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Calories are defined as a unit of measuring energy offered in either foods or beverages. According to nutritionists, they define calories as the energy obtained from consuming certain foods or drinks, which is later used for physical activities.

If you have not paid attention to the information given on any food packaging, try focusing on the details provided since nearly all packaging contains calories levels in either the drink or food you are buying. For a fact, every human body requires calories for health benefits, although not in excess. While consuming them, ensure you offer your body the necessary amount to avoid side effects. However, the amount of calories required in the body differs per person depending on either size, level of activities, sex, and age. According to statistics carried in the United States, each citizen consumes over 11% calories in their fast food per day. Also, studies indicate that a woman requires 2,200 kcal, and a man 2,700 kcal per day. 

Why it is important to count calories

In most cases, very few people pay attention to the number of calories they consume every day. Keeping track of the number of calories consumed every day is important, especially after losing weight or maintaining a good body shape. Various medical experts and nutritionists justify that calories contribute to being overweight. Since most people don’t pay attention to the number of calories found in their foods or drinks, they consume more than they burn out. Therefore, it is significant to keep track of the number of calories you consume, whether you want to maintain, reduce or increase your body weight.

Required levels of calories by the body

According to various studies, none stipulates the exact amount of calories the body requires. Most of them indicate different determiners on the number of calories the body needs. In one argument, a good example of a young person of about 20 years playing football and an older man who stays at home without exercising has been given. According to the study, which I agree with, the 20-year boy who often plays football requires more calories than the 60 year old staying at home without exercising. Therefore, age, weight, gender, body shape and height are key determiners of the number of calories that the body needs.

How to count calories to lose weight

If you are interested in working on your weight, either maintaining it or reducing it, you need to keep track of your calories to avoid gaining weight. Keeping count of the number of calories you consume a day might be quite difficult; however, we have apps and websites to help you keep count. Your daily energy needsis one of the best sites to help you keep count of your total calories. Upon opening it, you must register and enter the following personal details; age, gender, height, date, and how active you are. Every time you consume any foods with calories, ensure you update the site and calculate. Keep updating and click on calculate to help you.

To lose weight, you must ensure you cut down on calories you consume per day. According to research,  each fat in our body contains about 3,500 calories, although not common in everyone. This differs depending on the composition changes and body density of different people. Using the estimate of 3,500, you need to do away with at least the 3,500 kcal per day for you to lose weight. This could be achieved by persistence in ;

  • Frequent body exercises to help you burn down a significant amount of fats which are carriers of calories
  • Minimize the number of calories you consume per day, at most 500 calories
  • Blend the two.

How to minimize calories intake

Since reading every packet for your foods or stickers on your drinks might be a problem or could slip your mind, it is recommended you consider the following foods to minimize calories intake. As you change your diet, it is also important you actively participate in exercises more often.

Consume foods rich in proteins

According to health experts, proteins are significant to anyone who wishes to lose their weight, since they make them full and reduce appetite. Although nutritionists encouragethe consumption of snacks full of proteins, they enhance cravings and reduce appetite and hunger. They are also of significance since they maintain the muscles in the body and minimize chances of weight regain. Therefore, consider eating nuts, seeds, eggs, poultry or legumes.

Limit sugary drinks

Drinks such as fruit juice, sodas, and chocolate drinks raise your feeling for more food since the brain barely recognizes it as part of the food. According to health experts, cases of obesity have been highly registered, and most of them are caused by sugary beverages. Apart from contributing to weight gain, it also contributes to various diseases such as liver failure, heart diseases, and diabetes, which threaten human existence.

Drink more water

Although most people downplay the role of water in our health, it is significant. Water play is important to your skin, weight management, minimizing chances of kidney stones, and enhancing good health for your brain. Therefore, it is advisable to take water before eating to reduce the amount of food you take, reducing the number of calories you are likely to consume.

The number of calories you consume everyday highly contributes to your health. If you are interested in adding, maintaining and reducing weight, you can take advantage of calories. Attaining either of the above can be achieved by maintaining, reducing or increasing the number of calories you consume per day. However, other key factors that need to be considered include age, sex, current weight, height, metabolic health and activity level. Besides, to help you lose weight, ensure you often conduct exercises, take simple dietary, maximize protein intake, and drink a lot of water.Lastly, you can choose to use various apps to help you calculate the calories you consume per day, such as MyFitnessPal, Lose It, FatSecret, Cronometer, and Noom.

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