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IvoryGreenCo is specialises in selling and is in partnership with the manufacturing of Solar electric generators.

IvoryGreenCo is specialises in selling and is in partnership with the manufacturing of Solar electric generators.

Based in the UK, IvoryGreenCo is a limited company that specialises in selling and is in partnership with the manufacturing of Solar electric generators.

As the world turns electric and fossil fuels are on the way out, it isn’t just cars that are progressing to the next stage of their evolution. Portable generators are at the forefront of the new wave of technology shaping the modern world. The motivation that the founder of the company, Mr Goodman found was how prevalent electric vehicles are becoming and how closely related they are to generators. The majority of portable generators people are using still run off of fossil fuels even though the market for a new wave of battery powered generators exists, the scale of which the adoption is still relatively low. Many brands and models exist though many simply supply the motive of making a quick buck rather than building a foundational, high quality range of reliant technology that’s here to stay. IvoryGreenCo provides high quality 3000-5000 watt generators built with LiFePO4 batteries that comes including 200w high conversion efficiency solar panels which gives you a generator bundle that supplies sustainable power for itself at no extra cost of purchasing solar panels separately. All at a cost that beats alternative options on the current market at a current price of £2189 as of 11/09/2022 during their active summer sale.

Below is a zoomed out screenshot (to give a wider view) of the company’s home page viewed on desktop.

Home – Ivorygreen – ivorygreen (

The current state of the world has left companies in all markets struggling to maintain themselves and in a market such as the one the company is in is no exception. “The past year has been tricky to manage the company due to increased shipping and manufacturing costs. IvoryGreenCo is fortunate to have our products manufactured on demand to which the process begins when you place your order. This is a fortunate situation to be in as no funds are spent on keeping a larger than required inventory. We believe the future for us is bright and that our products may be a helping hand during these difficult times. With the world progressing more and more by the day to green energy, our company’s objective for providing sustainable clean portable power is a piece of the puzzle.”

When asked about what advice Mr Goodman would give to someone trying to develop or maintain a business this year he replied “It all takes time. Time is the currency you pay to have a successful project. If you dedicate your time properly using the right methods, success is the end product on the conveyor belt of the manufacturing process of a company.” 

The company continues to provide excellent service and spares no expense when it comes to delivery offering all customers free international shipping. Unlike many alternative options, Ivorygreen offers their product as a package deal which includes not only the generator but a set of solar panels too. Something that you don’t come across in the market often, especially at a price that beats generators excluding solar panels that offer the same quality and output power (something that commonly determines the products price). These points as well as the quality of the product they offer makes Ivorygreen a company you should most certainly consider when in the market for an electric generator.

Home – Ivorygreen – ivorygreen (

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