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CBD consumption is fast becoming popular in a world where CBD is touted as therapeutic and can help with a range of health issues. Many brands are dealing in CBD items, and you may wonder which is which. Are you venturing into CBD? Read our 2022 review for Hemp Bombs, one of the renowned brands in the CBD space.

About the Company

Hemp Bombs boasts more than 5 years in the CBD arena, considering its launch in 2016. Compared with other CBD brands, it is neither too old nor too young but lies somewhere between. We had the opportunity to surf through the brand’s website but, unfortunately, did not find sufficient information about it. For instance, most CBD users would appreciate knowing who is behind a brand, the story behind its creation, or who makes up the team, but we could not find such details about Hemp Bombs.

Furthermore, we noticed some short about communication platforms for Hemp Bombs. While most brands provide an emailing address for reaching out to the brand or a live chat feature, our beloved Hemp Bombs lacked these. Instead, it offers a phone number through which a person calls the customer care desk product. Nonetheless, Hemp Bombs brands itself as a reputable CBD company that deals in high-quality organic products, as much as it does not have USDA’s certification for operating within the premises of organic practices. Nevertheless, its consumers trust it because it is registered with Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and its facilities are also cGMP-certified, showing that it tries its best to follow safe practices.

Moreover, Hemp Bombs offers extracts in isolates and broad-spectrum CBD. This means enjoying the entourage effects of the cannabinoids in hemp or dealing with isolated products. This is a plus for many, especially consumers who do not deal in THC products, but it cuts out THC lovers. Hemp Bombs products cost $14.99 to $750 for the 125 mg to 5000 mg CBD concentrations, revealing a price range of $0.05- $0.14 per mg CBD. However, its tropical items are slightly expensive, attracting a $0.20- $0.25 per mg CBD price range. The CBD concentrations for different products range from 4.17 mg/ml CBD to 166.67 mg/ml CBD, considering both novice and veteran CBD consumers.

Hemp Bombs deals in a wide assortment of items from edibles to topicals, for which it claims to conduct thorough third-party testing whose results are availed online. Besides, it places bar codes on the products that should be scanned to access lab results. Sadly, we tried scanning the bar codes for the items we ordered but could not get the results. Thankfully, the company sent them online, but we realized that the tests included pesticides, THC & CBD concentrations, bacteria, chemicals, and toxins but left out contaminants and residue. 


Each CBD brand has what makes it unique, and the following stand true for Hemp Bombs;

  • A 24/7 order system
  • THC-free products
  • Price ranges between $14.99 to $750
  • CO2 extraction method
  • The potency of products ranges from 4.17 mg/ml to 166.67 mg/ml of CBD
  • A wide assortment of products, including edibles, syrups, capsules, oils, e-liquids, and vape juices
  • American-sourced hemp used
  • Organic-certified hemp used
  • Facilities are GMP-certified
  • Extracts in broad-spectrum CBD and isolates
  • Multiple flavors for products
  • Taste is guaranteed
  • Third-party tests availed on the website for each batch
  • CBD concentration per product ranges from 125 mg to 5000 mg
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • A refund policy that stands for 30 days from the time of purchase
  • Third-party tests for chemicals, toxins, pesticides, and bacteria
  • Most CBD products have a price range of $0.05 to $0.14 per mg CBD
  • Topicals have a $0.20 to $0.25 mg per CBD price range
  • A wide loyal customer base in the whole of US and territories as well as several countries in Australia, Europe, and the Middle East

Manufacturing Process

Hemp Bombs starts its manufacturing process by breeding and growing hemp in American farms. It states that the hemp is organic, but we could not verify this due to the lack of USDA certification for organic practices, and we could not locate the actual farms. Once mature, the hemp is harvested and transported to Tampa, Florida, where the actual manufacturing occurs. The manufacturing facilities are FDA-registered and cGMP-certified, showing great commitment to safe practices. Besides, all the employees undergo in-depth training before starting their jobs at Tampa to ensure they fully understand how things work.

The raw ingredients undergo testing using a Near-Infrared Spectrophotometer to ensure quality, and further testing is done in-house and by third parties. The brand uses ethanol extraction to strip off CBD from hemp surface and manufacture its isolates and broad-spectrum CBD products, which then undergo thorough third-party testing. The tests are for quality control and confirm that the CBD and THC contents indicated on product containers match the actual contents. Besides, they check the products for pesticides, bacteria, toxins, and chemicals. While some tested for contaminants like mycotoxins and heavy metals, others did not.

Hemp Bombs states on its website that its third-party test results are available online, and that is true, but not to every extent. For instance, we scanned the bar codes on our ordered products but could not access the lab tests through that approach. We also explored the batch number lookup feature but could not find the results for every item. However, they posted the results through email when we reached out to them. It was clear that the CBD variances for most items are below 10%, which is the acceptable limit, but others, including the Dog Biscuit, had a 13% variance, which is slightly above the acceptable limit.

Range of Products

Hemp Bombs offers a wide assortment of CBD isolates and broad-spectrum items, including;

i.Hemp Bombs CBD Oils

Hemp Bombs CBD oils are available in 125 mg- 5000 mg per 30 ml containers and feature six flavors, including orange creamside, chocolate mint, watermelon, natural CBD, and acai berry. They cost $55 to $105, revealing a price range of $0.05 to $0.07 per mg CBD. They are all ethanol-extracted and MCT oil-formulated.

ii.Hemp Bombs CBD Pet Products

Hemp Bombs CBD pet products feature oils and chews. The oils come in 30 ml containers with 125 mg, 250 mg, or 1000 mg CBD concentrations and are either chicken or beef-flavored. The chews are 15 mg CBD-packed and come in 8s. They are prepared from potato and oat flour and are peanut butter flavored.

iii.Hemp Bombs Topicals

The brand also deals in many topical products, including bath bombs, relief sprays, CBD patches, lotion, lip balms, and beard care products. The total concentration of CBD in these products ranges from 25 mg to 1000 mg, revealing 0.83 mg/ml- 33.3 mg/ml CBD potencies.

iv.Hemp Bombs capsules

Hemp Bombs capsules have 15 mg or 30 mg CBD for the Original and High potencies. They are gelatin-coated and feature L-arginine and GABA. They are in 5, 15, 30, & 60 or 5, 30 & 60 counts for Original and High potencies, respectively.

v.Hemp Bombs Edibles

The edible products in Hemp Bombs inventory include syrups, gummies, and shots. They come in different flavors, including pinch and melatonin for sleep. Besides, they have varying potencies, with a total of 120 mg to 1500 mg per container. The edibles pose an average price range of $0.07 to $0.20 per mg CBD.

vi.Hemp Bombs Vape Juices

The brand deals in two vape juices, the 16.5 ml and 60 ml with 125 mg or 750 mg CBD, respectively. Besides, one can choose the blueberry, mango, or watermelon flavors. They cost $15 or $55, revealing a $0.07-$012 price range and a 7.58 mg/ml to 12.5 mg/ml potency.

What We Like About the Company

We liked many aspects about Hemp Bombs, such as;

  • The brand offers many CBD products to choose from, including gummies and lollipop edibles, CBD oils, e-liquids, vape juices, syrups, and topical products
  • It guarantees taste for the edible CBD products
  • It offers a wide range of flavors for almost every product, giving clients a variety
  • The isolates and broad-spectrum CBD products are ideal for many who would like to enjoy CBD products without necessarily taking THC for professional or blood test reasons
  • Hemp Bombs offers a full money-back guarantee viable for 30 days after sales, during which full refunds are given based on dissatisfaction
  • The brand ships its items to many world regions, including the entire USA and the territories, Australia, and some parts of the Middle East and Europe, giving it a wide loyal customer base
  • It has made safety a priority and follows GMP safety standards in its facilities
  • Hemp Bombs is educative, especially through the FAQ page that addresses shipping, manufacturing & shipping policies, YouTube videos on CBD, and blogs that widely discusses the CBD products and uses/safety
  • Using organic-certified hemp means consumers are less exposed to chemicals
  • One can easily source Hemp Bombs products since they are available online and in physical stores
  • The brand conducts thorough third-party tests and ensures its products are free of bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and pesticides
  • Most third-party test results are accurate and reveal a variance of below 10%, which is well within the acceptable bracket

What We Do not Like About the Company

Despite the many perks associated with Hemp Bombs, the brand has a few kinks that need fast ironing for it to win an even larger customer base and win a competitive market advantage. Here are such factors;

  • Although Hemp Bombs claims to be using organic products, it does not have a USDA certification for organic practices
  • The company’s website does not reveal sufficient information about the brand, including who created the company or who makes up the team
  • The products’ bar codes are unscannable and made it impossible for us to directly look up the third-party results for some of our orders
  • Hemp Bombs’ third-party tests do not include contaminants and other items typically included in CBD products
  • The brand’s CBD topicals are slightly above the market range and have a price range of $0.20 to $0.25 per mg CBD
  • Customer care access is limited to phone calls; no live chat features or emailing address
  • It does not offer CBD products that pack THC for its lovers

Final Verdict

As part of our 2022 review for Hemp Bombs, we surfed through the brand’s website, ordered CBD products, and reached out to the customer care desk. We appreciated several aspects of the brand, including its third-party tests, FDA registration, cGMP certification, and wide range of items, potencies, and flavors. However, not every product had its lab results posted online, and some items had a CBD variance higher than the indicated. Should Hemp Bombs align these issues and provide sufficient information about the brand on its website, it will certainly reach new business milestones in the CBD space as 2022 ends.

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