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The A.D. TRADE BT is located in the capitol of Hungary, in Budapest, dealing with export of Hungarian origin products.

Our company had been established in 2002, but Andrea Dichev, the managing director works in the field of foreign trading for 37 years. She was working with a governmental foreign trading company at the start of her career and at the end of the 90-ies she started her own entrepreneurship continuing the work with the previous suppliers and customers, but at that time she was dealing with export of tools, import of high-pressure paint spraying equipment and their accessories.

In 2000 we got an interesting request from the North Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, as they wanted to organise a business meeting with their local companies who showed interest to purchase Hungarian products. We got a long wish list and on the basis of it we started to negotiate with the Hungarian producers to collect the necessary information. It was the start of my complete changing of the export product range. 

A.D TRADE BT’s main target is to introduce to the world Hungarian quality products which are not internationally known. We act as the export department of small and medium size producers, who don’t have time or abilities to manage their export activity. All of them are our official partners. Practically it means, that we’re searching buyers for them, managing the deals, if necessary, organizing the freight. The invoicing and the payment are directly between the buyers and the producers. 

We offer products in the following categories: foods, drinks, health related products, skin care cosmetics, home decoration, hand crafted jewelleries and still we’ve some technical ones.

Hungary is a small country in the middle of Europe with great brands, but they were never promoted internationally in the right way in the past decades. We are not known enough! Every day I put all my efforts in helping small producers, making unique and high-quality products, to grow internationally.

It’s really a big challenge to compete with the Internationally famous big brands. Most of the traders like to make money easily and don’t invest more into introduction of new products.

We all can see clearly, that the sold cheap, including many artificial ingredients foods and drinks made the immune system of people weak.  I can understand the other side too, that many people are living on lower life level and can’t pay for healthy products. But if the traders won’t teach them to follow a new principle step by step: buy less, but healthier; won’t put on the shelves alternatives to offer the chance of selection, how can we go ahead?

Now we feel the effects of the worldwide economic situation but we strongly believe that quality is always finding its way to the buyer.

Sometimes we share some thoughts on professional sites: please let us know how could become famous brands well-known? They got possibility to introduce the new products and of course the producers had been invested a lot of money to reach this stage. Our small Hungarian producers can’t invest into the marketing and waiting from us some kind of miracle to find any kind of export market possibility. 

Any export market or region where quality is important is a potential market for our Hungarian products. Foreign companies who are looking for quality brands to sell in their country are welcome to contact us. We prefer to co-operate with financially strong, honest importers-distributors, wholesalers, but in case of the hand made products small shop owners can send their orders also. 

Maybe we’re a lonely trader, who is not waiting for huge orders from the start, we prefer to grow with the production as we work with small or medium size producers. For us more important to sell unique, healthy and interesting products, not mass ones. 

As we’re an “old wolf” in our work, the producers are giving our name to each other, so we often wee insert new products to our existing range, that’s why we recommend to come back and check our website time by time to see the updates here: 

We’d like to suppose, that many people could hear about the big Hungarian developers who gave something new to the World! Only some of them to refresh: C Vitamin, the matches, the dynamo, the ball pen, the hologram, the first computer and colour TV, etc.

In our having product range, there are also some new developments, like the non-alcoholic beer taste syrups, the Garenal dietary supplements, the developed by the recommendation of paediatricians and midwives new baby swaddle, etc.

Of course we can grant more such products, which can’t be purchased from anywhere else, only from Hungary because of their specialities, like the typical Hungarian wines, the made from tasty Hungarian apple types juices, the produced on the basis of saved since the Renaissance ages herbal liqueur, the traditional Hungarian spirit made from different fruits: the “palinka”, some typical cold pressed edible oil and seed flour types, or the Hungarian paprika spice and the made from paprika pastes – which are available already on the American Amazon by our kind distributor.

We have partners in the USA, India, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, for various products. More of them are existing more than 20 years ago! We like to plan our co-operations for long time.

Our main advantage is that we coordinate the supply of Hungarian quality products to international markets from A to Z, including the organisation of the transportation if it’s requested.  We can say proudly, that every year, since 2005, we got the “Trustworthy company” award. We give maximal support and we are passionate about what we do, this is why we are growing year by year with the satisfaction of our Partners.

We hope to welcome you among our partners soon!

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