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Harmony CBD is one of the most reputable CBD brands in the USA because it is USDA- and FDA-registered and also manufactures its CBD products in cGMP-compliant facilities. As if that’s not enough, the brand follows CBD regulations to conduct thorough 3rd party tests for all CBD products, and it posts the results online. While its CBD inventory is modest and features basic CBD items such as edibles, topicals, vapes, capsules, tinctures, and pet oils, the products are contaminant-free, non-GMO, and safe. Moreover, it observes sustainable practices and is an active social media campaigner for sustainable practices and soil conversation, and it does this under the umbrella of Soil4Climate, a conservationist body. It is also an active member of the American Hemp Association and largely supports and works together with other conservationist bodies, further boosting the reputation it boasts. It offers free shipping for orders worth $100 and above and has a 30-day money-back guarantee through which dissatisfied clients can raise complaints and get full refunds when the claims are approved.

About the Company

Harmony has a history that dates back to 2015, when it was created as an apt product line under the Palmetto Research Synergistic LLC company. The CBD brand is a family-owned business and was created by Janel Ralph around her daughter Harmony. Harmony was born with a rare brain condition called smoot brain and would experience seizures multiple times. The mother loved her so much so she set to research, birthing the Palmetto Research Synergistic LLC. The full name of the brand is Palmetto Harmony, after Palmetto, a city where the girl was born, and Harmony, the girl whom the mother loved unconditionally and wanted the very best for her. Eventually, Harmony’s father and siblings joined Janel, making the brand family-run. Harmony CBD brand has sufficient information about its origin, and you can read all this under the Learn> Our Story section of the website.

Harmony deals in full-spectrum CBD formulations and offers products such as vapes, tinctures, gummies, edibles, topicals, capsules, and pet items. It believes in producing quality CBD products and controls all processes from hemp growing to CBD manufacture to ensure nothing other than the right genetic strain of hemp is used in manufacturing CBD products. It is among America’s most reputable CBD brands, considering that it is FDA-registered, USDA-certified, and operates in cGMP-compliant facilities. Moreover, it contracts ISO-certified laboratories to conduct the brand’s 3rd party tests to examine products for safety, contaminant purity, and THC/CBD potencies. Nonetheless, the brand’s product lines are few, which should improve for it to win an even larger loyal customer base.


The following specs are true to Harmony CBD;

  • Organic, non-GMO hemp
  • Hemp is soured from America, in South Carolina
  • FDA-registered
  • It operates in cGMP-compliant facilities
  • The total CBD concentrations on the product range from 70 mg to 18920 mg
  • The average price point per CBD mg is $0.03 to $0.1
  • USDA-certified for organic practices
  • Extracts available in full-spectrum formulations
  • Extract consumption methods include vapes, edibles, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and pet items
  • The extraction method is revealed
  • Thorough 3rd party tests in ISO-certified labs
  • An active member of the American Hemp Association
  • No military veteran discounts
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping for goods worth $100 and above
  • Lab results posted online

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is the sole determiner of the final CBD products’ quality, and their relationship is directly proportional. This means that high-quality hemp results in premium products and the reverse is true. Consequently, reputable brands that want to make it in the market source high-quality hemp, and Harmony CBD is no exception. The company uses organic, non-GMO hemp grown sustainably in South Carolina farms. The farms practice regenerative agriculture and work in harmony with the brand’s reputation for upholding the highest conservation practices.

Buying Experience

We loved our buying experience with Harmony CBD. The brand has a simple website that allows smooth navigation, making the shopping experience enjoyable. The Shop button of the website groups CBD products by categories, including softgels, skincare, creams, hemp oil, pet products, gummies, and topicals. As such, shopping is intuitive, and you only have to select what you need to add it to the cart. Once done, you check out and create an account (first-time buyers) or login (for repeating buyers) to fill in your billing and physical location details. The brand offers rewards via points, and if you have any, you can apply to have them converted to money, helping you save a few bucks. The brand has one shipping method for express.


Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not control the production of CBD products, CBD brands are required to conduct 3rd party tests as part of demonstrating transparency. These quality and control strategies check the THC and CBD potencies products and ensure they are contaminant-free. Harmony CBD observes these regulations and contracts ISO-certified 3rd party labs to conduct these tests. All its products are tested for CBD and THC potency and contaminant purity, and the results are posted on the website under the Learn> Batch Reports section.


As much as CBD conducts 3rd party tests, they are also required to show the variance in relation to the acceptable limits, and Harmony CBD does so. We appreciate the fact that all products passed THC tests, revealing less than 0.3% total CBD concentrations across the inventory. Besides, most products passed contaminant tests for heavy metals, solvents, residues, microbials, and mycotoxins. However, not all products passed potency tests, with some posing higher variances than the 10% acceptable limit. For instance, the 900 mg gummies had 687.9 mg total CBD as opposed to the 600 mg indicated on the labels, revealing a 14% variance, which is higher than the acceptable limit.

Manufacturing Process

Harmony CBD is a legal, authorized grower and processor of hemp and liaises with farmers in South Carolina to source the hemp it uses to manufacture its CBD products. The farms practice organic farming and uphold FDA and USDA standards for organic farming. As such, the organic, non-GMO hemp herein grown does not have any fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides added to it throughout the growing period. This ensures the final CBD products and safe for consumption and free of solvents, as revealed by the 3rd party test results.

Harmony CBD is a vertically integrated brand that runs all its activities by one parent company. As such, it controls hemp breeding, growing, harvesting, preparation, and processing to produce CBD products. According to the website, this approach helps the brand ensure nothing other than the right-strain hemp is used in manufacturing products. When the hemp plants are ready, the flowers are harvested and taken to the cGMP facilities in Conway, South Carolina, for processing, resulting in full-spectrum CBD extracts. The site does not reveal which method the company uses to strip CBD from hemp surfaces. The brand uses MCT oil to increase cannabinoid bioavailability in the products, which include vapes, edibles, hemp CBD oils, softgels, pet items, and topicals. The next step is 3rd party testing, where CBD contracts ISO-certified labs to test products for THC/CBD potencies and contaminant purity, and the results are posted online on the Batch Reports section.

Range of Products

Harmony CBD has a modest CBD inventory and offers the following products on its website for purchase;

i.                    Harmony CBD Tinctures

Harmony CBD offers full-spectrum CBD tinctures in various potencies, sizes, and flavors. According to the website, they are taken orally and sublingually but can also be added to foods and beverages. The total CBD concentrations per bottle range from 70 mg to 18920 mg, and the cost is $79.99 to $999.99.

ii.                  Harmony CBD Softgels

The brand also offers CBD softgels. They come in full-spectrum formulations, with each packing 10 mg CBD. You can buy them in counts of 7 suppositories or 30- 60 count jars. According to the brand, the softgels are strictly for oral use, and they are formulated with MCT oil for increased bioavailability.

iii.               Harmony CBD Topicals

The topical line offers essential body oils, skin care products, lotions, and balms. All of these are made with non-GMO organic hemp and feature other ingredients, all of which are natural. The total CBD concentrations per product ranges from 200 mg to 600 mg, and the items are for external topical application.

iv.               Harmony CBD Gummies

The gummies feature full-spectrum formulations and are strictly for oral, discreet, and nutritious use. Each gummy packs 30 mg CBD and comes in counts of 30 (900 mg jar). The website provides further direction on the gummies.

v.                  Harmony CBD Pet Products

Harmony also offers CBD tinctures for pets. These come in 300 or 600 mg CBD concentrations, all of which have 10 mg/ml potencies. According to the website, they can be added to food and beverages for pets but are recommended for oral and sublingual use.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing Harmony CBD, we appreciated the following about the brand;

  • Harmony uses organic, non-GMO hemp to manufacture its products
  • The brand upholds safe environment standards as seen in its application of regenerative agricultural practices
  • Harmony CBD tests products for CBD/THC potencies and contaminant purity and posts the results online
  • Lab results posted online show that products are free of contaminants and pass THC tests
  • The money-back-guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to file claims and get full refunds when the claims are approved
  • Harmony CBD is an active member of research and conservationist bodies
  • The instant messaging tool on the brand’s website allows web visitors and reach out to the customer care desk and hear from it in real-time
  • Edible products guarantee tastes
  • The average price point per mg CBD for the items in this inventory is well within the market range

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Although there is so much to be desired about Harmony CBD, the brand has a long way to go. The following are the lines of weakness observed during the review;

  • Harmony CBD has a narrow product inventory, featuring decent items
  • The company’s website does not reveal the extraction method employed to strip CBD from them hemp surfaces

Our Verdict

We loved our review for Harmony CBD, a CBD brand launched in 2015 and headquartered in Conway, South Carolina. It has a narrow CBD inventory, comprising full-spectrum softgels, edibles, topicals, hemp oils, and pet products. Its average point is well within the market range, and the brand offers free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. We liked how Harmony CBD is committed to upholding safety and environment standards and is certified by the FDA, USDA, and cGMP for good manufacturing and hemp growing practices. Although the brand’s products passed contaminant and THC tests, some products posed higher CBD variances. Moreover, the inventory is narrow and should be expanded to allow more customers on board. Improving these areas will likely help the brand do better in the CBD arena.

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