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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

INKBIRD is founded by Mr. Ken Xie and his brother Bicky – both chose engineering as their university majors

INKBIRD is founded by

– Business Name and what it does

Business Name: INKBIRD

It is formed with INK and BIRD, which represents inheritance and freedom respectively.

Mr. Ken Xie, INKBIRD’s CEO, found INKBIRD about 13 years ago in 2010, he and his brother Bicky were inspired by the history of quill-pen and the spirit of The Wright brothers’ making the world’s first motor-operated airplane successfully happened. They named the brand with the word INK which is used for writing with the quill-pen and the word BIRD which is the prototype and the inspiration of human being’s flying tools to encourage the development and continuity of the company as well as to motivate their solid steps of chasing innovation and freedom.

So, INKBIRD=INK+BIRD=inheritance + freedom.

– Business Strategies

We have one and only one business strategy, that is, to keep focusing on customers and doing more for them.

At the very beginning, we just wanted to focus on helping home-brewing lovers make tasty beer and wines more easily with our knowledge on temperature controlling. We did not recognize we could make it into a global business, because we just wanted to enjoy and realize our interest and hobbies.

However, when more and more end users from all over the world loved INKBIRD ITC-308 and shared with us how we could help with their home-brewing and other application contexts or even called us GAME CHANGER, we begun to realize that we could do more for our users and the markets, so we started to operate it as a business.

Up to now, as we keep doing more for our customers, the brand INKBIRD has covered several categories because of its increasing influence in the market, to name but a few:

(a) Home-made DIY products with covering the smart controllers and the smart sensors such as smart temperature controllers and smart humidity controllers;

(b) Outdoor smart cooking products such as BBQ thermometers and smoker thermometers;

(c) Indoor smart cooking products such as Sous Vide Cookers;

(d) Smart planting and gardening products such as the CO2 controllers and irrigation controllers;

– Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Just as we mentioned above, INKBIRD is founded by Mr. Ken Xie and his brother Bicky in 2010.

When they were boys, they loved flying kites and chasing kites. Every time they flew kites or chased kites, they could not help ask themselves naive questions like why they could not fly as birds and soared in the sky. So they were driven by the kite flying and birds to be obsessed with technologies and advanced products bit by bit, and they even both chose engineering as their university majors.

After they graduated from university, they founded the brand INKBIRD and launched their first product INKBRID ITC-308 to begin their journey of business.

– The challenges the business/market is facing

Currently based on our study, the biggest challenges we are facing are as follows:

a. The unstably global economic and political environments;

b. The increasing cost of labors, raw and processed materials;

– The opportunities the business/market is facing

Currently based on our study, the opportunities we are facing are:

c. The epidemic of COVID-19 is getting to its end;

d. The whole world economy seems to be back;

– Advice to others about business

We do not think that we are qualified to offer advice to others, but we do love to share some core experience with others.

The first and the most important experience I would love to share is to know and respect our customers, please do take it seriously.

The next thing we want to share is to keep learning, just as Rashmi Bansal writes Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.

I really hope my share will do some help for others and I love to take others’ share.

 – Lessons learnt from running this business

For almost 13-year business, there are two lessons we would like to share:

First, don’t be arrogant, on the contrary, please do understand and respect our customers, and please take it seriously.

Second, do not be mean to R&D investment. Please invest as much as you can in product and technology development. The best way to win customers is the best products.


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