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From Childhood Friends to Business Partners: The Journey to E-commerce Success

From Childhood Friends to Business Partners The Journey to E-commerce Success

 Decor and Decor is an e-commerce business, founded by childhood friends, Fatih Aytekin (founder) and Emre Demir (co-founder), who share a passion for quality home accessories. The goal: to shake up the home decor space and provide high-end furniture fittings, from kitchen handles to sliding door kits, to spruce up any home.  

Here, we’ll unveil the truth about how the business became a success, and share the pair’s advice for thriving in the e-commerce space.

Turning a Shared Passion into a Thriving E-commerce Business

Having discovered a mutual appreciation for quality home decor, the founders of Decor and Decor knew they must act on their passion. With dreams of making a name for themselves in the industry, they set up an online store selling essential yet eye-catching decor pieces. Products such as drawer runners and internal door handles were some of the first in their inventory.

 The business owners took a sensible approach, starting with just a few items to test the waters. But countless hours of dedication saw them reach unthinkable heights, and has allowed Decor and Decor to grow from a budding startup to a thriving e-commerce business. 

Today, their website showcases a growing range of products, bringing a steady year-on-year increase in profit. Paid advertising increases business visibility, helping the pair to attract more of their target audience. And they’ve built unbreakable customer relationships thanks to their unmatched customer service techniques.

Success Doesn’t Come Without Its Challenges

 Fatih and Emre confessed it took hard work, unwavering dedication, and the occasional stroke of luck for them to turn their dream into reality. Yet despite their success, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing – they faced an abundance of challenges at every milestone. However, the early stages proved to be the most difficult.

 Here are some of the setbacks they faced when getting their feet off the ground:

●   Cash Flow – Making money is only half the battle when running an e-commerce business. The pair had to ensure they had enough money to cover expenses and keep the business running smoothly.

●    Attracting the Right Customers – Like any business, Decor and Decor’s unique offering would not attract every customer. They had to hone in on their target audience to rein in customers and get their name out there.

●      Product Selection – It’s not just about selecting attractive products. Fatih and Emre knew early on that getting to know exactly what their target audience wanted was the only way to make a profit.

●       Shipping and Delivery – When customers purchase your product, they rarely want to wait. The pair faced the challenge of offering a fast and reliable delivery service to please customers, whilst keeping costs down.

●       Customer Service – It’s true – starting an e-commerce business means you need to expand your skill set in every area. Delivering timely, efficient, and professional customer service was crucial for Decor and Decor to reach success, ensuring customers were never left disappointed.

Opportunities For Future Success

In any business, maintaining a positive outlook is key. Despite the challenges above that many e-commerce businesses – not just Fatih and Emre’s – have faced, this bustling online world is full of opportunities for success.

The pair have shared some of the opportunities that their business and the overall e-commerce industry are currently faced with:

●       Mobile Business – Mobile phone users have skyrocketed in recent years, with many e-commerce transactions being completed from anywhere at any time. This presents a money-making opportunity for businesses to adapt their website, ensuring the UX is seamless on any device, making purchases as easy as possible.

●       Global Customers – When selling online, the world is quite literally your oyster. Businesses should never stick to their local market and instead aim to attract customers from around the globe. The first step: setting up international payment options.

●       Marketplaces – If your website doesn’t get much traffic, it’s best to place your products somewhere that does – especially when you’re getting your feet off the ground. Marketplaces such as Amazon have huge authority in the online world, and can help businesses increase visibility and sales on the platform.

●       Social Media – It’s no secret that social media is a huge part of many people’s lives. Several platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, offer the scope for customers to buy products as they’re scrolling with just one click. This presents an opportunity for brands to improve their social media presence and demand sales from a new avenue.

Insider Advice: Decor and Decor Share How to Make Your Mark on the E-commerce Industry

Tips for Starting an E-commerce Business 

If you’re thinking of setting up an e-commerce business, there’s so much to get right before you can sell your products. Decor and Decor have made the task easier for you by providing their tips:

●       Conduct Thorough Research – The savvy business owners say you should first scope out your competition, find your target audience, and study the current marketplace.

●       Create a Business Plan – This plan will shape your entire journey in the e-commerce world. Include your budget, a mission statement, and a detailed timeline to help you reach your goals and stay on track.

●       Choose Your Platform – There are several platforms to host your store from, all boasting distinct features and benefits. Listing your priorities, such as SEO-friendliness, support, and scalability, can help you determine which one is right for your business.

●       Build Your Store – You’ll need to create product pages, a straightforward checkout process, and ensure your security is up to scratch. Unless you’re proficient in tech, it’s a good idea to recruit a web designer for this step.

●       Promote Your Business – As Decor and Decor found out, business promotion can supercharge your success. You can invest in paid advertising, polish up your SEO, or utilise the power of social media.

Tips for E-commerce Growth

 Launching an e-commerce business is one thing, but the continued success of Decor and Decor was only possible thanks to their polished growth strategies. Fatih and Emre have offered their tips below:

●       Understand Your Customer – Your customer comes first in everything you do. Hence, the founder’s of Decor and Decor consistently stress the importance of knowing who your target audience really is. This will help you create more effective marketing campaigns and ensure they want to buy your products.

●       Increase Online Visibility – The business partners have already proven the power of paid marketing, but there are countless ways to get seen online. They suggest improving search engine optimization, nailing your content marketing, and offering discounts or promotions to expand your customer base.

●   Prioritise Customer Service – According to the e-commerce business partners, customer service goes much deeper than responding to enquiries in a timely, professional manner. Startups should offer other perks such as free shipping and a clear return policy.

●   Invest in Your Tech – Fatih and Emre believe your tech should enable you to automate timely processes, such as inventory management and customer service, to fine-tune your business, making it more efficient.

How to Master Customer Service in an E-commerce Business

 In an e-commerce business, your customers are just as important as the products in your inventory. Decor and Decor have shared their tips and tricks to keep customers coming back for more:

●       Respond in a Timely Manner – Although you’re likely to be incredibly busy, that doesn’t mean you should leave customers in the dark. Responding to enquiries quickly shows you respect their time enough to give up your own.

●       Accommodate Every Customer – Decor and Decor’s founders believe a friendly, cheerful tone is best, and displaying a helpful attitude is imperative. When responding to any enquiry, ensure you’ve done everything you can to encourage them to come back.

●       Offer Free Shipping – Online businesses often face the struggle of sceptical customers who aren’t as willing to part with their money. Offering free shipping can boost sales and attract new customers.

●    Simplify Your Return Policy – Make your return policy clear and easy-to-understand to avoid confusion. Much like free shipping, this crucial step could encourage customers to buy your products.

●       Automate Your Processes – As your business grows, it’s impossible to do everything. Automating your customer service tools frees up your time whilst making your business more efficient.

Decor and Decor’s Advice for Starting an E-commerce Business 

Fatih and Emre’s childhood dream has now flourished into a thriving e-commerce business. They’ve shared their personal advice for getting started online:

●       Discover Your Niche – Decor and Decor are proof that narrowing down your offering doesn’t set you back, but instead propels you forward. Think about your passions and skills to determine the products you want to sell.

 ●       Brainstorm Business Name Ideas – Try not to use the first name you can think of – take your time to get it right. The name should be original, memorable, and catchy, such as Decor and Decor. 

The founders of, Fatih and Emre, have proven that it’s not always easy to turn a dream into reality. But with their tried and tested tips and advice, you can find your own success in the e-commerce world!

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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