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Pizza is a healthy food choice when prepared the right way with healthy ingredients. However, fast-food and frozen pizza is high in sodium, sugar, carbs, fats, and other unhealthy ingredients.

It’s Friday, and you want to complete the weekend with a pizza night. Whether you want your delicious piece over the weekend or on Monday to start your week, you might wonder, is it healthy?Pizza won’t fall anywhere close to your list of healthy foods. The extra layers of cheese, the slices of pepperoni, and the crumbles of sausages in pizzas from restaurants are to blame for this. However, as you will later find out, you can always have a healthier pizza for those nights. Therefore, keep reading to find out how to enjoy this delicious food more healthily.

What Is Pizza?

Pizza is a popular and favorite food to many across the world. The type of crust, the toppings, and the amount of cheese used in the preparation can make it good or bad for you. Moreover, you have to be keen on the size of your slice, your portion size, and your nutritional goals.

You can find pizza in different varieties with different nutrition and ingredients. These most common types are;

  • Frozen pizza; a popular choice for many. They are usually highly processed, high in sugar, sodium, and calories, and contain preservatives.
  • Pizzeria Pizza; is freshly made with healthier and varied ingredients and can be prepared in different methods.
  • Fast-food Pizza; is found in fast-food restaurants and tops the list of unhealthy foods since it is high in calories, sodium, carbs, and unhealthy fats.

Pizza contains the good nutrients you require in your diet. It is a great source of sodium, calcium, and lycopene, a great antioxidant. Its crust gives you carbohydrates, and the cheese delivers fat and protein. However, this is not to overlook that taking too many slices can be unhealthy. A slice is okay, but having three will ultimately increase the amount of the macronutrients, which will be stored in your body as excess fat when you don’t burn them out.

The good thing is, you can always make a healthier version at home and enjoy the numerous benefits. This way, you don’t and any preservatives or other ingredients high in salt and fat. What’s more, you get to enjoy the same pizza experience but with fewer calories and carbohydrates.

Is Pizza Healthy?

There are unhealthy types of pizzas. They are typically more processed and contain many additives, unhealthy ingredients, and fats. Nonetheless, the frozen and fast-food pizzas also contain colorings that are unhealthy.

Additionally, since taking pizza means taking refined wheat flour, you will have a meal low in fiber, and you won’t feel fuller compared to when you take whole grain flour. Another downside of such refined grain products is the risks of weight gain.

Moreover, there are types of pizzas high in calories, sodium, and sugar. On the other hand, the toppings are mostly salty meats, cheese, or other calorie-loaded toppings. You might even have added sugar on the crust, which can lead to increased chances of developing obesity or heart disease.

The good news is, there are healthy pizza recipes, those made from fresh and whole ingredients. So, you can always take advantage of the pizza made from limited ingredients from scratch, nothing processed, or any added sugars. Getting one with healthier toppings like fresh veggies or herbs and whole wheat or crust free from gluten is also a great option. Importantly, always ensure you limit your pizza intake; a few times monthly is okay.

Healthy Tips For Taking Pizza

If you are skeptical of taking pizza because it is junk food and fits in the list of fries and burgers, well, it is time for a change. Those that are less processed can deliver some nutritional benefits. What’s more, you can have a healthier pie of this treat without being worried or guilty of the processes involved in the preparation.

The following tips are amazing tips that can help any pizza lover have healthy pizza nights;

Make it By Yourself

If you want to have total control over your pizza, the ingredients you include, and the preparation method, the perfect way of achieving this is by making your own. You will be in charge of what goes in your recipe and what is left out.

Therefore, you can have healthier options like using whole grain or gluten-free flour, using no unsweetened sauce.

Have Healthier Toppings

Your pie is incomplete without a topping. The good thing is, you can go the healthier way by having mushrooms, garlic, chicken, broccoli, peppers, or even sundried tomatoes.

Lots of Veggies for Nutrients

Your healthy pizza needs tons of veggies for that extra nutrient. Whether cooked or fresh, vegetables on pizza are a healthy choice. They contain high amounts of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are all beneficial.

Check on the Calories

To keep your calorie intake in check, you have to be keen on the amount you take. When ordering your pizza, go for thin crusts, not the deep dish or even the stuffed ones.

Embrace Portion Control

Portion control is key to healthy pizza consumption. A slice won’t hurt, but several of these sure is unhealthy. Remember, you don’t want to gain some weight, hence check on the food you eat, don’t overdo it. So, the next time you take your homemade pizza or stop by the restaurant, ensure you watch over your portions. You could even eat from a plate rather than the box.

Go For Whole Grains and Ingredients

For healthy pizza, you want to avoid using refined grains and ingredients. Therefore, when you want your pizza homemade or buy one, ensure you stick to whole grains for that fiber. Additionally, check on whole ingredients by looking at what’s contained in the ingredient list.

Keep off if you come across anything with added sugars, artificial colorings, sweeteners, preservatives, or any processed meat.


Pizza is a delicacy to many. Moreover, it is a healthy food when care and consideration are taken in its preparation. You must also be cautious of the serving and how often you consume frozen and fast food pizza so you don’t gain some weight or experience the effects of too much sodium, sugar, fat, unhealthy ingredients, carbs, or any other preservatives that may be included. The good news is, any pizza lover can have healthier pizza by making it on your own, controlling your portions, having whole grains and ingredients, and opting for more vegetables and healthier toppings.

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