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Her Highness was established to address working-class women who undergo much pressure to manage their activities. Apart from work, they take care of family chores and ensure the house is good. The company’s products aim to improve women’s health and wellness at work or home. It manufactures top-shelf products tested for purity and potency to ensure they are safe for consumption.

All the products are plant-based and manufactured from organic hemp plant extracts, MCT Oil, and other natural elements to improve quality and effectiveness. Her Highness website is designed uniquely with the latest features, making it suitable for usage. The company offers the latest products, with some still gaining fame within the CBD Market. Their products include mints, tinctures, vape and smokable, and topical or beauty products.

About the Company

Her Highness CD brand was established in New York by Allison Krongard and Laura Eisman. The company aimed to manufacture products that would improve women’s general health and wellness. Their products are manufactured from organic hemp and contain considerable levels of THC as regulated by FDA. The company has been certified by the FDA. All its manufacturing protocols adhere to FDA regulations. Before manufacturing their products, they called upon FDA officials to assess their manufacturing facility and ensure it was updated. Although their website contains the latest features, there is not much information about Allison Krongard and Laura Eisman, among other team members. Also, it is still unclear when the company was established.

Since some concerns have not been addressed on the website, Her Highness included a FAQ page to address the common questions. Currently, its FAQ page contains five questions, all of which have been responded to comprehensively.

If your concerns are not articulated, the company offers several contact details to help you seek clarification from their support team. They have offered an email address ([email protected]) and a message box on their contact page. Unfortunately, they do not offer live chat and a phone number for those who would love to reach them faster. We were interested in the support team’s effectiveness and response duration. Therefore, we contacted them via a message box, seeking clarification on the year of establishment, extraction method, farming practices, and manufacturing practices. Unfortunately, we did not receive any response even after a week.

We ordered several products from Her Highness to evaluate the buying experience. Adding and removing products from the shopping cart was quite easy and fast. Their product catalog is well-defined with unique golden packaging. Upon clicking on each product, descriptions were available to help first-time buyers understand their products’ components. The company explained how to administer the product, its purpose, the required dose, and the certificate of analysis. After making payments, we received an email instantly confirming that our order was successfully placed and we would receive the products within five working days. On the third day, the products were delivered discreetly packed and with QR codes that made it easier to access the lab results.

We assessed their facial oil to check their potency accuracy and confirm their products were safe for consumption. The company indicated potency of 250mg on the label, yet we obtained 265.14mg, 6% higher. However, the FDA limit for potency variance is 10%, meaning their products are safe for consumption. Also, we did not detect any THC or contaminants, a plus to the company in terms of safety and purity.

Since Her Highness is interested in its products’ performance, they request customers to leave feedback depending on their interaction with the products and whether they found them effective. Although they have limited reviews, none of them is negative. In addition, they have social media platforms to allow customer interaction and company updates on new developments and educative blogs that help customers understand CBD products better.

Manufacturing Process

Her Highness suggests its products are organic and non-GMO. However, its website has no information regarding its farming practices, extraction method, or manufacturing process. In addition, they do not use sulfates, parabens, aluminum, or phthalates in their products.

Their website has no information about their manufacturing process. Our efforts to seek clarification failed after reaching them using email and message boxes even after one week. However, we learned from other sources that their hemp farm is in Shelton, TC, and they practice organic farming. The company has not been certified by USDA and BBB, though their manufacturing facility in San Diego is FDA-approved.

Her Highness website has not mentioned anything about their farming and manufacturing practices, though it has lab reports. Before their products get to the market, they are tested for potency and purity using an independent third-party lab to obtain accurate results. The company uses an independent lab because public labs have a bad reputation regarding accuracy. The lab ensures that CBD variance and THC are below 10% and 0.3%, respectively, as set by FDA. Also, it ensures that all products are void of harmful contaminants, such as heavy metals. After obtaining the results, the company shares them on the website for customer pre-purchase verification. They also offer QR codes on the labels to help customers affirm they match.

Range of Products

Although the company does not offer gummies and capsules, they have mints, tinctures, beauty products, topicals, vape products, and smokables. Their products are manufactured using organic hemp, and, as its products catalog suggests, they are intended for women.

Her Highness CBD Topicals

The company has directed many efforts and resources on topicals since most women desire to keep their skin glowing. Some of their topicals include moisturizers, facial oil, masks, and a few body products. Furthermore, Her Highness uses organic hemp, MCT oil, and other natural elements to manufacture quality topicals in the broad-spectrum formulation and is offered in different potency levels. However, some are designed to calm muscles and relax after a long day or workout. According to the company, they are for topical use only, and their price range is from $20 to $70.

Her Highness CBD Tinctures

Although tinctures might not be discreet, they are one of the best CBD products for those wishing for rapid effectiveness. Tinctures are liquid, making them easier to dissolve in the body. If you need rapid effectiveness, experts suggest you place a few drops under your tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing. Although the company offers them at potency levels of between 400mg and 200mg, they are served in 30ml bottles. In addition, they are accompanied by accurately marked droppers to help customers take the correct dosage.

Her Highness Vape Products

Vape products are one of the latest developments within the CBD market. Her Highness manufacturers them in full-spectrum using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil for rapid effectiveness. Besides tinctures, they are also highly recommended to people wishing rapid effectiveness. Currently, the company offers them two options: Highly Relieved and Highly Tranquilized.

Her Highness Smoking Products

Her Highness uses 50% of the profits from smoking products to offer donations to women imprisoned for minor offenses. Currently, they have pre-rolled products manufactured in full spectrum with the use of organic hemp alongside MCT oil. However, they are all offered in 200mg and are designed to relax the mind and enhance sleep.

What We Like About the Company

Very few CBD companies address women’s concerns specifically. We highly recommend all women going through health and wellness complications buy Her Highness products. Their plant-based products are manufactured with great love for women and tested for potency and purity to ensure safe consumption.

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Although Her Highness has proved to be outstanding in catering to women’s needs, they need to work on their support team to ensure all customer’s concerns are addressed as soon as possible. They should offer a phone number to improve customer support effectiveness. The company has offered limited information about its founders and other team members. Furthermore, they have not posted information regarding their farming practices, extraction methods, or manufacturing process to increase confidence. It needs to reconsider their prices since they are above average.

Overall Verdict

The company has proved to be outstanding by catering to women’s needs and ensuring their health and wellness are well taken care of. However, they need to work on transparency to improve customers’ trust. We recommend their products because they are high quality and contain accurate CBD levels. Also, by buying their products, you support the women jailed for minor mistakes.

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