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Jean Geiler is cellar based in Ingersheim (Alsace, France), specializing in the production of Alsace wines and crémants

Jean Geiler is cellar based in Ingersheim (Alsace France) specializing in the production of Alsace wines and crémants

Jean Geiler is a cooperative cellar based in Ingersheim (Alsace, France), specializing in the production of Alsace wines and crémants. 

The cellar was founded in 1926 by 34 wine-growers who joined their forces during the interwar years to face the critical economic situation. 

They firstly decided to name the winery « Cave Vinicole d’Ingersheim ». It was then named the « Cave Jean Geiler » in homage to the famous 15th century preacher and religious writer who grew up in our vineyard. The Crémant “Depuis 1926” is also a tribute to the year of foundation of the winery. 

In the early 1930s, Jean Geiler acquired its first truck. At that time it had only a small storage capacity : 70 000 liters. Most of its sales were sold in bulk. The use of bottles was generalized later on. 

In 1988, in order to enhance the value of its most noble vintages and to crown the efforts of the 12 months spent patiently maturing them, Jean Geiler created and patented the faceted bottle. 

Indeed, 12 sides represent the 12 months of vintners’work and the life cycle of the wine. Furthermore, this bottle is now compared as a unique and recognizable bottle full of emotions. Still on the market today, we can say that this faceted bottle is the trademark of Jean Geiler. 

In 2003, the winegrower’s museum was created. It gathered the winemaking tools used in the past. They are related to the work in the vineyard, the cellar, the bottling and the marketing. 

From 1989 to March 2022, the winery was under the direction of Pascal Keller, general manager, who was involved in developing the winery both technically and on an international stage. 

Nowadays, the winery is managed by Timothée Boltz. 

Trained as an agricultural engineer, Timothée was immediately drawn to the wine sector, having grown up in a family of winegrowers and owning a few vines himself. 

After studying wine business management, he reinforced his skills by travelling internationally and spending two years as a Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE) in Germany. 

Once back in Alsace, his native land, he held the position of European export manager for nearly 5 years in a large Alsatian cooperative winery. This allowed him to have a global vision of the worldwide distribution of wine. 

He then continued his career in Switzerland as Purchasing Manager and Category Manager responsible for all sparkling wines for a wide distribution chain for 8 years before taking up the position of Managing Director of Jean Geiler last March. 

For him, Jean Geiler is the result of a total balance between valuable terroirs and high quality knowhow. A union of talents, an identity and a strong vision of the future are for him the three main pillars of the winery. Considering wine as a convivial product, respectful of the environment and mirroring the history and richness of a region, the transmission of this heritage to future generations is particularly important to him. 

Convinced of the efficiency of the agricultural cooperative model, becoming Managing Director of Jean Geiler represents for him, much more than a professional opportunity, a life project in line with his passion for wine. 

Finally, he wants to work hand in hand with all the members of the Jean Geiler family to promote our Alsace wines and crémants on the five continents of our planet. 

Nowadays, Jean Geiler gathers 185 passionate wine-growers and produces about 4,5 millions bottles per year (including 1 millions bottles of Crémant) thanks to its 470 hectares of vineyard. 

All the wine-growers cultivate a common passion : their love for the Alsace region and its wines. 

Sales are divided up as follows : 75% of still wines and 25% of crémants. 53% of the production is sold to the off-trade market. 

The export share amounts to 25%. Our team is here to meet international specifications and guarantee a field support and a true service. 

The winery wants to keep developping its international activity in the coming years, especially to the USA, Italy, UK and Japan also. In fact, to be part of the game, we meet our customers’ standards : high volumes, quality process, tracability and adaptation. 

To ensure the quality of our wines, the cellar has several tools, including : a tracking software with a strict control on yields from the vineyards, a qualitative sorting based on potential alcohol degree recorded and photographic analysis, 180 tanks and casks with around 50 000hl and thermoregulation. We also produce 9 000 bottles per hour, thanks to an automated and completely sterile bottling line. 

Timothée Boltz, wants to create a range of premium wines, with a higher quality than what it is already made. 

It maybe with the Pinot Noir that is described like a fantastic relay by Nicolas Garde the oenologist.

Speaking of quality, the winery has 3 different certifications. First of all, the HVE certification (Haute Valeur Environnementale) level 3. This farm certification is a voluntary approach, accessible to all sectors and built around four environmental themes : protection of biodiversity, reduction in the use of phytosanitary products, fertilisation management and water resource management. It is a first step to an organic conversion of a part of its vineyards. 

Indeed, the Jean Geiler winery aim to produce a wide range of organic wines to protect the future of our lands for the coming generations of vintners. It already offers some Crémants, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. 

Moreover, we also are IFS Food certified. This certification allows us to prove our control of the safety and hygiene of our processed food products. 

The winery organises many events throughout the year such as open doors, which took place on 25 and 26 June and attracted nearly 2000 people. In September, people can also visit the winery with the presence of local producers selling apple juices, local cheeses, and bread. 

Finally, we can say that Jean Geiler has not finished reinventing itself. It will continue to do so in the future thanks to the growing ambitions of our new general manager, who is concerned about the satisfaction of our customers and the well-being of his employees. 

In fact, Jean Geiler has always been an innovative winery. It works to launch new trendy wines and products to meet customers’ new expectations. For instance, our new Crémant ICE Gold and Pink specially designed to be drunk chilled with ice cubes in summer and/or at parties. 

Among our novelties, the are also the Crémant Chardonnay which is perfect for an aperitif and our new orange wine. The latter is from its colour and made from an ancestral winemaking process, hence the name “Origine”. 

To know more about us, please feel free to have a look at our website : or following us on social media such as Instagram (@jean_geiler), Facebook (JeanGeiler), LinkedIn (Jean Geiler) and YouTube (Jean Geiler), where you will be able to follow us on our daily lives 

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