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Ideyfindhouse was founded in the year 2015. The founder is a citizen of Nigeria, from Enugu State province. Nigeria has a very bad economy till date. In the year 2011, the founder made a decision to travel out of his state of origin Enugu State to Lagos City, the business centre of Nigeria in search of opportunity to make a better life. When he arrived in Lagos, it was a terrible experience of his life-time. In Lagos State of Nigeria, hundreds of thousands of people are homeless, dwelling under the highway bridges. Some are sleeping along the roadside street in the night, while many others are dwelling inside uncompleted buildings.

The founder of ideyfindhouse became one of the multitude of people that are homeless and abode under highway bridges, and inside uncompleted building, and in several occasions he has slept along the roadside on the street. Rental values of house apartments in the Lagos City of Nigeria was/is very expensive that he was unable to secure a single room apartment for more than seven years. He had no good accommodation for more than seven years. Day after day, week after week, month after, month, year after year, he was seeking accommodation, struggling to rent one room apartment for his shelter, and that was how the slogan “ideyfindhouse” came about. He gave himself a nickname “ideyfindhouse”. And all his effort was not enough to raise the amount of money that could afford one room apartment in Lagos City of Nigeria. During this time, he was a labourer and had no other good ob. And being a labourer in the city of Lagos in Nigeria is equal to bring a slave to others. His wages as a labourer was not enough to feed and clothe himself, never to talk of having a savice. All these are happening in Lagos City of Nigeria till this day.

This article does not contain a complete story of the founder of ideyfindhouse website. Some part of the story has been skipped including how he later became a programmer. He conceived the idea of building a website and thought about making the website a real estate property listing site for all the real estate property agents in all the countries of the world, in the year 2015 and called its name ideyfindhouse. And he bought the domain name


Ideyfindhouse website is designed to provide easy access to accommodation for people from different countries. It is a video hosting platform for all the real estate companies and hoteliers/hostellers in every countries of the world. It is an online market place where the real estate firm can create account and uploading videos of real estate properties available for sale, lease, or rent. And hotelliers/hostellers can also create account and uploading videos of hotels/hostels, to make it so much easier for travelers to book for room accommodation before arriving to their destination in any country of the world. It is a free subscription to all subscribers.

CHALLENGES is currently facing challenges of traffic. How to let more people know about has become a difficult situation to the founder. Ideyfindhouse has been ready for use since 2019 and ever since then driving traffic to the site has become a big challenge


The founder of ideyfindhouse has a piece of advice to all entrepreneurs. The key points of the advice are: (1) Never give up (2) Don’t lose faith (3) Believe in God (4) Believe in yourself.

Believe that with God all things are possible. And believe that if you cannot achieve the dream, the dream can never come to exist, therefore you must achieve it.

Ideyfindhouse website was founded by

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