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Green Lotus is a premium quality CBD brand with accurate independent 3rd party CBD & THC potency results, free shipping for all orders throughout the USA, a 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee, a variety of products on its catalog, and a military discount. It sources all its help from one farm in Joes, Colorado, and tests the full-spectrum products in a USDA-accredited lab facility. However, the brand limits its products to full-spectrum formulations, and the contaminant tests are not comprehensive since they feature microbials such as molds and pathogens, leaving out other standard contaminants such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, residues, and solvents. Are Green Lotus products worth your money? This is our full 2022 review for the brand, and it answers that question.

About the Company

Green Lotus was founded in 2016 by the natives of the states and is a veteran-owned brand. Its headquarters and the largest office are in Texas, but the brand also has a new office in Colorado which was recently set up when the company expanded. According to the website, Green Lotus has a mission of ‘creating a world that makes the healing powers of hemp and its products available to and accessible by all.’ And true to its word, the brand has been consistently engaging in research to offer premium quality products for its CBD consumers.

Green Lotus’ aims to create all-natural non-GMO, organic CBD products that act as remedies to its clients who direly need them. It offers a wide assortment of products, including pre-rolled joints, vape cartridges, pet products, tinctures, edibles, capsules, and topicals, all of which are available in full-spectrum formulations. The company has an average price point of $0.16 per mg CBD, which is slightly higher than the market average and offers various potencies for the products, with the total CBD concentrations ranging from 10 to 1500 mg. The products are priced differently, depending on the CBD and the category, and cost between $9.99 and $139.99.

Green Lotus is one of the best premium CBD brands, considering that all its products passed potency tests, posing CBD variances lower than the 10% acceptable variance limit and total THC concentrations being lower than the 0.3% threshold. However, one of its weaknesses lies in the incomplete purity tests because it only focuses on microbials, leaving out other standard tests such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, and residues.


The following specs are true to Green Lotus;

  • Extracts available in full-spectrum formulations only
  • US-sourced hemp from Colorado
  • The clean CO2 extraction method used to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies
  • Free shipping available for all orders, and there is no minimum value
  • Extract consumption methods include tinctures, pet products, edibles, topicals, vape cartridges, capsules, and pre-rolled joints
  • Products cost $9.99 to $139.99
  • The average price point for CBD items is $0.16 per mg CBD
  • Shipping happens throughout the USA
  • Military veteran discounts available
  • Edible products guarantee tastes
  • cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities
  • USDA-accredited lab facilities for 3rd party tests
  • Lab test outcomes are posted on the Lab Results section of the website

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the hemp space since it affects the quality of the final products, informing whether a brand keeps its clients and expands the loyal customer base or it loses the hard-earned clients. Consequently, any brand that wants to make it in the CBD space sources high-quality hemp, and Green Lotus is no exception. The company sources all its hemp from one farm in Joes, Colorado. The hemp is then processed and CBD oil stripped through the clean CO2 extraction method.

Buying Experience

We loved our buying experience on Green Lotus’ website. The site is professionally designed, simple, and quite navigable, making the buying process rather intuitive. The Shop CBD button offers multiple CBD product categories to choose from, including capsules, edibles, topicals, tinctures, pet products, vape cartridges, and pre-rolled joints. Alternatively, you can scroll down and view all products in the brand’s inventory by clicking the Shop All button, and you can still view the creams and oils in the brand’s inventory by clicking the Shop Oil and Shop Cream options. One only has to select the products of interest, add them to the cart, and check out to fill in the billing and physical location details. Military veterans confirm their identity as prompted by the system to get military veteran discounts and free shipping without a minimum threshold available to all the USA destinations. Once deliveries are received, one has up to 30 days to raise complaints, after which the brand may offer an exchange or full refunds exclusive of shipping costs, should the claims be approved.


Transparency in the hemp space is ensured by conducting independent 3rd party tests since the FDA does not regulate the production of CBD products. Such tests are quality and control steps that examine CBD products for potency and contaminant purity. Green Lotus adheres to these regulations since it conducts independent 3rd party tests to test its products for THC and CBD potencies and also confirms the absence of contaminants, after which it posts the results on the centralized Lab Results hub on its website. Nonetheless, its purity tests are incomplete since they only focus on microbials, leaving out the rest of standard contaminants.


We were impressed at how diligent Green Lotus is in ensuring potency accuracy. None of the products we ordered failed CBD and THC potency tests. This is because they all posed CBD variances less than the 10% acceptable CBD variance limit. Moreover, all the products in the company’s inventory had less than 0.3% THC, which is the highest threshold by the Farm Bill of 2018. Although all the contaminants were not tested for, all the products passed contaminant tests for microbials, especially pathogens and molds.

Manufacturing Process

Green Lotus is a legal hemp grower and processor in the USA and relies on one farm in Joes, Colorado, to source the premium quality hemp needed for its high-quality CBD products. The hemp plants in the farm are non-GMO and 100% organic, and so are the growing practices, ensuring no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides find their way into the final CBD products. The ingredients feature in Green Lotus products are all-natural.

When the hemp plants mature, the hemp is harvested and taken to the cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities, where it is processed. The clean CO2 extraction method is used to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces, resulting in the full-spectrum CBD extracts, which are then formulated with MCT oil to increase their absorbability and cannabinoid bioavailability once the products hit the system. cGMP certification of a facility means the highest safety standards are observed throughout the manufacturing process, allowing only what’s intended.

The next stage is independent 3rd party lab testing that examine the extracts for potency and purity. These quality and control steps confirm that labeled THC and CBD contents match the actual amounts and that products are free of standard contaminants. Green Lotus adheres to these regulations and contracts B & B Aesthetics Labs, LLC to test its products for potency and purity and posts the results on the centralized Lab Results section of the website.

Range of Products

Green Lotus boasts a wide assortment of full-spectrum CBD products, including;

i.                    Green Lotus CBD Tinctures

Green Lotus tinctures come in full-spectrum CBD formulations and vary in concentrations, ranging from 150 to 1500 mg. They have fruit terpene flavors and are recommended for oral and sublingual use. The flavored options feature Stevia sweetener and can also be added to drinks and foods.

ii.                  Green Lotus CBD Softgels

The softgels are made with full-spectrum CBD and are made in an easy-to-swallow method. According to the website, they help promote relaxation, although this effect has not been tested. Green Lotus suggests the softgels be incorporated in a daily wellness routine or taken at night.

iii.               Green Lotus Gummies

The full-spectrum gummies by Green Lotus are kosher-certified and vegan-friendly. They feature pectin and sugarcane sweeteners and come in regular or sleep forms, where the latter help with sleep. Each gummy delivers 10 mg CBD and comes in 6- or 25-count packs.

iv.               Green Lotus CBD Vape Cartridges

Each vape cartridge by Green Lotus has a 250 mg total CBD concentration and boasts a 500 mg/ml potency. They are all useable on the 510 cell batteries and are not meant for oral consumption. There are various options to explore, including serene, peace, unwind, regular, and alive.

v.                  Green Lotus CBD Pre-rolls

The brand also offers pre-rolls that undergo no extraction. They are made from rice paper and are 100% free of additives and chemicals. One can choose between the Jubilee and Harmony options.

vi.               Green Lotus CBD Topicals

Green Lotus’ topical line offers creams and salves one can enjoy. They contain 100 or 250 mg total CBD concentrations and have various potencies, including 1.11, 1.67, and 2.78 mg/ml. They are made from organic, non-GMO hemp-derived CBD are strictly for external application.

What We Like About the Company

Green Lotus has many pros, including;

  • The brand contracts USDA-accredited labs to run its 3rd party tests
  • Green Lotus is diligent about independent 3rd party tests and uploads the results online
  • cGMP certification of the manufacturing facilities ensures the highest safety standards are upheld throughout the cycle
  • The brand has a centralized Lab Results hub where it uploads all the lab tests
  • MCT formulation of products increases the bioavailability of the cannabinoids
  • The brand offers military veterans a discount once they prove their identity
  • Using non-GMO hemp is in line with the concerns regarding the genetic modification of organisms

What We Do Not Like About the Company

The following are kinks about Green Lotus that need straightening;

  • The brand’s average price point of $0.16 per mg CBD is higher than the market average
  • The sheer volume of products may be overwhelming
  • Green Lotus contaminant tests are incomplete and only focus on microbials, leaving out all other standard contaminants

Our Verdict

Green Lotus is a veteran-owned CBD brand located in Texas with 5 years of experience since its launch in 2016. It boasts a wide assortment of products, rigorous 3rd party testing, posting lab results on the centralized Lab Results hub, military veteran discounts, free shipping for all orders, a 30-day money-back guarantee satisfaction, and full entourage effects of multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Nonetheless, the brand has several areas to improve, including a relatively high price point per mg CBD, incomplete contaminant testing, and minor details on the site. Should it improve the stated areas, it will achieve new milestones in the CBD space in 2022 and beyond. Nonetheless, it is still a good brand we definitely recommend among the best CBD brands.

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