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IWOOHOME – engaged in the design, development, and sales of creative home furnishings and gifts

IWOOHOME engaged in the designdevelopmentand sales of creative home furnishings and gifts

 – Business Name and what it does


IWOOHOME was founded in 2015 in Shanghai,China.Our founder Li Xingxing who is a product designer. He designed excellent products for many enterprises. He also designed cultural and creative products for institutions such as the National Palace Museum of China,Shanghai Expo etc. And has been recognized by many customers. Currently, we are mainly engaged in the design, development, and sales of creative home furnishings and gifts. 

– Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Founder Li Xingxing is a excellent product designer in China.Since interest in novel things, he chose to study product design.After graduation, he has been working in product design for well-known product companies.

Due to the limitations of design services in China, such as the cost and development cycle of Party A. When the product published,It does not conform to his original design philosophy. But you have to improve according to the company’s requirements.His ideas are under control in various aspects, and it is difficult to convey to customers.

Since his perfect pursuit of products, he chose to start his own business. Although it means will take a long time and energy to improve the product. Because of this, some of his products have enjoyed by customers at home and abroad, And received many good reviews.

Ofcourse,His products have won multiple awards, too. Including German Red Dot Design Awards , American IDEA Design Awards,China Redstar Awards etc.

Our entrepreneurial motivation is to transmit Chinese designer ideas and excellent products to other countries in the world, so that everyone can learn more about Chinese culture and contact different product design ideas.Sothat we can better enhance design thinking and provide people with better quality products in their dailylife.

Now we moved to the first Watertown Suzhou,China and has been transformed into a household and gift brand.Our products are sold in Japan, Europe, and the UK, and we plan to expand into the US market this year.

We believe that through design, we can inject our thoughts and feelings into products so as to  make the product alive.  Our ambition is to create timeless and functional designs that make everyday life a bit more beautiful. 

– The challenges the business/market is facing

 Because his design is unique and creative,Many competitors in the same industry began to copy and imitate. In particular, the products made by these plagiarists are very crude and of poor quality which makes their costs less.So they are sold at very low prices. Like other designers, he is always worried about his products being copied.

Due to the ever-changing world, how to keep up with the trend of the times and accurately determine customer needs is a question that we are thinking about every day.

– The opportunities the business/market is facing

With the rapid development of technology, people live between the virtual world and the real world. The gap between the two increasingly subconsciously affects people’s demand orientation. Nowadays, young people are increasingly inclined to spend money on favorite brands, placing orders through various consumer websites and social media. Generation Z and millennial consumption views are completely different from ours. They are very clear about their needs and pay more attention to environmental protection and the full utilization of renewable resources, which are all the entry points for our product development.

People all like to prefer unique and aesthetically pleasing things. Designing products with these characteristics is exactly what we are good at and will continue to do in the future. At the same time, the Internet can also displayed our products to people around the world, and it is more easily to find us in internet.

– Advice to others about business

1. Continuous innovation.

2. Keep up with the trend of the times and explore potential consumer demand

3. Find a minority product market as the entry point.

Here are some of our founders picture.

All our products are independently designed and have our own production factory. We can provide very competitive prices. If you are interested in our products, you can always contact us at You can also send an email directly to [email protected]

Our English is not very good, please be more inclusive. Thank you for your reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

 Best wishes


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