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House of Avida is a Danish, high-end fashion and couture brand

House of Avida is a Danish high-end fashion and couture brand

House of Avida Copenhagen

House of Avida is a Danish, high-end fashion and couture brand. House of Avida creates exclusive and timeless designs in materials that lasts for years.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business:

Founder/ CEO and Designer Bettina Pagh

The story of House of Avida

“I wanted to create high-quality, exclusive designs with a timeless touch.” says Bettina Pagh. “The designs are avant-garde yet timeless and classic, with a strung of 80s and 90s rock’n roll, one of my favorite time periods, full of life and passion. Separate A from Avida and you get Vida, which means life. Separate the last ‘a’ and spell Avida backwards again, and you get Diva. I was called a Diva as a loving nickname …. but we all got a little bit of a Diva inside … don’t we? This is a Diva´s house of life. “ explains Bettina Pagh.

Bettina Pagh is a Danish designer and founder of House of Avida Copenhagen with a degree from the Danish design school, Margrethe-School also know as Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design and a degree from The Design and Technical Tailoring Academy of Copenhagen also called Copenhagen´s academy of pattern and construction/ Copenhagen Tilskærer Academy.

For many years Bettina designed original custom made Haute Couture to private customers using her own name, with the brand Bettina Pagh Creation. The wish to try something new and create affordable, yet exclusive fashion couture to both men and women brought House of Avida to life.

High-quality in clean materials and timeless designs that lasts for years

House of Avida provides you with designs for a sustainable wardrobe, that lasts for years. The Collections can be styled and mixed in many ways and everything fits together. All fabrics and materials are selected to ensure the highest quality, that lasts year after year. And take a look at the unique details each item carry. It is a world of adventure and details.

House of Avida requires high standards of collaborators, manufactures and suppliers, that ensures good and decent working conditions.

”My Charity Fund attached House of Avida – Couture and Charity® is a central and very important part of the business. The Foundation provides self-help to fellow human beings in need of a new start in life so that they will have the ability to change their living conditions.

From each sales from the collection 1% will go directly into the Charity fund”.

The challenges the business/market is facing:

The challenges my business the fasion industry is facing is that it´s easy to drown among all the other brands out there because the way of doing business has changed also with lots of online platforms. When I started many years ago we had fashion fairs and agents only. Now our days your are selling in so many different ways that it can be difficult to keep up. And also it opens up for lots of companies who will steal your designs and make them there own, but in cheaper materials and to a lower price.

The opportunities the business/market is facing:

The opportunities the business and the market is facing is that there are so many ways to reach your customers because most people are online and using the internet.

Advice to others about business:

My advice to you if you want to have your own business is .. if you believe that you have something good to offer the world never give up even when it seems like there are no hope. One day you’ll break through .. my industry the fashion industry is one of the toughest industries and there are lots of companies out there just waiting to see you fail or take advantage of you so it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to make it happen.

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Founder Bettina Pagh

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