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“Green Brother’s” for eco-packaging solutions

“Green Brother’s” for eco-packaging solutions

The question is simple: how many packages are delivered to our homes or offices every day? Between purchases, holidays and promotions, the numbers have figures that exceed six zero….

Sources in the sector report that, in the e-commerce sector alone, 35 million shipments are handled every month (with packaging of which more than 90% is made with paper / cardboard).

As end users, interested in the content and eager to finally hold our order in our hands, we have probably focused on wrapping, safety and active and passive protection of the packaging a few times.

These elements, however, are essential to ensure the integrity of the products and ensure their safety during shipments.

To the above question, two brothers from Bergamo from Verdello, Luca and Diego Pezzotta, tried to give some answers, who combined their many years of professional skills and decided to invest decisively in the packaging sector by promoting innovative, totally green solutions of high level.

The EVi company was born in May 2019 from the experience, dynamism and skills of its founders combined with the collaboration with the most important companies involved in the Packaging sector of Excellence.

Luca Pezzotta and Diego Pezzotta; for the story see the attachment  with youtube links

The search for extremely innovative solutions immediately characterized the EVi team; The concept we have in EVi of “good packaging”, their founders say, is the result of a set of important values ​​which, in addition to having to be functional and innovative, must satisfy the demands relating to environmental sustainability, the quality of the materials that make it up and the role they will play when the packaging has finished its useful life.

Packaging is not just the packaging or a simple packaging; very often it is an appreciated advertising vehicle for a message aimed at consumers, an added value to a brand that, by identifying and promoting itself respectful of the environment, increases its image on the market.

The packaging of the future will only be eco-sustainable.

The choice of packaging is obviously influenced by the trends and opinions of consumers but, mainly, it must comply with the Legislative Regulations relating to sustainability and safety.

With the EVi storage bags and pouches, for example, propose natural, sustainable and 100% biodegradable solutions that allow, at the end of the product life cycle, to return to being organic material thus preserving the environment.

Quality, Productivity & Performance are ensured with EVi-paK which is an interesting and innovative sustainable packaging solution for any product you want to protect during packaging and shipping, thus ensuring that the precious contents of the packaging reach the recipient unscathed.

Respectful of the environment due to the absence of filling materials, sealing film or adhesive tape for fixing, EVi-Pak reduces the amount of waste and reduces CO2 consumption through a lower transport volume.

These are some of the solutions inherent in the composition of the packaging but, even more innovative, are the solutions created for closing them; we are talking about the creation of high-performance taping machines built trying to solve the practical problems encountered in over 30 years of experience lived in close contact with customers.

Starting from the prestigious intention of ensuring the best of the Customer’s work needs and found that for decades the taping sector seemed to have found its final dimension, touched by very few innovations that concerned in particular the material with which to “load” the machine and not the machinery themselves, we wondered how to innovate this sector with functional simplicity and absolute safety …….

“Our idea was born from a simple consideration – explain the Pezzotta brothers – Currently most of the taping machines on the market work using a plastic film, for convenience, practicality and cost: but, considering that in recent years the search for sustainability and attention for ecological sources it has become increasingly important and legislation has intervened in an increasingly heavy way in terms of taxation in the field of plastic material disposal, we have found that companies in the sector have been forced to revise their policy in some way. To cope with higher disposal costs, the most frequent interventions unfortunately concerned the staff, as they are considered the fastest method to obtain immediate savings “.

Having acknowledged that a taping machine with gummed paper costs on average three times a taping machine that uses plastic tape, the noble challenge was to comply with the regulations in force with the least possible impact to safeguard the continuity of SMEs and, at the same time, with extreme nobility of mind thus seeking to protect human and social resources so as not to further condition the employment situation. Improve the production capacities, ergonomics and safety of the final operator.

A normal “plastic” taping unit today occupies a space of about 50 centimeters, while the less common gummed paper models have a footprint of around one meter.

“It seems incredible, but no one had ever managed to invent a paper taping unit with the same footprint as a plastic one – they say – We did it, creating an innovative taping unit that is already interchangeable with all those that use plastic film. . A process that, of course, is less expensive than the replacement of machinery as a whole as it is comparable to little more than extraordinary maintenance: the ‘block’ where the belt runs is extracted and the new one is installed, thus obtaining a gummed paper taping machine ” .

In January 2020, after various experiments, improvements and having arrived at what was considered the final product, Luca and Diego Pezzotta successfully filed their patent.

“From research carried out we were convinced that this product was not yet on the market, and confirmation came from some important signals – they admit – Immediately, our creation was considered very interesting, as it would have allowed the rapid transformation of the taping machines. plastic film in models with 100% environmentally friendly rubberized paper closure “.

This interest in an ecological product, as well as for ethical / moral reasons, also lies in the fact that the regulations on the disposal of packaging will facilitate green users over time; It goes without saying that such a trend, with a cost range that is destined to widen more and more, pushes companies to seek alternative solutions.

“Our compact taping unit is also safer for maintenance – they explain – The entire path of the belt is visible, there are no blind spots where you have to put your hands in case of jam and you do not need the intervention of a technician. to restore normal operation. In this way, the costs of maintenance interventions are also reduced, because everything can be solved by the user in total safety. Savings come first for customers: sealing the wrappers with gummed paper allows you to dispose of all the packaging in a single solution. Especially for those who export, this solution is very advantageous considering that today the costs for the disposal of packaging with the presence of plastic material are, in many cases, charged to whoever carries out the shipment “.

Last but not least, the safety issue relating to the contents of the packs: closing the package with paper tape makes a watertight seal using a considerably reduced amount of material compared to plastic film tapes, a quantity that is further reduced when they are used. reinforced tapes.

The paper, unlike the PVC / PP tape, is insensitive to climatic variations and allows the goods to be stored for long periods without sealing problems of the closure, thus eliminating possible reopening of the packaging and / or penetration of dust or foreign bodies into the inside the box.

As mentioned, the paper tape can be used at any temperature and by “melting” with the cardboard, it immediately highlights any break-in attempts that cannot thus be hidden.

If reinforced tape is used, the same, thanks to its mechanical characteristics, also allows to eliminate the strap with further savings on packaging costs and management of the machine park, always remaining 100% green and disposable in a single solution.

“A not insignificant aspect if we consider the type of goods that are shipped today – they explain – Green packaging is a strategic topic included in the development studies of companies that want to give concrete answers to the topic, using ecological packaging made with biodegradable materials. that have a lower environmental impact.

This philosophy, combined with the constant search for innovative solutions and the possibility of programming the supply cycle of consumables, has allowed us to ensure the safety and protection standards of some prestigious US companies which, to our great satisfaction say in EVi, we have chosen as a partner for the Italian / European market.

EVi’s immediate activity is aimed at acquiring knowledge to design new products and improve today’s ones; our development programs are aimed in particular at reducing the weight and the overall dimensions of the components and, where possible, improving their constructive characteristics.

Searching for new technical solutions that are of interest to the sector, can be socially useful and are sustainable to allow the most efficient possible use of natural resources and energy with a minimum environmental impact, are our guidelines.

Returning to the beginning of this conversation, the Pezzotta brothers say, we can therefore argue that it is becoming increasingly strategic for virtuous companies to commit to a more sustainable future; it is also essential that this strategy be communicated and publicized in its execution methods, underlining the fact that, in addition to being necessary to better safeguard the future, it is a fundamental reason for business development.

In conclusion, the two brothers say, we would like our experience to be a reason for reflection and trigger inspiration in all those people who, with an open and constructive discussion, want to try and improve things….

MS, University of Tartu Sleep specialist Using the acquired academic and professional experience, I advise patients with various complaints about mental health - depressed mood, nervousness, lack of energy and interest, sleep disorders, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and anxieties, difficulty concentrating, and stress. In my free time, I love to paint and go on long walks on the beach. One of my latest obsessions is sudoku – a wonderful activity to calm an unease mind.

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