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HempVida is a CBD brand upholding the highest transparency levels. Its product is among the trending products within the CBD market, offering various farming, manufacturing, and lab test results. HempVida offers a link to its lab results, “Our Testing,” and a product description on each product to help its customers understand them better before buying. Currently, they offer tinctures, topicals, and capsules in broad-spectrum potency of 10mg to 1800mg of CO2 hemp plant extracts. They obtain useful elements of the hemp plant using the CO2 extraction method to improve the quality of their products. HempVida capsules and topicals have average prices compared to the overpriced tinctures. The company offers free shipping on products exceeding $99 across 50 states. Additionally, it offers a flat $5 shipping fee on orders below $99 and a satisfaction money-back guarantee within 30 days.

About the Company

HempVida (Vida+) was established in 2018 in California by a mother company Phivida and has been determined to extend its line of products. Some of their recent product developments include topicals, launched in February 2020. The company has a team of professionals in holistic science working in the food and drugs industry for over 50 years. Furthermore, the company was established to offer healthier pharmaceutical products to address daily health and wellness concerns. There are discounts for the military, veterans, and the disabled. Furthermore, its goal is to offer affordable top-shelf products accessible despite the class differences.

HempVida has an active email, phone number, and a message box to help its customers reach their support team easily by channeling their concerns regarding the company, sales, and discounts. We reached its support team via email, seeking clarification on whether their products are organic. After a few hours, we received a response clarifying the companies input in ensuring all the products were organic. According to a support team member, the company practices sustainable farming of Hemp in Colorado, the best hemp producer. In addition, they minimize the use of chemicals in manufacturing to lower product contamination risks.

Although the company has an updated website, it lacks the FAQ page. However, it has some accommodating features, such as blogs that educate people on the importance of CBD products. HempVida also has a review page that allows customers to post their interaction with the company or its products. The company has social media platforms as a way of bringing customers together. Any new development such as new products on the market is posted on the website to keep its customers updated.

HempVida has a comprehensive product catalog, making product accessibility straightforward. On their product catalog, they offer tinctures, capsules, and topicals. We ordered capsules and tinctures to assess their potency variance accuracy. The process was simple and quick since its website allows fast payments. After paying, we received an email containing a tracking number and the list of products, which were delivered the following day. The email stated that they do deliveries within 5 days. The products were discreetly packed, each with a QR code.

Moreover, the capsule CBD variance was 20%, exceeding the 10% limit. Each capsule contains 10mg, but we obtained 12mg. However, its THC levels were below 0.3%, as stated on the labels.

HempVida offers a full money-back guarantee, suppose its customers are not satisfied. It gives 30 days for consumers to try out the products and a return complaint to their support team via email. Its return policy clarifies that only unopened products in the original packaging will be accepted. Also, suppose its customers receive damaged products, they should forward a complaint to their support team within 48 hours.

HempVida has maintained a good reputation by offering quality products that practice regenerative farming methods to obtain organic hemp. In addition, their manufacturing facility has been accredited by GMP, which holds the highest standards. Each product is crafted carefully from the hemp crop in the broad-spectrum formulation. Also, they offer top-shelf, safe, and effective products.

Manufacturing Process

HempVida is a legal producer and manufacturer of organic hemp and hemp-based products certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. According to their support team, they uphold organic farming methods from the seed level to harvesting. Besides relying on hemp, they also use other organic elements blended in hemp extracts before manufacturing. In addition, any ingredient must be effective for over 20 years and tested for purity to qualify as a product.

The company uses a GMP manufacturing facility to process its products. It uses the CO2 method of extraction since its regarded as clean and of “golden” standards. CO2 is used because it is eco-friendly and minimizes the risks of contaminating the products. The method helps the company obtain useful terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant for further crafting, leaving out other elements.

MCT oil is prioritized as a primary element because it is natural and a carrier of bioavailability, increasing absorption rate. Triglycerides are also a trusted element, scientifically proven to enhance absorption.

After crafting, each batch is tested for purity and potency for safety. Due to much misleading information regarding CBD potency among various brands, they settled on a reputable independent third-party lab to ensure the labeled potency matches the product’s one. Since the THC limit for FDA is 0.3%, the lab ensures THC levels do not exceed the set levels. They are tested for purity because manufacturing requires chemicals and heavy metals to penetrate the products. The results are posted on the website for pre-purchase verification.


The company has a limited range of products, including capsules, tinctures and capsules, and face serum. Depending on their purpose, the products are formulated in a broad spectrum using organic hemp plant extracts, MCT oil, and other relevant ingredients. They are offered in a potency range of 10mg to 1800mg at average prices.

HempVida CBD Tinctures

These products are manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts in a broad spectrum. HempVida has three tinctures manufactured in various potency levels; 600mg, 1200mg, and 1800mg. Considerable amounts of phytonutrients are found in the hemp plant. Although there is an FDA disclaimer, its tinctures address health and wellness issues and can be administered orally or sublingually. The company recommends a few drops of up to 1ml placed under the tongue for about 60 minutes for customers who prefer oral administration. Alternatively, the drops can be added to foods or beverages. Depending on potency levels, they are all offered in a 30ml bottle ranging from $59.99 to $139.99.

HempVida CBD Capsules

The capsules are formulated using various blends containing broad-spectrum CBD, vegan MSM, and turmeric water extracts. Capsules are considered convenient since they are administered at a go, with the help of pure water or non-alcoholic beverage. MCT oil is a maximum carrier of bioavailability incorporated in the products for easy absorption. The company recommends users take two capsules at most in a day. They are to be taken orally. Each capsule comes in the potency of either 7.5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, and 30mg at different prices.

HempVida CBD Topical

This product is manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts, MCT oil, and Vitamin C. Its beauty products keep your skin glowing. It offers skin cream used on any part of the body. However, the face serum and skin cream are for topical use only. Face serum contains 200mg of CBD at $59.99, while skin cream has 300mg of CBD at $49.99.

What We Like About the Company

The company offers military and veteran discounts in its support, and most of its products are vegan. HempVida has been certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture as an organic hemp producer. Furthermore, the support team is readily available and responds to concerns promptly within 24 hours. They deliver their products quickly and discreetly.

What We Do Not Like About the Company

The company has a limited line of products that blocks out other users who would prefer its products. As they consider adjusting the range of products, they should consider offering unique products that take over the market, such as vape and pet products. In addition, the company has heavy email marketing after signup, which most people dislike. Also, its potency variance is limited. Hence veterans might not find their products effective.

Overall Verdict

HempVida is a unique trademark that offers unique products to improve health and wellness concerns. Their products are formulated using organic hemp to maximize quality and meet the aim of CBD. Moreover, its website is accommodating and easy to use due to its latest features. If you have any concerns, its support team is readily available and responds to issues precisely. Although the company has various advantages making it preferable, it still has room for improvement by offering more products and extending its potency range.

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