Gone Bundle

Foria offers yet another bundle that features products offering relief with cramps. The bundle consists of a duo; a salve and cramp suppository. Buying each separately costs $108, but the bundle comes at $94, helping you save cool 14 bucks.

x.Foria ‘Me Time’ Trio

Foria’s ‘Me Time” trio is a kit with three different salt baths in one bundle. It is ideal for gifting a friend or a person you hold dear. The trio includes wellness, relief, and intimacy salt baths, which come at more subsidized prices than what you would pay for each item separately.

What We Like About the Company

We appreciated several things about Foria, including;

  • It is one of the few CBD brands offering intimacy items and not marginalizing women
  • It has the USDA certification for organic practices, showing that the brand upholds wellness and sustainability for mother Earth
  • Foria has several ways of rewarding its customers, including when one joins its programs, signs up for its newsletter, spends at least $1 on products, celebrates his birthday, and leaves a review
  • The brand has several brands through which clients can save a few bucks
  • It ensures sustainable practices in manufacturing its CBD products
  • The broad-spectrum extracts in its inventory are ideal for those yearning for BD experience without the psychoactive THC
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to apply for full refunds
  • Any orders worth $50 and above warrant free shipping to the US, its territories, and other destinations
  • Foria’s website has a phone number and several emailing addresses you can use to reach the customer care desk for inquiries, affiliate programs, or any other reason
  • The FAQ section of the official page is detailed and answers all questions regarding reward programs, return policy, shipping, the products in the brand’s inventory, etc.
  • The three shipping options; standard, expedition, and express, helps you select what fits well within your product

About the Company

Not so much is revealed about the company. Foria’s website is so basic and only mentions its commitment to providing its CBD consumers with the best products. As such, we have no information about the brand regarding who is behind it or who makes up its technical team. We look forward to getting this data in the future.

Manufacturing Process

Like ‘About the Company,’ Foria does not reveal anything about its manufacturing process. We surfed through the site and reached out to it but could not get this data. As such, it seems like the process is non-proprietary. Alternatively, it could be that it uses the conventional methods embraced by other companies in the CBD arena.

What We Did Not Like About the Company

Despite identifying several things we liked about the company, Foria has a long way to go. There are serious kinks it needs to iron to attract an even larger customer base and see new business milestones. The main drawback with this brand is that it lacks lab reports. CBD manufacturing is a sensitive industry, bearing in mind that the products interact with the body’s internal system. As such, conducting third-party tests is important, not just because it wins customers but also shows a brand’s commitment to delivering safe products and taking accountability for its products. As such, not providing lab results is a serious kink. Foria needs to improve in other areas as well. For instance;

  • The brand says nothing about its creator or who forms its technical team
  • Foria does not provide information about its manufacturing or extraction processes
  • Standard shipping is slow and could take up to 10 days from order processing to deliver orders
  • The brand’s product line is somewhat narrow and features wellness, relief, and intimacy items only
  • Its extracts are limited to broad-spectrum CBD; there is nothing for lovers of isolates or full-spectrum CBD with THC
  • Foria’s CBD products are generally expensive and well above the market range
  • You cannot reach the brand via live chats as its website does not have this feature

Our Verdict

Our 2022 review of Foria, one of the CBD-manufacturing brands, wasn’t entirely bad. The brand was launched in 2014, so their 7+ years of experience are a plus. We loved several things about the brand, including its 60-day money-back guarantee through which it commits to giving dissatisfied clients full refunds upon justifying complaints. It is one unique brand that deals in intimacy products and items that help women find relief from menstrual pain. Besides, it has a wellness product line that sells bath bombs and salves for revitalizing the body. Still, we had issues with several Foria. Despite beautifying its website, the brand offers no information about who is behind it or who makes up its technical team. Additionally, unlike most CBD companies, Foria offers no information about third-party tests. As such, clients have to blindly believe them. Moreover, we surfed through the site tirelessly, hoping to find something on the brand’s manufacturing process and extraction methods. It is only by straightening these kinks that Foria will see new business heights in 2022 and beyond. Otherwise, its intimacy and relief products are great, and you might opt to revolutionize your CBD experience with them.


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